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Assessing HRD Needs Process by which an org HRD needs are identified and articulated Need assessment can

an identify , 1. Org goals 2. Gap between employee skills and skills required for effective current job performance 3. Gap between employee skills and skills needed for performing job in future 4. Conditions under which HRD activity will occur

Need assessment is not conducted Difficult process Time consuming Preliminary activity is not important Incorrect assumptions Lack of support What is training or HRD need? Refers to discrepancy/ gap between what the org expects to happen and what actually happens

Discrepancies may become the foundation of HRD need Coaching and skill training are necessary to correct the discrepancy HRM strategies like compensation, staffing practices, negotiating new rules are used Not every need identified should be addressed by training

Robert Brinkerhoff only performance deficiency is restrictive, other ways are, Diagnostic- focus the factors lead to effective performance Analytical need- identify new ways of performing a task that are discovered by intuition , expert consideration Compliance needs- needs mandated by law training

Levels of need analysis: 3 levels Strategic / orgl analysis- where and under what condition Task analysis-what is to be done Person analysis- who need to be trained and what kind of training I. Strategic and Organizational Analysis Process used to understand the characteristics of org \eg: low employee morale

Components of org analysis: Broad or whole system Org analysis identifies, 1. Org goals-areas where org meets its goals 2. Orgl resources 3. orgl climate- climate should be conducive 4. Environmental constraints- legal, social, political and economic issues

Advantages reveals where HRD is needed ensure HRD programs tied with org trategy and mission Support HRD effort and Increase motivation Methods of OA: HR inventory Skill inventory Orgl climate measures Efficiency index

II.Task Analysis Systematic collection of data about a specific job/group of job Results Appropriate std of performance How task should be performed to meet these std Knowledge, skill,abilities and other characteristics that employee need to possess in order to meet the std

Sources of data Job description Job specification Performance std Review Literature Ask about the job job holder supervisor higher management

Task analysis process Overall job description-narrative statement of major activities 2.Task Identification How each task to be performed What is done 3. Identify what it takes to do the job KSAO 4. Identify the areas that can most benefited from training Rating the task and KSAO

5.Prioritizes the training needs