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140 km per day ?

(~ 6 hrs ~ 25km/hr full Load with stops)


Travel as light as Possible

Just a couple or three cycling clothes. Any food you'll need for the next day Mini Stuff (cup, cutlery, towel, clean-up stuff)
Knife, small rope, black tape, lighter, Lamp

Always useful stuff:

A good water proof jacket (when riding if required) Something warm to use in the night Snikers (another different than your bike shoes)

Handheld GPS

(I got one)

Set of tools

Two or three Repairkits (In case of)

One or two inner Tube 24" (for worst case scenario)

Hand pump (mini pump for road bikes)

Small first aid kit

Road/Race Bike Helmet

Special Bike Shoes

Very comfortable clothes for biking

bike shorts/lycras

Shirt (easy to dry)

Bike gloves LOCK

Bags for Bikes

(Cariers/Racks+ Bags) ( (12 to 50) + (28- 62) ), Picture 12+28)

Classical Backpack
Considerations Cost (45 picture) Weight (picture 1.25 kg) Volume (picture 30L) Degrees of Freedom


Weight (Picture 0.135+1.1 kg) Volume (picture 24L)

Degrees of Freedom 3 a/page/1



Simple Tarp
Weight Cost (Cheaper) Weight (picture 1kg) Cost (22 picture)

Size (picture 120 x 200 x 90 cm)

Size (Depends)


Coverture (Wind & Water) Bulkiness


Coverture (Wind & Water) Bulkiness

Sleeping Bag

Self Inflating mattress

Weight (picture 0.7kg) Cost (picture 20) Size (picture 183 x 50 x 3 cm)

Weight (picture 1.3kg) Cost (13.95 picture)



Confortable Coverture (cold night)

Coverture (cold night)


If both, better

Also check special carpets for camping

Rain (mm) Min Temp (C) Max Temp (C)

Zrich Berna Jul Ago Jul Ago 117 133 104 113 13 12 14 14 23 22 24 24

100 50 Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic

Berna Zurich

Be aware: Possible RAINS in the road or in when camping!

Light Rain Heavy Raing Keep Going, use Jacket, Stop & look for Shelter, When Riding caution in the road keep yourselft warm Avoild to wet wet, Be aware of water wacht for the logging, change site if When Camping equipment needed

Energy Normal Day Expected Travel Day

Calories 1200 4900- 5900

KEEP YOURSELF WARM, DONT WASTE ENERGY! Dont let your sleep clothes to get wet (plastic bags). Sleep the most comfortable and warm possible Change wet socks whenever possible Cover yourself immediately after riding (light Jacket & pants) Eat as good as possible (before and during) Fat & Carbohydrates rich foot (before) Energy bars & gels welcome (during)


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