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WHAT IS REPOSITIONING? In simple words Repositioning is changing the position of the brand. A particular positioning statement may not work with a brand. e.g. Dettol toilet soap was positioned as a beauty soap initially

A particular positioning statement may not work with a brand. e.g Dettol toilet soap was positioned as a beauty soap initially. And it didnt work because Dettol , the parent brand (antiseptic liquid) was known for its ability to heal cuts. The soap therefore had to be repositioned as a germ-kill soap.

1.Increasing relevance to the consumer.

2.Increasing occasions for use. 3.Making the brand serious. 4.Falling sales. 5.Bringing in new customers. 6.Changed market conditions. Etc.

For more than 100 years, Hallmark Cards, Inc. has helped people connect with one another and give voice to their feelings. Their employees are personally passionate about caring, creativity, quality and innovation, values that have guided them from the start and remain at their core.

In the early days, the greeting cards carried the company name Hall Brothers on the back. But the term hallmark, used by goldsmiths in the 14th century, fascinated founder J.C. Hall. As he explained, It not only said quality in an authoritative way, but it also incorporated our family name. In 1925, Hallmark appeared on products for the first time, and by 1928, it was used on the back of every greeting card.

Hallmark is promoting

Little Moments Over Big Milestones.

After several years of being the leading producer of greeting cards, Hallmark is reinventing itself, and its marketing, to compete in a new world.

Officially launched a new campaign called "Life is a Special Occasion," It is designed to help consumers recognize and celebrate not just big milestones but "little 'us' moments" such as the "Mornings" , in which moms surprise sleeping kids in a spot pegged to Valentine's Day.

The company's new target audience are moms and grandmothers . As they have lives that are so busy that they "can't always be in the moment. So hallmark promoted the littile moments over big ones.

"Hallmark's goal is to provide the inspiration, ideas

and solutions to help consumers take pause and recognize, linger and capture the moments they share with family and friends. BECAUSE

This isn't expected to happen every day... but it can happen any day."

Hallmark now includes such modern-day innovations as recordable storybooks, personalized greetings, and personalized plates even recordable story books and "story buddies" for kids, which the brand sells worldwide.

It will be "starting a new conversation" with consumers with a comprehensive integrated media strategy including advertising, public relations, email, direct mail, video, search engine marketing and, of course, social media.

Hallmark introduced the new brand campaign through online and in-person activities at the BlissDom conference, an annual gathering of more than 700 influential women bloggers.

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