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Future of Wi-Fi and WiMAX in the ME

Prepared by:

Salah Shata
WiFi / WiMAX Program Manager BTC Saudi

Last three years in ME

WiFi Zones Public Areas applications (BurJuman) WiFi Phones Fixed Wimaxed links. Triple Player (Video, Data & Voice) over wireless.

Wi-Fi Hotspots at 40,000 feet height

Time, for many of passengers,
definitely is money. Many of airlines understanding this need, Emirates is the first airlines in ME has invested in the WiFi hotspot.

WiFi Hot Spots

Coffee Shops Airports Railway stations Hospitals Public areas ..

Digital Cities (Open Access WiFi)

San Francisco Moscow Rwanda Sidney Gardens Los Anglos

Philadelphia .



NFC offers a simple, touchbased solution that allows consumers to exchange information and to access content and services in an intuitive way.

NFC Applications
Can be used (Pay phone or Data retriever) in:

Car Parking Super Markets Petrol Stations Public Areas .. ..

Pay Phone

City of Caen, France, to demonstrate simplicity of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology

Mosquito catching over Wi-Fi

Its an electronic vacuum

cleaner that omits odors attractive to mosquitoes. better to kill mosquitoes before they breed!

WiFi Against Mosquito rights group

We've meshed a great mosquitocatching machine with a computer technology on top of it, and wireless network technology on top of that, and then turned it into a great defensive shield against mosquitoes coming into your habitat Devin Hosea, AmBio CEO So far we don't know of any mosquito rights group, so it's totally PC to kill as many as you want Devin Hosea, AmBio CEO,39028844,40058467,00.htm

Why are we interested in WiMAX?

bandwidth QoS services standards and a rural model .

WiMAX Access Application

st 1

mile & Last mile

WiMAX/3G Debate

Is WiMAX a threat to 3G ? Voice networks backhauls. Mobily Case in Saudi Data Service Providers

IEEE / ETSI Standards

IEEE, ETSI & WIMAX for Fixed

IEEE, ETSI & WIMAX for Mobile

Solar powered WiMax

solar-powered WiFi router/WiMax
router/surveillance cam that can be situated a top a streetlight. The access point may uses a high gain omni antenna and a high gain parabolic antenna to provide access/security to both developed and developing regions; it is already in use in Cameroon, with plans for deployment to India, China, and Morocco.

WiMAX Fixed, Portable & Mobile

Fixed LoS, nLoS &
NLoS. Portability samples:
ATM machines, Railways, Riggs, Cruisers, TV broadcast services,

Mobility on board.

WiMAX Planning & Designing

The major challenge
for WiMAX designing in ME is GIS availability. Satellite service provider.


Tanajib Ras Tanura Dhahran Abqaiq Udhailiyah Yanbu Rabigh

Saudi GIS


OFDM is a modulation

techniques related to Fixed and Portable scenarios. Uses 256 point FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) @ demodulate the signal. All subcarriers transmitted at once. Same modulation type is applied for all channels.
FDM Demodulating for 9 subcarriers OFDM Modulating for 9 subcarriers


OFDMA is a modulation techniques related to Mobile scenarios.

Uses 2048 or 4096 point FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

@ demodulate the signal Subcarriers transmitted separately. Interference prevention. Different modulation type can be applied for every channel (QPSK, 16QAM or 64QAM)

How to protect your WiMAX investment?

Moving from Fixed to

Portable to Mobility WiMAX. Is your box firmware upgradeable? Minimize the IF cable as much as you can.

use 5.4 GHz domain instead of 5.8 GHz.

Smart Antennas Designing

because the available broadcast
spectrum is limited, attempts to increase traffic within a fixed bandwidth create more interference in the system and degrade the signal quality

Smart Antennas (Beamforming)

Non- Smart Antennas System Smart Antennas System

Indoor & Outdoor Antennas

Will Mobile WiMAX Kill Wi-Fi?

The approval of the IEEE 802.16e standard for mobile
WiMAX raises many unanswered questions about the
future of Wi-Fi.

About 90 % of laptops are now delivered with built-in

support for Wi-Fi. The number of public Wi-Fi hotspots continues to grow.

Mesh WiFi will be deployed 2006/2007

Mobile WiMAX wont kill Wi-Fi

Competitive, But Not a Replacement

Wi-Fi & WiMAX are Friends

WiBRO 2006 @ Korea

WiBRO 2006 @ Korea

Wireless Broadband Access, part of the IEEE
802.16 family. 2.3 GHz closely related to the mobile WiMAX. WiBro rollout this year @ South Korean. Keep ~ 1 Mbps for mobile user. WiMAX (Fixed) to backhoul the Wibro network. Samsung has demonstrated a 4 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Samsung announced a cell. Phone & PDA with WiBro capabilities.

MAKKA Case Study

MAKKA Case Study

Ministry of Hajj in Saudi: To cover the whole Makka area wireless. More than 450 offices to be connected. Mena & Arafat second phase coverage. Smart automated system to manage the Hajj season. WiMAX / WiFi application

Digital University

Dubai Women College

Dubai Women College

Hours Per Day Students Spent Using A Lap Top

12 Hours 29%

3 Hours 3% 3-7 Hours 32% 3 Hours 3-7 Hours 7-12 Hours 12 Hours

7-12 Hours 36%


600 500 400 300 200 250K 100 0 0 2001 2002 2003 550K

Dubai Women College

Using WLAN on Campus to Improve Staff and Student Productivity
The DWC Lap Top Initiative

Year Oct. 2000 Oct. 2001

Windows 220 595

Apple 30 50

% of student 13% 45%

Oct. 2002
Oct. 2003




Every Student has a Lap Top
Approx. 2500 Wireless Devices

WLAN Signal blankets the campus.

Every classroom (130) ms access to the Intranet and Internet Internal resources have been reallocated

DWC - Student Feed Back

I feel that using the Lap Top is

improving my learning



WiFi applications to continue over 2006/2007 Riyadh to be the 1st digital city in ME. RFID & NFC are grow on. WiMAX thread to 3G.

Solar Powered outdoor bridges will increases the mobility wireless access deployment.
Mobility features amended in 802.16e are still not specified and not fully standardized OFDMA decrease the interference for mobility WiMAX. Be sure that your WiMAX hardware is firmware upgradeable.

Thank you