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Why Writer Who Called The President Museveni’s Son Obese Is On Trial
An unapologetic critic of the Museveni government, Kakwenza rose to prominence in April 2020 when he was arrested and detained for a week by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.
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In Turkey, A Singer Defies Threats With A New Song
The president, speaking after Friday noon prayer, said "no one can defame his holiness Adam. It is our duty, to rip out the tongues of those who do when necessary."
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Flights To Resume Between Turkey And Armenia
Following the meeting in Moscow, the two countries announced the charter flights operated by the Turkish budget carrier Pegasus Airlines and Moldovan low-cost airline FlyOne would resume operations effective February 2.
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Georgian PM Gifted His Wife Part Of A State-owned Forest
Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili has come under fire after the government leased almost 6,000 square meters of publicly owned forest in the resort town of Bakuriani to his wife.
Global Voices5 min cititeWorld
Ibex In The Yemeni Civilization: A Historical Symbolism Being Revived
Numbers of the ibex in Yemen shrank drastically over the past three decades due to over-hunting, especially in Hadhramout and Shabwa, with fears of it going extinct.
Global Voices3 min cititeCrime & Violence
Media Crackdown Continues Ahead Of Coup Anniversary In Myanmar
"He is the third journalist to be killed in Myanmar in less than a month, in a sign of the absolutely unacceptable practices increasingly employed by the junta."
Global Voices4 min cititePopular Culture & Media Studies
As Kenyans Prepare For A General Election, How Will Officials Combat Fake News?
Is this election likely to be any different? These fact-checking startups have recently stepped up their efforts to counter fake news and prevent a hijack of Kenya's democracy.
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Clean Sweep For Incumbent Mia Mottley In Barbados’ First Election As A Republic
"Regardless of political affiliation, Prime Minister Mia Mottley has cemented her place in Barbados’ history."
Global Voices3 min cititeSecurity
Internet Watchdog Finds Encryption Flaw In Mandatory Chinese Olympic App
Athletes, journalists and all other attendees of the Beijing Winter Olympics are required to use the My2022 app but data submitted through the app may be intercepted.
Global Voices6 min citite
What Samuel Eto’o’s Ascension To Football Leadership Means To Cameroon
Cameroonians have been desperate to see a change at FECAFOOT. They don’t only hope to see a huge transformation in the management of football, they actually expect it.
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Australian Town Of Onslow Hits Record 50.7 Degrees Celsius, As Global Warming Rolls On Relentlessly
A disaster film occurring daily in real time... Rising ocean temps are inextricably linked to massive extreme weather/climate events, destabilization of Antarctic ice shelves and massive sea level rise
Global Voices5 min citite
Gang Truce Or Not, President Bukele Is Still Popular In El Salvador
Despite international condemnation of Bukele's use of military and authoritarian governing style, most Salvadorans continue to trust in Bukele.
Global Voices3 min citite
Lagos’ Train Acquisition Is Wisconsin's Loss
The train acquisition by Nigeria’s Lagos State gave closure for a local toxic partisan politics between Wisconsin’s Democrats and Republicans that resulted in the trains being unused for ten years. 
Global Voices5 min cititeCrime & Violence
Police Violently Break Up Afghan Refugee Protest In Indonesia
Some refugees in Indonesia have been in limbo for more than 10 years. protesters gathered outside the UNHCR building in Medan to call for better conditions for refugees.
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The Hong Kong Government Ordered 2,000 Rodents Culled. Netizens Are Organizing To Save Them
Outraged by the Hong Kong government's decision to cull some 2,000 rodents, netizens organized to save the hamsters themselves.
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Fans Mourn Narayan Debnath, Creator Of The First Bengali Comic-strip Superhero
On January 18, 2022, Indian comic artist and illustrator Narayan Debnath passed away at the age of 96 in a hospital in Kolkata after prolonged illness. His fans are mourning on social media.
Global Voices3 min citite
In Turkey, A Veteran Pop Star Is Facing Scrutiny Over Song Lyrics
The 67-year-old singer-songwriter, Sezen Aksu, is being accused of degrading religious values because one sentence in her song reads, "Give my regards to the ignorant Eve and Adam."
Global Voices5 min citite
‘Rehmat’ Or ‘Zehmat'? Learning To Cope With The Trauma From Rain In A Pakistani Metropolis
In Karachi, where monsoon season often means days without electricity, flooded roads and property damage, is rain truly a "rehmat" (blessing) from nature or a "zehmat" (misery) for city dwellers?
Global Voices3 min citite
Tobago Ditches ‘Colonial’ Dress Code, Waits For Its Sister Isle, Trinidad, To Catch Up
“To refuse service to anyone for any reason related to dress codes are discriminatory, classist, and rooted in colonialism and segregation.”
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Netizens Mock China's Suggestion That Omicron Was Brought To Beijing Via A Letter From Toronto
Based on the assumption that Omicron could spread through China via international mail, the Chinese authorities urged the public to reduce importing goods and receiving mail from overseas. 
Global Voices2 min citite
#helloTürkiye — Turkey's Latest Attempt To Rebrand Itself
The branding campaign follows a presidential circular signed on December 4, 2021, requiring the use of "Türkiye" instead of "Turkey" in all correspondence with other states, international institutions, and organizations.
Global Voices3 min citite
Enda, Kenya’s First Running Shoe Brand Hopes To Make It Big In The Global Sports Scene
Enda, which means "Go!" in Swahili, wants to give Adidas, Nike, and Puma a run for their money among elite and recreational runners globally.
Global Voices5 min cititeWorld
An Overview Of Indonesia’s Coal Export Ban And Asia’s Energy Crisis
All coal mining companies in Indonesia are required to reserve 25 percent of their coal supply for domestic sale, which they have been shirking since coal prices skyrocketed internationally in 2021.
Global Voices5 min cititeCrime & Violence
Australia’s Refugees React To Double Standard Over Tennis Star Novak Djokovic's Treatment
"It's sad that so many contacted me about Djokovic. I've been in a cage for 9 years, I turn 24 today, and all you want to talk to me about is that."
Global Voices5 min citite
These Podcasters Are Carrying African Languages Into The New Audio World
When it comes to podcasting language, English is the dominant choice for many African podcasters due to its broad appeal at both a continental and global level
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Typhoon Rai Aftermath Highlights Duterte’s Sluggish Disaster Response
Duterte and his officials have failed to respond to the crisis, deflecting blame with excuses such as depleted governmental funds, media underreporting, and impassable roads.
Global Voices5 min cititePopular Culture & Media Studies
Bulli Bai, Sulli Deals Cases Highlight Rising Communal Misogyny In India
More than a hundred Muslim women in India woke up to find themselves up for auction on an app on the morning of January 1, 2022. It has since been taken down.
Global Voices5 min citite
Women Weavers In Assam Weather The Pandemic And Climate Change Through Community Groups
Women across 210 villages in Assam have created a network of self-help groups to promote traditional skills such as weaving and gardening to supplement their family income during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Global Voices4 min cititeCrime & Violence
Twitter's Deal With Nigerian Government Sacrifices Digital Rights
Considering the Nigerian government’s temperamental past, violation of citizens' online freedom of expression will be much easier because Twitter is now a registered and taxable company under Nigerian laws.
Global Voices4 min cititeCrime & Violence
‘I Didn't Ask For It!': Four Women Fighting Against Gender-based Violence In Bosnia And Herzegovina
The spontaneous decision to host a page where women would anonymously share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment has received a response far beyond anything the activists expected.
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