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‘Winnie The Pooh’ Horror Film Pulled In Hong Kong
HK's censor approved the film, but it was later axed without explanation. Mainland Chinese censors regularly ban images of the cartoon bear as many compare it to Chinese President Xi Jinping.
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One-hundred Years Later: Reflections On Syrian Poet Nizar Qabbani's Centenary
On the day making Nizar Qabbani's birthday we need to acknowledge that despite differing critical opinions on his poetry, his enduring popularity a quarter century after his passing is indisputable.
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Like Father, Like Son: Turkmenistan’s New President Carries On His Predecessor’s Repressive Policies
The latest developments have further undermined the belief that Serdar Berdymukhamedov will seek to break away from the legacy of his father and pursue a more humane state policy.
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The Stork And The Fisherman — A Real Life Fable
The duo has become a symbol of an unusual friendship but also turned them into celebrities. There is even a documentary film called "Yaren," that can be watched on YouTube.
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Weathering Russian Xenophobia In Everyday Life
In recent months, there has been more talk about "Russophobia" — anti-Russian sentiment. What they face is nothing compared to what national minorities face in Russia.
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What Is Wrong With Azerbaijan’s Mentality Towards Its Women
Regardless of their age, profession, or status, a woman’s life is narrowed down to her body, its worth, and shape. Her dignity and privacy are disrespected and Azerbaijan’s patriarchal, macho mentality supports this.
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Global Voices seeks a Social Media Global Fellow for Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa
Global Voices seeks a Social Media Global Fellow for Francophone Africa to engage with audiences and create attractive content.
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Central Asians Fighting In Ukraine Are Both Defending And Attacking It
The authorities in Central Asia have issued stern warnings to their citizens not to fight in Ukraine, threatening lengthy prison sentences for participating in armed conflicts abroad as mercenaries.
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Global Voices seeks a Social Media Team Lead
Global Voices is seeking a Social Media Team Lead who is responsible for managing all social media platforms for Global Voices and leading a team of colleagues.
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Argentine Feminist Movement Continues To Diversify Its Ranks
In 2023, feminist struggles in Argentina continue to diversify as the realities of all women are being taken into account both in their activities and in their identities.
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How Young People Around The World Experience AI, In Their Own Words
“AI is more present in our daily lives than we think, and that policymakers should’ve acted to regulate the industry from very early on.” 
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Seven-year-old Coryn Anaya Clarke, A Self-published Author From Trinidad & Tobago, Wants Kids To Know The Joy Of Reading
Can a seven-year-old encourage other children to read by writing and publishing her own stories? This young Trinidadian author is certainly trying.
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Taiwanese Ex-president Ma Ying-jeou’s Visit To China Sparks Speculation
It's clear that the KMT is eager to reestablish relations with China without upsetting Taiwan’s autonomy, yet Ma’s visit will be politically difficult as few are likely to embrace him.
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The Devastating Effects Of Climate Change And Mining On Two Rivers In Ivory Coast And Mali
The negative effects of climate change and mining activities on the Sassandra and Niger rivers are drastically changing the daily lives of nearby communities
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Coastal Erosion Redraws St. Vincent’s North-east Coast
Over the past several years, as climate change impacts like hurricanes, droughts, floods and rising sea levels have taken their toll, the tiny Caribbean nation has had to take action.
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Yanomami Children Die Of Malnutrition And Disease In Tragedy For Brazil's Indigenous People
Illegal mining and a lack of government action left the Yanomami people - who live in Brazil's largest Indigenous territory - in a humanitarian tragedy, facing hospitalizations and deaths from malnutrition and other diseases.
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LIVE On March 23: China's Belt & Road Initiative—New Cycle, Or Fundamental Shift?
Join us on YouTube Live on March 23 for a discussion of how recent world events have shaped the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China and in the Global South.
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Burkina Faso Changes Tactics In Its Fight Against Jihadist Attacks
Burkina Faso seems to be trying out a new strategy of inviting Russia to take France's place as regional peacekeepers and calling on local volunteers to defend the country.
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Sino-Brazilian Relations In 2023: Will Brazil Join The Belt And Road Initiative?
On March 28, Brazil’s president, Lula, will visit China. Experts do not expect that the Belt and Road Intiative might be a topic between the two leaders.
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Surviving Economic Hardships Through Kazakhstan's ‘Toi Business’
The thriving toi business is a prism through which it is possible to read the complexities of the present, namely chronic unemployment, underdeveloped infrastructure, and strategies of survival under capitalism.
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Has China Lost Its Edge In Venezuela?
China developed a new regional approach in Latin America after Venezuela's financial crises.
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‘My Only Way Of Being Free’: How A Peruvian Woman Launched A Fashion Business From Prison
"It’s not a matter of being a businesswoman and produce non-stop. No. Because money won’t free them, but their therapy will"
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Undertones: Iran's Powerful Narratives About Religion And Rebellion
Originally published on Global Voices Illustration by the Civic Media Observatory This story is part of Undertones, Global Voices’ Civic Media Observatory‘s newsletter. Subscribe to Undertones. “It’s a basic human right to be able to feel the wind in
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A Russian Girl Drew Anti-war Picture. Now She Is In A Children's Shelter And Her Dad Is Under Arrest
One year ago, a fifth-grade student, Masha Moskaleva, drew an anti-war picture. Now, her father faces up to three years in prison and Masha may be sent to an orphanage.
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How Vietnam’s State Trolls Are Undermining Free Speech And Democracy
"We urge Meta to cross check systematically all reporting on human rights NGOs pages such as Viet Tan to avoid falling in trolls’ trap."
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Tunisia Is Stuck In A Permanent State Of Emergency
Tunisia's repeated extension of the state of emergency is a threat to the country's fragile democracy, as it allows for the suspension of basic rights and freedoms.
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‘I Am Fighting Russians Not Because I Hate Russia.’ The Story Of A Ukrainian Volunteer Infantryman
This is an illustration of how a former civilian and civic activist with very liberal, humanistic, and pacifistic views starts to think like a soldier. 
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Exploring A Kurdish Quarter In Azerbaijan
The residents of the “gypsy quarter” in Yevlakh consider themselves part of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people. Despite this, they face a lack of resources, state support, and widespread discrimination.
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A Trinidadian Runner Takes Time Out For Photos Of Poui Trees
One of the most beautiful aspects of the dry season in Trinidad and Tobago is the blossoming of the poui.
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The South Caucasus: In Pursuit Of Its Lost Identity
Originally published on Global Voices Illustrations by Palina Haduika Poka Leanui, a Hawaiian decolonial activist, wrote an essay called, “Processes of Decolonization,” where he suggests five steps to decolonizing a people group: recovery, mourning,
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