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Seminar on Contemporary Issues A Study on

Recent Trends in Advertising

Submitted by: Devendra Singh MBA-II Sem. (A) Submitted to: Ms. Mahima Rai Faculty AIMS, Jaipur

What is Advertising?
According to American Marketing Association (AMA)

Advertising is any paid form of non -

personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor

Types of Advertising :

oriented Advertising Image Advertising Advocacy Advertising Public Service Advertising



Advertising Trends :
Digital Convergence:
Digital convergence, refers to a growing trend for using computer technology to deliver media programming and information.


on Audience Tracking:

The movement to digital convergence provides marketers with the basic resources needed to monitor users activity, namely, digital data.


Skipping and Blocking:

the DVR is changing how people view television programs by allowing them to watch programming at a time that is most convenient for them.


Media Choices:

Many traditional media outlets, such as newspapers and major commercial television networks, are seeing their customer base eroded by the emergence of new media outlets.

Recent Trends in Advertising





World E-Mail

Wide Web (WWW)


Advertising Mobile Advertising

Current trends in Advertising


is Better

it from the Brits

Signs, Everywhere a Sign


Examples related to new trends in advertising

Bajaj Pulsarmania:
Its very rare that you see a commercial that makes you crave for some action without even asking you to do so, and thats precisely what the new Pulsar commercial titled Pulsar Mania does to you.

The USP of the add is that is focuses on the product throughout without ever focus or stressing too much,its Unconventional to say the least-No voice over,No tagline.

Pepsis New Season OpenerFeaturing SRK, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

The new slogan for 2008 is unveiled

Yeh hai Youngistan meri jaan Pepsi.

The ad has tremendous entertainment value which fizzles out in the end when Shahrukh leaves the two alone and one more critical thing - SRK has been wasted in this ad, the ad holds good promise as it begins but loses steam as it progresses. The ad is in line with Pepsis efforts to establsih itself as a youth brand.

Axis Bank The Brand

Axis Bank has some serious catch up to do with its competitors and what better way to do so than to connect with the consumer through good services wonderfully conveyed through a brilliant ad campaign.

If you have a desire to travel, we have personals loans to help you fulfill it

The campaign connects to the consumer making him feel a part of this family, because all of us at some stage or the other have sacrificed our personal desires like an annual vacation for want of funds.