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Modern Studies, Queen Anne H.S.,

Dunfermline, Scotland



^ lyer V Doe (86) ^86 C ^ to 

^Supreme Court ^llegal mms legal ^ egalised 2m ill imms again
^ree Education, ^Solve problem ^Seen as encouraging
^llegal mms ^ring families immigration
mmigration Today
Go home we
Call this the
don¶t want you.
land of hope
Don¶t you have
and glory? You
your own
are racist!
country? Have
a good day!
Public·s Views on Immigration
Today into the USA
to  million enter every year

^ Drain on resources (education,

housing, benefits)

^ eople work hard and taxes not

spent on them but immigrants

^ Enter as $ higher than home

Are Wages getting ower for
American Citizens?
^ llegal imms drive down wages
as work for less but for more
than at home
^ Whites get paid less or no job
as imms will take it
^ Therefore, standard of living
drops. â  
^ Will illegal imms complain?
^ Deported , bye bye, poverty
again, not happy
^ eople want Government to
stop immigration as it is hurting
their lifestyle
White Middle Class

^ A s taking jobs as educated,

skilled (T), qualified, good work
^ White collar jobs (Dr, managers)
^ Standard of living < for whites
^ Earn less money, unemployed
^ Average white has less skills
^ ecession= increased competition
for jobs
^ As a result, A s kept on, whites
told bye bye as company can make
more use of A s
^ Very unhappy and angry
  ^ oreans in ghettos (poor
area), own shops

 ^ oreans leave at night to
^ Take $ with them, black
people¶s $
^ lacks pay premium for
goods as cannot afford to
get to malls
^ lack $ leaves the black
community and benefits
Are Neighbourhoods oosing
Their dentity?
^ mms American by day and own culture at night
^ Take $ for work but spend in their own
^ ost identity (Chinatown, Hispanic areas)
^ wn communities, classes taught in Spanish, own
Spanish TV, shops
^ Americans resent imms not integrating into US
way of life, spending $ on themselves.
^ Americans feel used and ask the ? So what is an
American? As whites will become a minority in
the future
Where are our taxes
^ Taxes spent on imms as many are deprived
^ What about our children, roads, education?´
^  ets look after our own first´
^ ts expensive looking after immigrants
± US Govt spends $65m a year
ims in prison
± 2 US spent $.5b on imms
±  California spent $2.b on imms
± 6 US paid states $25m for imms health
c c  

The US Governments View on
mmigration Today
^ Cannot be ignored as Hispanics spend
b a year and rising. Worth a lot
to companies
^ mmigration part of the A Dream,
opportunities to succeed
^ California relies on cheap labour,
makes products cheaper and more
competitive as they drive down
^ oreans and Hispanics regenerate
Ghettos. Employ Americans, buy
American products. Would not have
happened if left to blacks. They are
putting money into the economy