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Nepal Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce
an introduction

A chamber of commerce (also referred to in some circles as a board of trade) is a form of business network, e.g., a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses.

Chamber of Commerce
an introduction

Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. Local businesses are members, and they elect a board of directors or executive council to set policy for the chamber.


Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC), established in the year 1952 (2009 BS) is the first Chamber of Commerce in Nepal.
At present, it has more than 1,600 ordinary members and more than 8,000 registered firms.

NCC has been playing remarkable role in the business promotion and formulation of commercial, industrial and fiscal policies of Nepal Government. Nepal Chamber of Commerce is representing Nepal as a national focal point of Regional Investment Information and Promotion Services (RIIPS) of UN\ESCAP.

The Chamber has been conducting seminars and trainings concerning business and economy in association with several international organizations, such as International Trade Centre - ITC (UNCTAD- WTO) and the Asian Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT).

Member of the ICC Direct Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris. ICC is the World Business Organization and the only representative body, which makes authentic advocacy on behalf of all sector enterprises across the world.

Member of the WASME Associate Member of the World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) Delhi, India. WASME is the only international nongovernment organization for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) enjoying consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UNESCO)

Member of the CACCI The NCC is an Associate Member of the Confederation of Asia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CACCI) Taiwan.
CACCI is the premier regional organization of Asian business enterprises, which seeks to serve as a forum for promoting the vital role of businessmen in the region, increasing regional business interaction, and enhancing regional economic growth.

The prime objective of NCC is to assist in the development of national economy through the promotion and protection of commerce and industries, both at the private and public sector.


The leading tasks of NCC are:
1. To foster good relationship and unity among the trading community and industrialists


2. To develop links with commercial, industrial institutions around the world and to co-operate with each other for the betterment of national economy
3. To organize Trade and Industrial Fairs, to co-operate and facilitate the Nepalese participants in such fairs.


4. To issue Certificate of Origin for the Nepalese products. 5. To establish or encourage in establishing the academic institutions related to commerce and industry, finance in the technical management and hold workshops, seminars, trainings and research programs.

Any individual firm, company, corporation and organization engaged in trade, industry or related profession is eligible to receive NCC membership. The NCC has introduced and practiced four types of membership.
- Life Member - Ordinary Member - Affiliated Member - Honorary Member

Held annually to discuss and pass resolutions during which vacant seats of Executive Committee, if any, are also fulfilled.
The progress report and audit report of the outgoing fiscal year are also submitted to the General Meeting for necessary comments and approval.

The activities of NCC are planned, programmed and carried out by the Executive Committee comprising of 36 members, out of which 29 are elected by the General Assembly. Rest 4 members are nominated from among the affiliated members and 1 from general members while the another 1 is nominated by the NCC President.

The President, 1st and 2nd Vicepresidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, Secretaries and Joint Treasurer are elected from among the elected members of the Executive Committee.


Nepal Chamber of Commerce organized the first National Conference on Industry and Commerce in the year 1965.

It paved the way for the formation of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI).


There is an Employer Council constituted under the Chairmanship of the NCC's 2nd Vice-president which looks after the industrial relations and employers' sector within the Kathmandu Valley.



An Economic Diplomacy Cell has been constituted under the coordination of the NCC's 2nd President in order to promote tourism, export, foreign employment, hydro-power and foreign direct investment through the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions aboard.


The other members of the cell comprises the president from various commodity associations' representative from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Television and former ambassadors and the foreign diplomacy experts.

1. Export Promotion 2. Environment Conservation 3. SAARC Trade 4. Information and Communication Technology 5. Employment Council and HRD 6. Finance and Insurance 7. Energy Development 8. Retail and Supplies 9. Public Private Partnership 10. Industry Promotion 11. Nepal-China Trade 12. Tourism Promotion 13. Social Services 14. Revenue 15. Agriculture Promotion 16. International Coordination 17. Seminar, Workshop and Trade Fair 18. Publication 19. Women Entrepreneurs Development 20. Transport and Transit 21. Multilateral Trade Agreement 22. Import


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