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Nothing Will Persuade White Evangelicals to Support Impeachment
New polling suggests that Trump’s base is totally unified behind the president, no matter what investigations might reveal.
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Only Cowards Don’t Get Ratioed
Students throughout the ages have suffered long nights of the soul as they revisit their exams. The answer was B, they think, breaking out into a cold sweat, not C! Most writers are well beyond the stage when they have nightmares about school. Instea
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Dear Therapist: My Girlfriend Had an Affair With My Co-worker
Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at Dear Therapist, Five months ago, my long-term girlfriend cheated on me. Our
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All the Pregnancies I Couldn’t Talk About
The first time I felt the sharp twinge in my belly was during an important client meeting. Seated around the table were senior executives from a multinational information-technology company. We were developing the company’s long-term strategy when th
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Watchmen Is a Blistering Modern Allegory
HBO’s Watchmen is the strangest show to come to TV in a minute: the kind of fictional world where FBI agents carry locked briefcases that contain giant blue dildos, police interrogations incorporate Grant Wood’s American Gothic, and a brazen set piec
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Trump’s Journey From Double Down to Flip-Flop
A president who has long ignored criticism is suddenly giving in, reversing course on the G7 summit and withdrawal from Syria.
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A Textbook Evolutionary Story About Moths and Bats Is Wrong
For 50 years, researchers have thought that moths evolved ears to detect the ultrasonic calls of attacking bats—but a new study shows that ears came first.
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The Atlantic Politics Daily: Who Supports Impeachment?
“What was Hillary Clinton thinking?” our contributing writer Tom Nichols asks. Plus, the Americans solidly opposed to impeachment (hint: more than just Republicans)
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The ‘Messy and Angry’ Prospect of Ireland Reunifying
Changing demographics and sentiment signal that the possibility of a reunion is increasing. Yet few are prepared for what that means.
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How to Protect America After the Syria Withdrawal
We warned two weeks ago about the danger of abandoning America’s Kurdish-led partner force in Syria, even as thousands of suspected ISIS fighters remain in detention and ISIS attacks steadily increase. This week, with a U.S. withdrawal from northern
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The False Alarms That Get Kids Arrested
On August 15, Keegan Jarrett was sitting in the back seat of his friend’s car, feeling excited about an outfit he was planning to wear to school the next day. So he posted a selfie to Snapchat with the caption “You arent even prepared for tomorrow” f
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The 2020 Congressional-Retirement Tracker
For the second consecutive election, more Republicans than Democrats are forgoing reelection, a potentially ominous sign for the GOP in 2020.
The Atlantic5 min citite
$350,000 a Year, and Just Getting By
Financial confessionals reveal that income inequality and geographic inequality have normalized absurd spending patterns.
The Atlantic6 min citite
A Polarized City, Mirrored in Its Diaspora
Hong Kong’s protests have pitted relatives and friends against one another, including those who no longer live in the city.
The Atlantic7 min citite
How Bad Constitutional Law Leads to Bad Economic Regulations
Ever since the New Deal, Congress has given the executive far too sweeping a mandate to interfere with huge sectors of the market.
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How Hillary Clinton Boosted Tulsi Gabbard
The 2016 Democratic nominee is right to worry about the congresswoman from Hawaii—but overshot the mark by calling her a Russian asset while offering no proof.
The Atlantic4 min citite
I Found Myself in The Matrix
How many times is too many times to see a movie in movie theaters? This question has trailed me through adulthood. When I was a teenager, I paid $7.50 or so for the privilege of watching The Matrix not just three or four times, but 11. My colleagues
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The Genre-Defying Singer Inspired by Japanese Funk
Berhana, the Atlanta musician behind 2016’s “Janet,” talks about incorporating diverse geographic influences in his debut album, HAN.
The Atlantic8 min cititePolitics
The Liberation of Mitt Romney
The newly rebellious senator has become an outspoken dissident in Trump’s Republican Party, just in time for the president’s impeachment trial.
The Atlantic8 min citite
It Isn’t About Your Love Language; It’s About Your Partner’s
A framework meant to help people become more attuned to their partners now gets treated like a personality test.
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The Best Thing to Happen to Bernie Sanders’s Campaign
His recent heart attack has given his effort a new message—and has brought his supporters home.
The Atlantic4 min citite
The Window for Brexit May Already Have Closed
Parliament is delaying Johnson’s plan—and generational replacement has undercut its support.
The Atlantic4 min cititePolitics
Trump’s Government Lawyers Don’t Know Who Their Real Client Is
White House and Justice Department attorneys work for the government and the public—but are acting in Trump’s personal interest instead.
The Atlantic4 min cititePolitics
The U.S. Is Abandoning Its Interests in Brexit
Gordon Sondland is a busy man. He recently testified to Congress about his role in President Donald Trump’s attempt to extort campaign dirt from the government of Ukraine. That testimony follows from Sondland’s previous deft maneuvering to insert him
The Atlantic7 min cititePolitics
What the U.S. Can Learn From Iranian Warfare
In July 2006 in south Beirut, Qassem Soleimani was facing death. In a rare interview published earlier this month, the shadowy commander of Iran’s Qods Force, the elite paramilitary arm of the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, revea
The Atlantic5 min cititePolitics
The Closed-Door Impeachment
The Democrats’ current strategy could undermine their bid to get public opinion firmly on their side.
The Atlantic6 min cititePolitics
‘Nobody Is Coming to Help Us’
The Rohingya have heard grandiose talk of worldwide relief and justice, but seen little to no action. Now the group’s options are narrowing.
The Atlantic4 min citite
Harold Bloom’s Warning to the World
The literary critic thought the culture that sustained him was in the process of being sacrificed on the altar of social justice.
The Atlantic4 min citite
The Not-Com Bubble Is Popping
It is easy to look at today’s crop of sinking IPOs—like Uber, Lyft, and Peloton—or scuttled public offerings, like WeWork, and see an eerie resemblance to the dot-com bubble that popped in 2000. Both then and now, consumer-tech companies spent lavish
The Atlantic6 min cititePolitics
Democrats Are Hypocrites for Condemning Trump Over Syria
Presidential hopefuls blasted Trump for abandoning the Kurds—but want the U.S. to pull out of Afghanistan under similar conditions.
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