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m Classes

m Packages
m Inheritance can be defined as the process where
one object acquires the properties of another.

public class Animal{ }

public class Mammal extends Animal{ }
public class Reptile extends Animal{ }
public class Dog extends Mammal{ }
m !AF is web development framework based on
MVC architecture for developing HTML pages and
customizations in the !racle Applications 11i/R12.
m Model:
m Data
m Implemented using !racle Business Components for Java (BC4J).
m 1.E! (Entity !bject)
m 2.V! (View !bject)
m 3.AM (Application Module)

m View:
m User Interface.
m Implemented using an !racle technology called UIX.

m (UIX = User Interface XML).

m Controller:
m Code
m User actions are handled by the !A Controller.

m (Ex: Clicking SUBMIT button)

m Entity !bject is based on database table or other
data source.
m Entity !bject contains attributes which represent
database columns.
m All insert/update/delete (DML !perations)
transactions go through E! to database.
m Eg
Two types
1. SQL based ± eg ApprovalListV!
2. E! based
m Represents a query result.
m Is used for joining, filtering, projecting, and sorting
your business data.
m Can be based on any number of entity objects
(E!s) and provides access to E!s.
m Think of AM as a broker between your Client
Activity and database activity. It also manages the
state of database transaction.
m Responds to user actions and directs application
m Model objects like E! and V! can't be accessed
directly from the Controller Class, except AM.
m Contains methods such as
1. Process Request: Fires when !AF page loads
for the first time.
2. ProcessFormRequest: Fires when user submits
the page.(Ex: clicking SUBMIT button)
m The .dbc file is mostly used to define database
parameters, stands for database connect
descriptor file, used to connect to database, it
authenticate users against database in
FND_USER table.

$INST_T!P/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure or
m Flow Start


Cl cko
Ö  without going to
Manage Approvals

rror with a essage- R

orces user to go:
Click on

chooses all
approvers User does not choose an
User selects one or more µApprover¶
µApprover¶ ( but not all)
message- R
h   Error message-
  forces user to 
  µSelect Approver¶
m 1. FTP all the required sub-directories from $JAVA_T!P to
m This includes all .class files and all the .xml files
m 2. FTP the same sub-directories from $JAVA_T!P to myprojects.
m 3. Decompile the .class files in myprojects and name those
decompiled files to .java
jad -o -r -sjava -dsrc D:\jad\oracle\apps\**\*.class

m 4. Delete the .class files from myprojects

m 5. FTP the xml files from $PR!DUCT_T!P/mds to myprojects
m 6. Import the required BC4J files that you wish to debug
m 7. Extend the controller
m 8. Add the extended controller to the region using personalization

m DeleteRadio Button made the default selected option
m All Approver Checkboxes are checked

m !n clicking of submit button
m If Number of checked boxes = total number of approvers
o Display error message "Please ensure at least one approver is selected.."


m et the total number of approvers
m If this count <=1
m Disable the Manage Approvers Button

m Ëhen the user clicks the Next Button,
m If the approver count !=0
m et count of unchecked approvers
m If count = 0
m display error message "Please select approver(s) from the Manage Approvals page"
m Commands to bounce the apache

m stop
m stop
m start
m start