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Eastern Institute of Management

2nd Year 1st Semester
August 2010
m e raw material of Advertising, is life«.
‡ It·s t e business of inspiring people. Yet, we·re most uninspiredð
‡ Its· t e business of knowing everyt ing about everyt ing.
Yet, we know little about just a few t ings.
‡ We believe we·re in a borderless world. Yet, we barricade our
‡ We·re in t e sensorama business. Yet, we don·t use most of our
‡ You don·t need wings to fly. Just an open mind. And don·t give me
excuses like ´W ere·s t e time?µ
‡ Do you discover one new t ing in your life eac day?
‡     D Live your life t at way«
A step a ead
‡ We were in t e information age. We are now in t e knowledge
‡ m e only way you win wit colleagues and clients is w en you know
as muc if not more about t eir business.
‡ If you work on real estate, do you know about w at is appening in
t e Ropponji Hills district in Japan or for t at matter Canary W arf
in London or t e 50 Gramercy Park project in New York or t e
controversy over t e new airport in Mumbai?
‡ Knowledge is t e next battlefront. m e soldier on t at is t e general
of tomorrow.
‡ |   D Live your life t at way...
Course Content

1. Introduction to Advertising
2. Advertising Industry
3. Foundations and Determinant of Advertising Strategies
4. Advertising Planning
5. Advertising Objectives
6. Advertising Budget
7. Designing an Advertisement
8. Message Strategies
9. Media Strategies
Course Content«Contd

10. Advertising and Society

11. Sales Promotion
12. Public Relations and Corporate Advertising
13. Direct Marketing
14. Evaluation of Promotional Effectiveness
Reference Books
‡ |   
‡ Introduction to Advertising and Promotion ² George Bele
‡ Brand Positioning ² Subroto Sengupta

‡ And t ere are many many more t at you can refer to

Alyque Padamsee once said«
‡ About is famous Liril advertisement

² ¶more t an t e fres ness t at comes from its features,

Liril promised 20 minutes of freedom to t e middle class
Indian ousewife w o gets pulled in different directions
t e rest of t e day·
Advertisement can be subdivided
in 4 ways
‡ By marget Group
² Consumer
² Business/Institutional/Corporate
² Industrial/mrade
² Professional
² Agricultural
‡ By Area
² International
² National
² Regional
² Local
Advertisement can be subdivided
in 4 ways
‡ By Media
² Print D Newspaper, Magazines
² Electronic D Radio, m, Internet
² Outdoor D Billboards, Hoardings,
² Direct Mail
² Directories
² Ot er Media
‡ By Purpose
² Product/Non Product/Service
² Commercial/Non Profit
² Primary/Selective Demand
² Direct/In Direct Action
Advertising·s Feature & Role in t e
Marketing Process
Marketing Communication Mix

Marketing Objectives & Strategy

Marketing Plans

Distribution (Place) Promotion

Pricing Planning
m e Promotion Mix - IMC

Mass Media Personal

Advertising Selling

Direct Public
marget Audience Relations

Interactive/ Promotion
m e Law of Advertising
‡ Advertising, today, is all about ¶Building· brands and
¶Positioning· brands in t e mind of t e consumer and not
just communicating about it.
W at is a Brand ?

‡ A Brand is not a product D it is t e product·s source and it

defines its identity in time.

‡ m e value of a brand lies in its capacity to generate cas flows.

‡ A brand is a landmark«it is enduring.

In Effect«.
‡ A Brand is an Identity
(like all famous personalities as its distinctiveness)

From a long term point of view,

We need to win ´     rat er t an ¶s are of space·
Forms of Advertising
‡ National
‡ Retail
‡ Co operative
‡ mrade
‡ Industrial
‡ Financial
‡ Public Service
‡ Political
‡ Corporate
‡ Brands/Products/Services
Corporate Advertising
Advertising done to promote t e interests of t e
firm by en ancing its image, assuming a position
on a particular issue or promoting a certain cause

mypes of Corporate Advertising

lImage Advertising
lEvent sponsors ip
lAdvocacy advertising
lCause-related advertising
Objectives of Corporate Advertising
l Create a positive image for t e firm
l Communicate t e organization·s viewpoint on various issues
l Boost employee morale
l Smoot labor relations
l Help newly deregulated industries
l Help diversified companies establis an identity
Event Sponsors ip
Event Sponsors ip is a form of marketing communications
w ereby an organization becomes involved wit a particular
event by developing sponsors ip relations.

Events used for sponsors ipD

‡ Sporting events
‡ Music/entertainment
‡ Festivals
‡ Arts/cultural events
‡ Causes
Advocacy Advertising

Advocacy advertising is t e propagation of ideas and

elucidation of controversial social issues of public
importance in a manner t at supports t e interests
of t e sponsor
Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing is a form of marketing

w ereby companies link wit c arities or nonprofit
organizations as contributing sponsors