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Online Football Clinic Helps Indonesian Children Improve Skills During The Pandemic
"We hope to provide easy access for all Indonesian children to continue to develop their potential during difficult times like today."
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Want To Learn To Curse Like A Russian? There's An Instagram Account For That
A Russian journalist and a Canadian comics artist have teamed up to create an online Russian-English dictionary celebrating the richness of Russian profanity on Instagram.
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Kenya Must Implement Data Protection Law Before 2022 Presidential Election
Kenya must act quickly to enforce its new data protection law. If not prepared, the ghosts of Kenya’s political past may once again come back to haunt its citizens.
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In Guinea, President Alpha Condé Takes His Third Term Despite Long-running Controversy
Guinean president Alpha Condé succeeded in getting reelected for a third time by imposing a constitutional reform obtained in poll criticized by opposition and organizations.
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Malaysia’s Internet Regulator Deactivates Twitter Account After Offensive Tweets Exposed
"It is shocking that they violated Twitter's terms by acquiring an account of a person that had no shame with their racism, misogyny, anti-baldness."
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Reviving L’bokator, Cambodia's Ancient Martial Arts
The sport is now recognized by the World Martial Arts Association and will be included in the 2023 Southeast Asia Games,
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Remembering The Mexican Parody Songs Of The Former Yugoslavia
Cover art for the albums ‘Celovečernji the Kid’ (1983), ‘Pozitivna geografija’ (1984) and ‘Mi imamos mnogo problemos’ (1987). Fair use. Most people wouldn't associate Balkan pop culture with Latin America. However, Mexican music was massively popular
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What drives ‘J-Anon’, QAnon's Japanese counterpart?
“US President Donald Trump Re-election Support” rally (「トランプ米大統領再選支持」デモの様子) in Osaka on December 20, 2020. Screencap from Kasahara Yoshihisa YouTube channel. Video “free to use.” Highly-organized pro-Trump demonstrations have been taking place in som
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The Caribbean Community Stands With Guyana In Venezuela Border Dispute
In a virtual meeting on January 12, Caribbean leaders put their support behind Guyana, the CARICOM member state in which energy company ExxonMobil began oil exploration in 2008.
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Global Voices Seeks An Editor To Lead Our Greater Central Asia Coverage
Global Voices is seeking a Greater Central Asia editor with strong English-language editing skills and in-depth knowledge of the region. Knowledge of local languages and Russian would be an asset.
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Social Media Blackout, Violent Crackdown On Opposition Ahead Of Presidential Elections In Uganda
“Millions of young people demand reform and say their future is pitted against a small cadre of tyrants committed to retaining power at all costs,” says Bobi Wine. 
Global Voices4 min cititeGender Studies
Inside Argentina’s ‘Green Tide’ Of Feminist Activism For The Right To Legal Abortion
It's impossible to explain with words what it was like to live with the anxiety of waiting ... the fear that the bill could be rejected.
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Arab States’ Reconciliation With Qatar Leaves Pro-unity Saudis Behind Bars
Prominent Saudis, including cleric Salman al-Odah, who spoke against the boycott of Qatar in 2017, face a long list of charges such as incitement against the ruler.
Global Voices3 min cititeInternational Relations
Venezuela Refuels Its Territorial Dispute With Guyana In Area With Massive Offshore Oil Find
In the wake of ExxonMobil's discovery of massive energy reserves in Guyana, a centuries-old border dispute between Venezuela and Guyana heats up.
Global Voices5 min cititeCrime & Violence
Lockdown To Shutdown: How COVID-19 Stifled Digital Rights In Zimbabwe
COVID-19 and its subsequent government policies have had far-reaching implications on digital rights and media freedom in Zimbabwe.
Global Voices5 min cititePolitics
Namibia's COVID-19 Internet Rollout Impresses, But Excludes And Widens Control
Namibia's tech-driven effort to bring more Namibians online during the pandemic seems brilliant. But most of Namibia’s historically marginalized native populations have been excluded. 
Global Voices5 min cititeCrime & Violence
In Uganda, COVID-19 Rules Are ‘Perfect Instrument For Criminalizing Dissent’
In Uganda, increased criminalization of misinformation during the pandemic infringed on citizens’ rights to freedom of expression and access to information, especially targeting journalists and human rights activists.
Global Voices4 min cititeCrime & Violence
Christmas, A Time To Campaign To Free Political Prisoners In Nicaragua
For a third year in a row, Nicaraguans have pushed to release political prisoners, now estimated at about 100 people.
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Bangladesh Moves To Revive Production Of Muslin, Fabric Of Legend
Muslin is an important part of the heritage of present-day Bangladesh, and especially its capital Dhaka, which was once the centre of production of the exquisite fabric.
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A Digital Artist Depicts The Lives Of Thais And The Struggle For Democracy
"It’s time for us to rise up for a better future not just for ourselves, but also for the generations to come.”
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The Pandemic Killed Trinidad & Tobago's 2021 Carnival, But Soca Music Keeps The Spirit Alive
"Soca Music is an experience, nothing can beat the feeling you get when [...] you hear that one song that hits you with a wave of emotion."
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Pakistan's Supreme Court Orders Reconstruction Of Hindu Temple Razed By A Mob Incited By Muslim Clerics
A cleric of the religious right-wing political party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) was arrested in connection with the incident.
Global Voices5 min cititeAmerican Government
‘This Is The USA?’ The Caribbean Reacts To The Capitol Protests
As thousands of Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol on January 6, Caribbean netizens couldn't help but notice the term 'shithole country' had now been turned on its head.
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Lax Regulations Behind Surge In Hong Kong's ‘Nano Flats,’ Land Use Group Says
Liber Research Community, a local non-profit researching land use issues, released a report on the proliferation of shoe-box flats in Hong Kong over the past decade. Image from the Stand News. Used with permission. This story was originally published
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The Awakening Of The ‘Bicentennial Generation’ In Peru
'Do not be alarmed if there is talk of a new Constitution. There is a much-needed debate to be had.'
Global Voices6 min cititeCrime & Violence
Why I Might Not Go Back To El Salvador
'Nearly 20,000 Salvadorans were killed from 2014 to 2017. That’s more violent deaths than in several countries that were at war during those years, such as Libya, Somalia and Ukraine.'
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Mass Arrests In Hong Kong Of Participants In The Pro-democracy Camp's July 2020 Primaries
A number of pro-democracy organizations and media outlets also received court orders directing them to hand in documents related to police investigations.
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COVID-19 And Shrinking Freedom Limits In Jordan
In Jordan, recent detentions of journalists and activists in 2020 bear the hallmarks of a police state.
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Global Voices Is Seeking To Recruit English-language Subeditors
Global Voices (GV) is seeking to recruit subeditors to edit stories written in or translated into English by our contributors.
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The Favorite Dishes Of Nepali Chef Santosh Shah
The London-based chef became a celebrity after finishing in second place at the BBC's MasterChef: The Professionals.
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