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Sales Closure

Types of Customers
Dependent Customer Detached Customer Dominant Customer Philes Phobes Promiscuous

How to close a Dependent Customer

Make the business decision seem very small Be informed and talk of the subject of interest to him Make a blend of technical knowledge and personal talk depending upon his mind and the companys needs Never give him the feeling that you are taking advantage of his friendship and kindness Give him the service that will make him happy with your company

Detached Customer
Go for a balance sheet close on
Logic Facts and figures Analyses Cost benefits

Do not over-push. Leave the decision entirely on him Do not try to become over-friendly. This may backfire If possible, involve him in your project by seeking advice and expertise Maintain a high calibre of technical depth A detached customer wants facts and not opinions

Dominant Customer
Close him on technical authority, in-depth knowledge and thoroughness Several closes are generally necessary because a dominant customer will never close the first time If he changes the subject, bring him back to the subject properly, tactfully and with courtesy Ensure right/ erect body posture and eye contact Exhibit confidence Play upon his ego in a skillful manner Innovate- find the pitch to which you can link your sales strategy

Philes- People who like you, want to deal with you

Maintain close contact outside of business transactions Communicate details of all new developments Respond to their needs, particularly companies, immediately Do a thorough job of relationship management Collect information on all developments which could affect their business Inform him about his competitor activities Never take a PHILE for granted. A PHILE not handled delicately may become a foe anytime

Phobes: People who hate/ dislike

you, DO NOT want to deal with you
Keep a low profile You may not like him too but never give them the feeling that you have rejected them Watch out for/ seek information on their dissatisfaction with competitors products and/ or service. This may be your opportunity to enter Check if your obstacle is removed

Phobes: People who hate/ dislike

you, DO NOT want to deal with you.
Keep your information channel charged to determine changes in decision making units Keep them informed of all your technical advances and corporate campaigns Find out exact reasons for his rejection Be ready with answers for all objections Going back to a PHOBE needs meticulous planning, sense of timing and answers at your fingertips Avoid second rejection

Promiscuous: People who keep

changing their brands
Identify the motivational stimuli of the members of the DECISION MAKING UNIT Plan sales presentation thoroughly Demonstrate cost benefit and value in use of your product Maintain an inventory (carefully) of competitive pressures likely to develop for you Demonstrate your ability and willingness to answer all their questions and objections Try and change them into PHILES through Creative Selling References Status Selling Innovation