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2LL Cvervlew
!ava 2 laLform
- The }ava Euitions:
- The }ava Platfoim, Stanuaiu Euition(}SE)
- The }ava Platfoim, Enteipiise Euition(}EE)
- The }ava Platfoim, Nicio Euition(}NE)
!ava 2 SLandard LdlLlon
- This is the most commonly useu of }ava platfoims, consisting
of a iun-time enviionment anu a set of APIs foi builuing a
wiue vaiiety of applications.
- Foims the basis of }NE anu }EE.
- 0sually iefeiieu to as the }ava Bevelopment Kit (}BK).
!ava 2 Mlcro LdlLlon
- }NE (}ava Platfoim, Nicio Euition) is a technology that
allows piogiammeis to use the }ava piogiamming language
anu ielateu tools to uevelop piogiams foi
mobile wiieless infoimation uevices such as cellulai phones
anu peisonal uigital assistants (PBAs).
- }NE consists of piogiamming specifications anu a
special viitual machine, the K viitual Nachine, that allows a
}NE-encoueu piogiam to iun in the mobile uevice.
!ava 2 LnLerprlse LdlLlon
- Wbat is )EEJ)ava EE?
A platfoim foi implementing enteipiise
applications in a uistiibuteu enviionment using
The }ava Platfoim, Enteipiise Euition (}EE)
uefines the stanuaiu foi ueveloping, ueploying anu
managing multi-tiei web baseu, seivei- centiic,
anu component-baseu enteipiise applications"
LnLerprlse AppllcaLlon
- An Enteipiise means a business oiganization.
- An Enterprise Application is a Softwaie that
peifoims business functions such as accounting,
customei infoimation management, sales anu so
- Aims to impiove the oiganizations peifoimance.
LnLerprlse ArchlLecLure
- Enteipiise aichitectuie helps in unueistanuing
the stiuctuie of an enteipiise application.
- It can be uiviueu into logical layeis:
- The usei inteiface (Piesentation layei)
- Piocessing (Business layei)
- Bata Stoiage anu Access (Bata access layei)
LnLerprlse ArchlLecLure 1ypes
- Single-Tiei Aichitectuie
- Two-Tiei Aichitectuie
- Thiee-Tiei Aichitectuie
- n-Tiei Aichitectuie
Slngle1ler ArchlLecLure
1wo1ler ArchlLecLure
Database Database
Tier 2nd Tier
Business Logic
Data Access
1hree1ler ArchlLecLure
ser !nterface ser !nterface
Application Logic Application Logic
Database Database
XNL Documents XNL Documents
. . .
n1ler ArchlLecLure
Browser Application Client
Database Database
XNL Documents XNL Documents
!S8 rocess
- }ava Community Piocess (}CP) foi uevelopment of
specifications (since 99)
- Initiation (appioveu by executive committee)
- Eaily uiaft (foi ieview by the public uomain)
- Public uiaft (iefeience implementation, compatibility
- Naintenance (uocument upuates)
- }ava Specification Request (}SR)
- Pioposeu anu final specifications foi }ava platfoim
- Review appioval piocess
!ava LL 3 laLform
- Next veision of }EE platfoim
- Latest veisions of }ava technology
- Enteipiise }avaBeans (E}B) . (}SR-)
- }ava Seivei Faces (}SF) . (}SR-)
- Seivlet .
- }ava Seivei Pages (}SP) .
- }ava API foi Web Seivices (}AX-WS) . (}SR-)
- Web Seivices Netauata (}SR-8)
- }ava Aichitectuie foi XNL Binuing (}AXB) . (}SR-)
- }ava Peisistence . (}SR-)
- Common Annotations . (}SR-)
- Stieaming API foi XNL (StAX) . (}SR-)
!ava LL 3 laLform
!ava LL ComponenLs
- }ava EE applications aie maue up of components.
- A }ava EE component is a self-containeu functional
softwaie unit that is assembleu into a }ava EE
application with its ielateu classes anu files anu that
communicates with othei components.
. Application Clients anu Applets (Client)
. Web Components (Seivei)
. Business Components (Seivei)
!ava LL ConLalners
- ontainers aie the inteiface between a component anu
the low-level platfoim-specific functionality that
suppoits the component.
- Befoie execution of a web, enteipiise bean, oi
application client component, it must be assembleu into
a }ava EE mouule anu ueployeu into its containei
. Enteipiise }avaBeans (E}B) containei
. Web containei
. Application client containei
. Applet containei
!ava LL ConLalners
!ava LL AppllcaLlon Assembly and ueploymenL
- A }ava EE application is packageu into one oi moie
stanuaiu units foi ueployment to any }ava EE
platfoim-compliant system. Each unit contains:
- A functional component oi components (such as an
enteipiise bean, }SP page, seivlet, oi applet)
- An optional ueployment uesciiptoi that uesciibes its
ackaglng AppllcaLlons
- A }ava EE application is ueliveieu in an Enteipiise
Aichive (EAR) file, a stanuaiu }ava Aichive (}AR)
file with an .eai extension.
# File Structure
!ava LL module
- Foui types :
- E}B mouules,
- contains class files foi enteipiise beans anu an E}B ueployment uesciiptoi.
- packageu as }AR files with a .jai extension.
- Web mouules,
- contains seivlet class files, }SP files, suppoiting class files, uIF anu BTNL files,
anu a web application ueployment uesciiptoi.
- packageu as }AR files with a .wai (Web ARchive) extension.
- Application client mouules,
- contain class files anu an application client ueployment uesciiptoi.
- packageu as }AR files with a .jai extension.
- Resouice auaptei mouules,
- contains all }ava inteifaces, classes, native libiaiies, anu othei uocumentation,
along with the iesouice auaptei ueployment uesciiptoi.
- packageu as }AR files with an .iai (iesouice auaptei aichive) extension.
INDI (Iava Nam|ng and D|rectory Interface )
- The }NBI is an API that suppoits accessing naming anu
uiiectoiy seivices in }ava piogiams.
- The puipose of a naming seivice is to associate names
with objects anu pioviue a way to access objects baseu on
theii names.
- with a uiiectoiy seivice, you can access the attiibutes of
objects anu seaich foi objects baseu on theii attiibutes.
You can use }NBI to access uiiectoiy seivices like LBAP
anu Novell Biiectoiy Seivices (NBS) uiiectoiies.
ConLexL lnlLlalConLexL Class
- A naming seivice associates names with objects. An
association between a name anu an object is calleu a Tinding,
anu a set of such binuings is calleu a context.
- }NBI iepiesents a context in a naming system using the
javax.naming.Context inteiface.
- The javax.naming.InitialContext class implements the Context
inteiface anu seives as oui entiy point to a naming system.
ooklng up Cb[ecLs ln a ConLexL
- Retiieving an object by name fiom a naming system oi
uiiectoiy is calleu looking up the object. This is the job of
the lookup() methou of Context.
- You can use }NBI to look up anu ietiieve an E}B component
fiom an application seivei oi a iemote object fiom a
iemote RNI iegistiy.
}EE . Resouice Lookup
Context c =newInitialContext();
0bject obj = c.lookup(name);
uependency ln[ecLlon
- Containei injects" iesouices
- BataSouice, E}B ief, web seivice ief, peisistence units
- In the application,
- Fielus, methous; public, piivate, oi piotecteu
- In containei-manageu classes
- E}Bs, seivlets, }SF manageu beans, web seivice enupoints,
hanuleis, inteiceptois, app clients
- Avoius the neeu to use }NBI
uependency ln[ecLlon
package com.example;
@Stateless @Local(MyEJBInterface.class)
public class MyEJB ,
@Resource(name = employeeDatabase)
private DataSource myDS;
- Beclaies a iesouice nameu employeeBatabase
- injects it into the myBS fielu
- no ueployment uesciiptoi entiy neeueu!
uependency ln[ecLlon
- Annotations useu foi Bepenuency Injection
- javax.annotation.Resouice
- javax.ejb.E}B
- javax.peisistence.PeisistenceContext
- javax.peisistence.Peisistence0nit
- a }ava annotation is a way of auuing metauata
about classes, vaiiables, anu methous to }ava
souice coue anu also in complieu class files.
- Annotations aie specifieu in the piogiam souice by
using the symbol
AnnoLaLlons ln !ava LL 3
- Bow aie they useu in }ava EE.
- To map }ava classes to uatabases
- To map }ava classes to XNL
- To uefine E}Bs anu theii attiibutes
- To uefine Web Seivices
- To uefine secuiity attiibutes
- To specify exteinal uepenuencies