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Faculty Training Calicut University

Dr Suvarna Nalapat

Action Research

What was done/History of the project

Amrita Institute Pilot Project /Melakartharaga (Dr Bhuvanneswari) Seminars and discussions with Ayurveda,Homeopathy and Yoga schools to introduce Western Medicine Research methods/schools /public functions 4 books which will serve as guidance for students Kerala Uty 3 day workshop and a certificate course /continuing adult education .Pankajakasthuri ( Prof Omanakutty ) Music Academy/ Saradhi Academy/Medimix Ayurveda - Chennai Calicut Uty . Faculty Training School of Drama and Music ( Dr Jalaja Varma) M G uty for a Research Chair (2010) V C For integration of indegenous medicine ( World education Congress New Delhi and a project submitted to Honourable Chief minister of Kerala ) through existing Medical Uty

Volunteers Amrita Institute

Childrens development

Children who need special care

Uty programmes

Cancer care

Books-Awareness /Textbooks
Without a stumble 2003 Music Therapy in administration,management and education Ragachikitsa Nadalayasindhu (Ragachikitsaaritham) Faculty training handbook

Idea of Vision
Link science to Art and integrate human personality Integrate Indegenous medical practices of this geographic area (India) for costeffective healthcare and train personnel for its implementation Cure and prevention of diseases and proper research oriented programmes in a hospital/clinic set up Community healthcare through Music therapy

The course in Calicut Uty : Status

The team for developing curriculum and Syllabus Hospitals interested in doing research projects for Faculty training to be selected(Dr Mehroof Raj) Individual projects to be charted out with the respective hospitals/clinics Course details determination by the school of drama and music in collaboration with other members of the team and as per Uty norms

The trained Music Therapy Faculty members to act as a link between art/music and indegenous medicine /western medicine Develop a broad valuebased client-oriented research-oriented approach and make music a tool for community development and human welfare as a selfhealing technique (costeffective) To define personality traits required to act as such a link

The trained Faculty with a certificate Preference as research assistants in hospitals selected for the project so that the project is sustained and the discipline grows Their projects to be published as a book/journal of Music Therapy by the Uty Preference for PhD in music therapy elsewhere job opportunities in hospitals, villages and cities to be enhanced Indian ethnomusicology and Indian Music Therapy in foreign universities more opportunities

Subjects for examination


A handbook for training the faculty

Viva and Project

Request for Amala Cancer center

The Future of Music Therapy in India

Two streams in India Karnataka Govt and NYMHANS Ludhiana hospitals Delhi Uty Manipal Uty Projects submitted to other Universities

Do we want Music Therapy to be a fake medicine ? If not we have to do as many projects as possible and make it a metascience in the proper way . Or we will have to succumb to the other stream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you ! Feel free to contact through the interactive sessions . Virtual Classroom being planned so that members of the educational institutions and research organisations can get advice and other teaching material as well as guidance in the research processes