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Jul 17
Fran Tuccio, a longtime Far Rockaway resident, is put on alert for flash floods. I GREW UP IN BROOKLYN, but my grandparents were born around the corner from here in the ’30s. I’ve had this house since 1977, so I’ve seen lots of changes. About a year
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Mar 16
Instagrammers trammel over California "superbloom." In leaving their mark on the #superbloom hashtag, visitors also left one on the physical place: Poppies are easily killed by trampling, and footsteps through the flowers created the appearance of a
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Pop / Craig Jenkins
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kanye. Jesus Is King swerves between consecration and commodification.
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Vernon Subutex 1
VERNON IS A down-on-his-luck aging Lothario who has discovered, decades too late, that he should have married one of the rich babes he seduced and discarded when he was still desirable. Whoops! He is the title character of Virginie Despentes’s novel,
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APR 12
The president announces he’s considering releasing imprisoned undocumented immigrants into sanctuary cities to spite their liberal mayors. ONE DAY IN 2029, former President Donald Trump—now 83 years old, pushing 300 pounds, almost entirely confined
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Tripla Cone With Panna
If there’s one word that sums up Hallie Meyer’s ice creams at Caffè Panna, it is extra. Extra sweet, extra salty, extra rich, extra fresh, extra chewy, extra crunchy, but somehow just a millimeter shy of too much. In a realm of established formulas,
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Flash, Dazzle, Dim Sum
NEW RESTAURANTS have come in all shapes and sizes over the course of the great Chinese-food renaissance that’s been blooming around town for the past few years. There are crawfish-boil restaurants and Mongolian hot-pot restaurants and strings of new
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May 21
23andMe and Airbnb team up. IN MAY, Airbnb announced a new feature in partnership with the at-home genetic-testing company 23andMe: “dedicated pages that correspond with 23andMe’s genetic populations,” so that users interested in “DNA travel” can bo
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Buying a Toy
After setting out to find the best toys ever for every age (to be published later this month on, we spoke to dozens of experts, from teachers to nannies to 10-year-old Mensa members, and distilled nine pieces of general slime- and
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Oct 11
A year after losing the Georgia gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp, in a race in which he’d improperly purged 340,000 Georgians from voter rolls, Stacey Abrams says she rightfully won the campaign. BLACK VOTERS OVERWHELMINGLY back Democrats in Geo
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Jul 25
The temperature in Champagne, 109.2˚ Fahrenheit, is the highest ever recorded there. TO PRODUCE GOOD CHAMPAGNE, acid is key. The warm summers and cold winters of Champagne’s northerly continental climate have long been the perfect location to grow g
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Oct 18
Heather Havrilesky’s daughter turns 13. MY DAUGHTER MADE IT CLEAR that the food and activities at her birthday were far less important than the rose-gold-glitter curtain and HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner in front of which she and her guests would take photo
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Feb 01
A photo of Virginia governor Ralph Northam in blackface surfaces; Northam does not resign. AMONG RACISM’S many paradoxes is that it’s more advantageous to practice it than to wear it as a badge, and so denying or recasting one’s racism despite contr
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Still Here
Gerald DeCock has lived in his defiantly bohemian studio at the Chelsea Hotel for 25 years.
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Jul 19
Disney releases its Lion King remake. AS WE BARREL TOWARD our bleak cinematic future, in which deep-pocketed financiers invest only in Marvel properties and/or movies in which men punch each other over cars, it seems to me that there is, quite unfor
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Aug 10
In midtown Atlanta, Chipotle prepares to open a second pilot “Chipotlane”—a digital-only drive-through. CHIPOTLE CEO BRIAN NICCOL attributes the company’s strong recent financial performance in large part to online-ordering initiatives that remove “
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Tokyo Fiancée
HERE WE HAVE a slim and wicked love story written by a slim and wicked Belgian woman. Hubba-hubba. The author, Amélie Nothomb, writes in French and spent part of her childhood as the daughter of a diplomat in Japan, where this novel takes place. Most
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Oct 30
Nurses attempting to deliver flu vaccines to migrant families are turned away by Border Patrol. ON OCTOBER 30, a group of chanting nurses gathered outside a detention facility in San Diego and tried to deliver flu-vaccine kits to the Border Patrol o
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Jul 21
Virgin Hyperloop One announces partnership with Saudi Arabia. THE OTHER DAY IN CHICAGO, a friend who lives in Columbus, Ohio, 360 miles away, texted me a last-minute dinner invitation. I walked to the Michigan Avenue Hyperloop station and, because I
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Mar 08
At a rally in Long Island City, Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes yet another plan: regulating tech conglomerates. TODAY, anyone who hopes to restore the competitive, pluralistic, decentralized internet has to overcome not just the tech companies’ c
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MINA STONE STARTED private cheffing to support herself after fashion school but eventually dropped the dress designing for food full-time, establishing a niche in the art world by catering gallery dinners and as Urs Fischer’s in-studio cook. That job
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APR 23
Julia Roberts Will Still Be Starring in New Romantic Comedies. So Will Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis.
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Mar 29
Daydreaming about a new body. I LIKE TAKING NAPS at the end of the day, when the sun is starting to set but my room is still so hot that I can’t be in there without sweating. I took a lot of naps this August and September. I would lie naked on top o
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1 For New York’s latest cover story, Olivia Nuzzi embedded with former vice-president Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to understand how his bid can seem simultaneously so formidable and weak (“The Zombie Campaign,” October 28–November 10). Journali
New York Magazine4 min citite
Movies / David Edelstein
IN FORD V FERRARI, the director James Mangold doesn’t hover over the race cars that rocket along at 210, 220, 230 miles per hour and scorch around curves. Overhead shots wouldn’t suit his objective, which is to put you inside or right alongside the v
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Feb 28
Some cancers are likelier to recur after robot surgery, the FDA warns. WHEN THE FDA cautioned against using surgical robots to treat cancer, MD Anderson quickly stopped using them. But high-end surgeries aren’t really where the important breakthroug
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NEW YORK’S architecture critic, Justin Davidson, and art critic, Jerry Saltz, both spent a lot of time considering the expanded Museum of Modern Art. After multiple visits to the reopened museum, they compared their observations. Justin Davidson: Le
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Sep 01
National Recovery Month begins. DRINKING ITSELF IS ON the rise (especially binge drinking among women), but so is a new kind of sobriety. It’s not affiliated with AA, and while it’s designed for everyone, it’s especially aimed at “gray zone” drinker
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Aug 04
A man tweets about the 30 to 50 feral hogs in his yard, creating one of the year’s biggest memes. AS AN INTERNET LINGUIST, I often hear from people marveling at the tendency of internetish generations to “speak in memes”—to have conversations so den
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Aug 28
Greta Thunberg arrives in New York City. IN LATE AUGUST, a black-sailed ship appeared in the harbor carrying a 16-year-old visionary, a girl who had sailed from the far north across a great sea. A mass of city-dwellers and travelers, enthralled by h
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