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Non-Profit Marketing practices



At a glance
Marketing is no longer considered a radical

approach to solving problems in Nonprofit orgs. Importance of using marketing in nonprofit is due to

Increased privatization Increased voluntarism Decreased support from traditional sources

Even religious institute like church use structured

marketing techniques. Muslims are not also different, accepting newer ways to popularize concepts like Zakat

At a glance
In Bangladesh, Rahimafrooz is pioneering this

practice with the establishment of Center for Zakat Management (CZM) CZM aims to institutionalize collection and disbursement of Zakat to mitigate poverty in this country First ever in Bangladesh to blend faith-based approach with traditional marketing ideas. So, there is an uncharted path ahead of CZM

Zakat Forum (ZF), a Rahimafrooz initiative, started

in 21 March, 1993. Primary purpose was to mobilize and effective use of internal Zakat money Primary motto was to come out of Shari/Lungi concept of Zakat giving. Major projects includes Education support, Orphan sponsorship, emergency relief, healthcare etc. Later, for more professionalism, ZF is converted to CZM with 10+ experience.

Key stones
Faith based development approach Better suited to Bangladesh Context Academically sound concept around the world RA was convinced that FBO funded by Zakat could bring significant changes. Potential of Zakat Impressive finding of M. Kabir Hasan, a Bangladeshi professor at New Orleans University 14000 Crore of unrealized Zakat money in Bangladesh Institutional Zakat example from Malaysia,

Indonesia and Pakistan

Formation of CZM
A Seminar on Forum on Zakat on 16 August, 2008

at Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Center. Presentation of Dr. Kabirs findings Gathering of civil society members in the seminar Support to form an institution to serve the purpose

Center for Zakat Management

Established in January 2009 Social enterprise that helps generous and caring

Muslims fulfill the Islamic obligation of Zakat CZM believes in Allahs sanction to cleanse asset through Zakat Strategic objective is to establish a sustainable and transparent organization.

Credible enterprise establishment Promoting awareness Focused on alleviating poverty

Support to education
Long-term development projects


Promote the obligation of Zakat set by Allah as an economic tool for bringing prosperity to the needy.

Organization Structure

Services offered by CZM

Ideal Village Project (IVP) Project Mudareeb Genius Scholarship Program

Project Gulbagicha
Other services

Ideal Village Project (IVP)

Pilot project in Manijgonj Implementation by third party (MCCA) Powered by Parshi Model

Intervention in Education Health and sanitation Training and skill development Income generation Environmental sensitivity Awareness building programs

Project Mudareeb
Its goal is Employment generation Poverty reduction of low-income families Capacity building of service delivery organizations Policy recommendations to the Government

Genius Scholarship Program

Its goal is Support academically meritorious students Financially needy students Under this scheme, students are required to take

part in community development works. Support is given in the forms of

Finance Training Study materials

Project Gulbagicha
Every child has a right to education. Key target is poverty stricken children in slum

areas. Basic package include

Pre-primary education Islamic education Food and Nutrition support Health care Awareness building Training and skill development

Other Services
Biz Zakat Simple Zakat Aiming to aid Zakat calculation for

individuals and organization Understanding Zakat-mainly a awareness building program Waqf Program

Education Waqf

Marketing Strategies
Social Marketing Achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good Overall goal is to promote societal well-being Rejecting short term shari/lungi concept of Zakat Attitude and behavior change of both Zakat payers and Zakat recipients

Marketing Strategies
Faith Based Marketing Oldest concept in the history of marketing Recent popularity in USA for popularizing churches and their programs among youths Zakat being a concept of faith, Faith Based Marketing is must Not complimentary to Marketing, rather complimentary with traditional Marketing discipline

Tools Used by CZM

Advocacy program such as exchange of views In-house seminar with personalized approach Public Relation e.g. publishing news and content to

newspapers RA family and friend network Corporate training program for employees for different houses PR materials such as brochure, leaflet, Zakat guide, Zakat calculation methods etc. Seasonal campaign such as Ramadan Zakat Campaign. Online web presence through website.

SWOT analysis

Rahimafroozs sponsorship Rahimafrooz Management experience Commitment to Islamic values Zakat Forum experience Legal framework Organizational framework


First mover Insufficient manpower and other resources Inadequate infrastructure Unchartered path of nonprofit marketing. Confined to RA Conventional mindset about Zakat

SWOT analysis

First mover, and thus having almost no competitor Untapped potential of Zakat Create wellbeing in the poor societies Replicating effect of CZM by others Exponential economic impact of Zakat


Potential propaganda against CZM Govt. regulation Islamophobia

Key Achievement
Continued support from Zakat payers Increased trust and confidence Establishment of sustainable organization

Livelihood development of many underprivileged

Replication of existing projects in new location

Major Challenges
Conventional Mindset about Zakat Unchartered path of Marketing Islamophobia

Bottom line
Dr. Yunus urge for social enterprise Blending of modern Marketing tools with faith based

organization Corporate involvement in social enterprise Non profit Marketing application in a new sector e.g. religion Will CZM survive and thrive as a successful enterprise blending all these concepts?