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An interjection is one of the eight major parts of speech, along with verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions

and conjunctions. Interjections are not generally required in order for the meaning of a sentence to become clear. An interjection is a word solely designed to convey emotion. It expresses meaning or feeling. It simply conveys to the reader the way the author is feeling.

Yikes, I didnt realize that there was a test on grammar today! Oh no, I cant believe that it is snowing here again! In both of these sentences the interjection - yikes and oh no appear at the beginning of the sentence.

So, its snowing again, huh? the interjection is found at the end. In my opinion, my gosh, this is just the smartest thing you have ever said the interjection is found in the middle.


expressing pleasure expressing realization expressing surprise expressing resignation expressing grief or pity

"Ah, that feels good." "Ah, now I understand." "Ah well, it can't be heped." "Ah! I've won!" "Alas, she's dead now."
"Oh dear! Does it hurt?" "Dear me! That's a surprise!" "It's hot today." "Eh?" "I said it's hot today. "What do you think of that, eh?" "Eh! Really?"


Alas Dear Eh

expressing pity expressing surprise

asking for repetition expressing enquiry expressing surprise

inviting agreement

"Let's go, eh?"

"Lima is the capital of" "Hello John.How are you today?" "Hello! My car's gone!" "Hey! look at that

Er Hello, hullo

expressing hesitation expressing greeting expressing surprise calling attention

Hey hi Hmm
Oh, o

expressing surprise, joy

expressing greeting expressing hesitation, doubt or disagreement expressing surprise expressing pain expressing pleading

"Hey! What a good idea!"

"Hi! What's new?" "Hmm. I'm not so sure.

"Oh! You're here!" "Oh! I've got a toothache." "Oh, please say 'yes'!"

Ouch Uh Uh-huh Um, umm Well

expressing pain expressing hesitation expressing agreement expressing hesitation expressing surprise introducing a remark

"Ouch! That hurts!" "Uh...I don't know the answer to that." "Shall we go?" "Uh-huh." "85 divided by is 5" "Well I never!" "Well, what did he say?"

An interjection is a noun that stands alone in a sentence and is designed to convey the emotion of the speaker or narrator. By stands alone, we mean to say that an interjection is not grammatically connected to the sentence in which it is used. Interjections are used by authors to add an element of realism to their prose, as humans often use interjections heavily within their everyday speech. Interjections are often followed by an exclamation mark, leading people to refer to them as exclamations. Examples of interjections are Ouch! and Wow! or even Cheers!.

Wow! That spoon is huge! Uh, so yeah, this section is about filled pauses Hey, uh, Sylvia? I, um, was wondering if, uh, you would, um, go to, like, a movie with me, or like whatever. Wow! Patrick! Of course! Ha! Johnson, come over here and check out this cover letter!