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Canadian Sales

First Quarter 2012

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April 2012

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The strength

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of the quarter was almost surprising!


increases from the previous year.

January: +

February: +

A Strong 1st Quarter One of the Strongest


Could it be

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that at the conclusion of 2011 some sales were managed?

Could it be

that some 2011 sales made their way to 2012?

What do you

Carry Over What Carry Over?



Besides the habitual leaders like MerBimAu, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, VW. competitive spirit this year.
Chrysler: + 12% Honda: + 20% Infiniti: + 12% Mazda: + 19% Nissan: + 15% Toyota: + 12% Refreshing to see

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There is a renewed

increased competition.
Will it endure? What do you think?

Out of Turn One Are they Going to Trade Paint?


There is no

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sanctioning body to enforce rules, its wide open, heads up competition.

Lets take a

look at who is not competitive

Acura: - 9%

How Will their Race Strategy Develop Some Will Pit for Program Position

Some Numbers
1st Quarter 2012

Toyota Camry..4,472 Honda Civic..14,281 Compact

Mid Size Sedans Ford Fusion..3,296 Toyota Corolla.8,954

Nissan Altima...3,245 Mazda 3...8,053 Chrysler 200....2,759 Hondas Hondato fame in Canada is the claim Accord.........1,371 Civic, Chevy is firmly in first place. which Malibu...1,245

Hyundai Sonata..3,531 Hyundai Elantra10,864

Will be fascinating to see how this Wow, Camry up front, Sonata second, segment develops during the year. Fusion thirdinteresting.


Some Numbers - 1
1st Quarter 2012

Honda CR-V8,870 Ford F Series22,978 Pick Ups Ford Escape8,082 Ram16,779 Chrysler Journey.6,465 GMC Sierra..9,000 Hyundai Santa Fe4,808 Chevy Silverado..7,673 Chevy Equinox4,782 Toyota RAV44,771 As usual, F series is in front, GM is falling behind, losing momentum. Chevy Equinox4,782


The economy in western Canada is Honda CR-V booming. the Escape, in front of interestingwill it hold?


Some Numbers - 2
1st Quarter 2012

M-B Class..1,716 M-B M C Class..2,419 BMW 3 Series2,229 Audi Q5..1,436 Audi RX..1,386 Lexus A4..1,578 Infiniti G...1,159 M-B GLK1,209 Buick LaCrosse.766 Acura MDX...973 Cadillac CTS.722 BMW X5....850 Acura TL829 Lincoln MKX..779 Lexus IS.424 BMW X3.708 Cadillac SRX..621 Buick Enclave....582 The C Coupe is positioning M-B in front, good to see Infiniti G with momentum. Acura RDX.....479

Entry CUV/SUV Luxury Luxury

Initial shuffling of positions.


Some Numbers - 3
1st Quarter 2012

SLS AMG...29 Did You Know? Mustang.757 Lamborghini....32 Camaro..613 Maserati...29 Challenger.488 Ferrari......57 Panamera....91 Some things never change! GT-R.27 R8.30 Bentley....16 Volt....134 Leaf.68

Pony Cars


We know

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that $1.50 a liter is the painful pain threshold for gasoline.


pundit will have a thought, and opinion.

Will it be

Price of Gas Exiting Turn 1 Its Almost at the Pain Threshold


small cars, diesel,

Our Thoughts

Extremely strong first quarter. With March modestly up 3%...was there carry over from 2011? Impressive pick up sales. Some initial shuffling of positions in most segments. Honda and especially Toyota are flexing their muscles in the first quarter. GM needs to raise its game. CPO vehicles continue their hot streak.

Thank You