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Research Proposal
A brief overview of your research, giving the reader sufficient about the way you will do it and the value of this work

Purpose Of A Research Proposal

To propose a research project which is worth
while and which will result in a significant contribution to knowledge.

To formulate a detailed plan of the project. To insure that the research is achievable.

Audience Of The Research Proposal

Supervisors Academic Staff

Expert in the respective field etc.

Benefits For You In Writing The Research Proposal

Writing A research Proposal

Forces you to structure your thinking.

Determination of exactly what is involved in your


Plan each stage of the research. Analyse the practicalities and problems involved in
conducting research program.

To predict any problem that might arise and to make

contingency plans to overcome these problems.

Benefits For You In Writing The Research Proposal Continued

Provides you with a detailed plan of
actions and achievable milestones.


you convincingly.





Provides you with a useful document for

discussion and feedback supervisor and others. from


Suggested Steps In Devising A Research Proposal

Conduct preliminary review of relevant previous
studies in the field to identify a problem with in your field that needs to be investigated.

Carryout some preliminary research to help you

focus the topic of your research.

Establish some research questions and propose

some hypothesis to be tested.

Suggested Steps In Devising A Research Proposal Continued

Assess whether the project has enough in
it to constitute a bachelor level project. Your supervisors are best placed to advise you about this.

Devise a comprehensive, detailed plan of

the stages of the research.

Plan the methodology to be used at each

stage of the research.

Suggested Steps In Devising A Research Proposal Continued. . .

Identify resources required to complete the

Provide realistic estimate of the time to be taken

for particular task.

Remember that preparing a proposal is an

iterative process. You will need to discuss a number of drafts with your supervisors before you complete the final draft.

Suggested Format For The Research Proposal Proposed Format:

1. Title:
A brief precise phrase rendering the main problem of your research proposal.

Proposed Format, Continued

2. Introduction:

Introduce the topic of your research project. Present the context for the proposed research by outlining the background field. Move from one outline of the general problems of interest in the field to particular problem which will be investigated in your project. Establish the significance of the research and indicate the contributions that the research will make.

Proposed Format, Continued

3.Background And Literature Review:
Critically review relevant previous
research. Identify any gapes in the existing knowledge in your field. Establish the need of your particular research project.

Proposed Format, Continued

4. Research Plan
Provide a detailed plan of the research that
needs to be undertaken to achieve the stated aims of your research.

The research design should show that the

research is feasible and is an evidence to achieve the research aims.

Research Plan continued

a) Methodology

Outline the methodology and clearly

justify the selection of this particular methodology.

Describe the materials , equipment, test

procedures and analytical techniques . Also justify the particular techniques.

Research Plan continued

b) Research questions Or Hypothesis

State the research questions which the

research will investigate and answer.

State the hypothesis which will be tested.

Research Plan continued

c) Stages In The Research

Provide a detailed explanation of the

stages in the research and the major tasks to be undertaken with in each stage.

d) Resources Required

Identify the resources needed to conduct

the research availability. and ascertain their

Research Plan continued

e) Time Line

Establish the timetable for the important

tasks in your research and present it in a table or list.

Provide realistic estimates of time.

Time Line Continued

Time For Literature review Experimental and analytical work Beginning and ending chapters Completion of project Seminar presentation Final defend

Proposed Format, Continued

5. Expectation

Clearly state the aims and expectations of

the project.

6. References

List the references cited in your proposal.