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The Global Independent Advisor Presentation

GL Noble Denton is the only global independent full-service technical advisor to the Oil & Gas industry
Our Mission
Our Mission is to become the technical advisor to the oil & gas industry We help our clients to design, build, install, operate and optimise their assets to ensure safety, sustainability and superior value

We are a full-service provider with broad upstream, midstream & downstream competence for the complete asset lifecycle We are independent advisors providing impartial advice in assurance, consulting, marine operations and project management services We combine excellent engineering and analytical skills with operational experience of all offshore and onshore oil & gas assets

How we address the Issues shaping the industry Key Industry Issues:
Dealing with Complexity Access to Human Capital Implementing Cutting edge Technology Efficiency & Safety

We provide the stability, security and scalability our clients need to cope with unpredictable workflows. This flexible model means that, upturn or downturn, we enable our clients to always be in exactly the right position to take quick advantage of the opportunities that come their way, wherever they are in the world.

The GL Group

Germanischer Lloyd (GL)

GL Maritime Services
Ship New Building Maritime Components Fleet Service Maritime Solution s

GL Industrial Services
GL Noble Denton GL Garrad Hassan

Oil & Gas


Water Power

Long established, privately owned and profitable technical service provider

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is a world-class technical service provider for the Maritime and Energy markets

>600m revenues (2009) 6.800 employees (2009) 235 offices 80 countries Based in Hamburg
Maritime Services

Leading ship classification society to ensure the safety of life and property at sea Technical consultancy for shipping and ship-building industries
Industrial Services

Technical assurance Engineering consulting for energy and process industries


Revenues in million Euros

600 500 400 300 200 100 0 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

A network of 3000 Experts in over 65 Countries

With Specialists in more than 20 Over technical disciplines 100 years experience in onshore & offshore engineering s

GL Noble Denton combined forces worldwide

Canada1 100 Mechanicsburg2110 Houston 320 3 Mexico 150 4 Brazil 30

Norway5 150 Hamburg 105 6 Germany 65 Aberdeen/ 80 Newcastle Loughborough-465 Area London-Area 135 Poland 20 Moscow 15 Rome 15

Teheran 20 Qatar 140 Cairo 50 Kuwait 15 7 UAE 205

Shanghai 40 Seoul 5 Bangkok 20 Pakistan 5 Mumbai 265 Manila 10 Vietnam 20 Brunei 25 8 Kuala Lumpur 205 Jakarta 55 Singapore 75





Sum FTE 430



Montreal, Dartmouth, St Johns, Halifax incl. Wisconsin, New York, La Fayette Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico City, Posza Rica, Reynosa, Veracruz, Villahermosa
1 2 3

Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Oslo, Brevik, Sandefjord 6 Herne, Mhlheim, Stuttgart
4 5

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shariah

incl. Shah Alam

GL and Noble Denton joined forces in 2009 to form a world class technical service provider
GL Industrial Services 1867: Founded as maritime classification society 1976: Entry in Oil & Gas segment 2006: Ownership change 2007: Acquisitions and service expansion started Noble Denton 1904: Founded by Captain Pedder 1970: Strong international expansion 2003: Selected acquisitions 2006: Private equity investment

2009: 2,000 experts, 208 2009: 900 experts, offices, 27 offices, 220 m turnover Merger in 100 m GBP revenue 2009 Combined 240 years of experience

GL & Advantica
Originally formed as the Research and Development Group of British Gas With the re-structuring of British Gas the name changed to BG Technology Acquired Transco Engineering Services & Transco Technical Training in 1997 In 2001 acquired Risx and Stoner Associates Inc. and re-branded as Advantica In 2007 Advantica acquired by Germanischer Lloyd Now known simply as GLIS UK

GL NobleEntry into Denton Heritage PV

GL founded as maritime classification society 1867 British Gas Oil and Gas Industry 1976 2007 Advantica Inspection (Canada)

Trident Consultants (Malaysia)

IRS (Singapore )

Helimax (Canada)

Materials Consulting Services Inc (US)

GL Noble Denton
Martech Tanker vetting ND founded 1904 2003 2004 Bomel Structural Integrity and Design Indec (Oslo) 2007 2007 Poseidon Maritime (Dynamic Positioning ) Lowe Offshore (PMC) 2007 2009 Brevik and Standard (Norway) 2009


Technical Assurance

We offer verification and certification services for onshore and offshore operations Our Services start right from the design stage to manufacturing, commissioning and installation of the technology. We monitor oil and gas projects worldwide, and generate customised data reports analysing key issues of a particular venture. Our Services include:Inspections at vendor facilities Monitoring compliance with standards, procedures and specifications Inspection of downhole equipment, in pipe mill and rig surveillance Non-destructive testing (NDT) Audits, QA/QC, planning and vendor assessment Monitoring manufacturing progress

Advanced Engineering and Consulting

GLIS combines exceptional engineering and analytical skills and offers consulting across the whole of the asset lifecycle of Oil & Gas Projects Global capability in complex offshore engineering and marine operations Key services include analysis and engineering consulting, field development planning, testing services (includes our unique major hazard test site at Spadeadam), Asset Integrity Management and Optimisation Safety and Risk consulting Transmission and Distribution services

Advance Engineering-Safety and Risk

Hazard Identification (HAZID), HAZID Conceptual & detailed Hazards and Operability (HAZOP) Temporary Refuge Impairment Analysis (TRIA) Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis (EERA) Emergency Systems Survivability Assessment (ESSA) Design HSE Case, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Study, Noise and Acoustically Induced Vibration (AIV) Study Close Out HSE Recommendation, SIMOPS Dispersion and Radiation Studies Instrument Protective Function (IPF) Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) SIL (Safety Integrity Level Studies) Ship Collision Studies Fire and Explosion Hazards Analysis (FEHA) Safety Case Fire, Release, Explosion, Dispersion- including CFD

Advance Engineering- Transmission and Distribution

City Gas Distribution - Feasibility Studies - Business Plan - Area Survey - Network Design and Simulation - CNG Station Design - City Gate Station- Design and Engineering Consultancy Transmission Network - Feasibility Studies - RAM Study - Pipeline Repair/Intervention - Pressure Systems Defect Assessment - Corrosion Testing - Coatings and Cathodic Protection - Corrosion Management - Pipeline Uprating - Pipeline Integrity Management

Marine Consulting and Operations

GL Noble Denton leads the way in the field of marine consulting and operations. Our expertise in marine warranty and consulting provides exemplary independent assessment. Our ability to act as an expert witness on marine casualty investigations is highly regarded. GL Noble Denton are one of the pioneers in the technology of Dynamic Positioning. Providing superior independent technical reviews of Marine Systems. Through synergies with our Marine Warranty Services colleagues, we offer similar world-class marine operation services.

Project Execution
We offer the full range of execution services including design, transportation and installation, construction monitoring and project management. We can represent your interests throughout all phases of your project from inception through to installation and completion. With unparalleled knowledge of the marine and offshore energy industries and a disciplined, methodical approach to project management services, GLIS is ideally placed to manage and deliver your project.

Services across the whole asset life cycle

Planning and Design Detailed Engineering Construction and Start-up Operations and Maintenance Decommission ing

Software Solutions Asset Management Safety and Risk Verification, Certification and Inspection Technical Assurance

Technical Assurance

Planning and Design

Independent Design Review Safety & Risk Reviews Environmental Impact Study Technical Feasibility Studies Conceptual Design Consulting for Process Design Network Planning (pipelines)

Detailed Engineering
Independent design review, verification and certification Safety and risk reviews Compliance review Engineering consultancy Design modeling Pipeline network design T&D design authority

Construction and Startup

Project management 3rd party inspection Technical assurance & control Engineering consultancy Compliance and records management Safety & risk consultancy Materials testing, NDT and failure analysis Asset Integrity Management

Operations and Maintenance

Asset Integrity Management Condition-based monitoring Hazard, safety & risk consultancy Environmental management Incident investigation Emergency management procedures Vibration, welding, coating and CP consultancy

Asset Life Extension and Decommissioning

Production optimisation and advanced debottlenecking Recertification Pipeline safety regulations, life-extension and uprating Mains replacement (distribution networks) Environmental management

GL provides industry-leading software and consultancy

Portfolio of over 40 software products for the gas, petroleum and utility industries More than 600 clients worldwide Comprehensive post-sale technical support Market leader in simulation software Over 30 years industry experience

International clients include

Our international client base spans the Industry from Financial institutions to Operators.
Pipeline / LNG Storage Operators Financial Institutions Upstream Oil Companies EPC Companies Utilities Offshore Driller / Contractors FPSO Companies

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