Global Voices5 min cititePsychology
Interview With Aleksandra Lun, A Polish Native Who Became A Celebrated Spanish-language Writer
"A language is simply a world that you choose to live in. If you live in that world, you own its language."
Global Voices5 min cititeSociety
Gambian Minister Brought Myanmar To The Hague ‘In The Name Of Humanity’
"...No one put pressure on President Jammeh to stop his atrocities. ... We don't want others to feel our pain or our fate," said The Gambia's Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou.
Global Voices3 min cititePolitics
A New Pacific Nation? Bougainville Votes For Independence From Papua New Guinea
"I lost 2 brothers during the crisis, and like countless others, reflect on the legacy of the conflict everyday. May we have a lasting peace."
Global Voices4 min cititeSociety
Anti-street Harassment Campaign In Trinidad & Tobago: ‘It's High Time Men Are Taught To Do Better’
Street harassment is all too common in Caribbean societies, but the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean has begun an educational campaign to inspire behavioural change.
Global Voices3 min cititeSociety
The Extrajudicial Killing Of Four Accused Rapists In India Leads To Debate About Justice System
Advertisement in Newspaper celebrating the killings. Translation: Four gone. How many left? The country will deliver justice. Widely distributed image from the Facebook page “Indians of Late Capitalism” The extrajudicial killing of four accused rapis
Global Voices6 min cititeTech
Ethiopia: Stop Hate Speech, Not Free Speech
Ethiopia's new hate speech bill aims to "tackle the erosion of the nation’s social cohesion, political stability and national unity." But digital rights advocates say it threatens democracy.
Global Voices6 min cititeTech
Taxing Dissent: Uganda’s Social Media Dilemma
Uganda’s social media tax essentially amounted to an internet shutdown, driving thousands offline and silencing dissent for others.
Global Voices3 min cititePolitics
Protests Against A Media House In Pakistan Mount
Pakistan's leading English-langauge daily Dawn Newspaper has increasingly been under threat with politically motivated attacks.
Global Voices6 min citite
Battle-scarred: The Lasting Impact Of The PolyU Campus Siege On Hong Kong’s Protesters
"As the siege dragged on, reports emerged of the deteriorating mental conditions of the PolyU holdouts – which included erratic behaviour, paranoia, and even self-harm."
Global Voices5 min cititePolitics
India's Citizenship Bill Fuels Anti-Muslim Prejudice Fears
As India's ruling BJP pushes for the 'anti-Muslim' citizenship amendment bill, critics say that it violates India's secular constitution and threatens the very essence of India's plurality.
Global Voices3 min cititePolitics
‘Burning Books And Burying Scholars': Book Burning Causes Uproar On Chinese Social Media
"How come young people just talked about the environmental impact of burning books? Are they not aware of the historical symbolism of “book burning and scholar burying”?"
Global Voices5 min cititePolitics
Interview With Bektour Iskender, Co-founder Of Kyrgyz Outlet Under Attack For Corruption Investigation
The story's whistleblower was shot dead in Istambul in November, and battles a defamation lawsuit.
Global Voices1 min cititeTech
Global Voices is 15!
As we turn 15, we take a moment to thank our brilliant global community of contributors and our readers and supporters for giving Global Voices the strength and energy to endure.
Global Voices2 min citite
A 1990s Macedonian Film Set In 2019 Foreshadows A Xenophobic Future
Scene from the film “Goodbye 20th Century” (1998). Promo photo from its IMDB entry, Fair Use. As the year preceding 2020, 2019 has been a popular go-to date for creators of science fiction. Over the course of this year, hundreds of articles (like thi
Global Voices4 min cititePolitics
Civil Society Criticizes The Arrest Of 18 Political Delegates In Mozambique
Political delegates of the New Democracy party were arrested, accused of carrying fake credentials.
Global Voices2 min citite
Popular ‘Nausicaä’ Animated Movie From Japan Performed As Kabuki Play
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, one of Japan's most popular animated films, will be performed as a kabuki play in December, 2019 in Tokyo.
Global Voices5 min cititeSociety
11 Birthdays In A Prison: Interview With The Daughter Of Vietnamese Dissident Tran Huynh Duy Thuc
"Whether by appeal for cassation review or by a resubmission request, we will fight until his release, to ensure that human rights are honored in Vietnam."
Global Voices6 min cititeTech
Ahead Of 2020 Elections In Ghana, Citizens Fight Against Extreme Surge In Data Costs
The increased Communication Service Tax to 9% will create a huge barrier to affordability, increase existing digital inequalities and will be disproportionately felt in rural areas and among women.
Global Voices3 min citite
Albania Slowly Going Back To Normal After Devastating Quake
While the November 26 quake left 51 dead and thousands homeless, affected cities are fully decorated for New Year celebrations.
Global Voices4 min citite
#StandWithYuli: Solidarity For Deported Indonesian Domestic Worker Yuli Riswati Who Covered Hong Kong Protests
"We condemn this action which may be intended to intimidate non-permanent residents and deter them from involvement in or documenting and commenting on political events in Hong Kong."
Global Voices4 min cititeTech
Will Algeria Disrupt Internet Access As Election Day Nears?
With protesters taking to social media to spread information about what is happening on the ground, the Algerian authorities repeatedly resorted to disrupting access to networks and social media platforms.
Global Voices6 min cititeTech
Multiple Measures Failed To Control Mis- And Disinformation In Tunisia's 2019 Elections
In light of the lack of transparency from Facebook and a legal void characterizing the regulation of political ads on social media, measures to counter disinformation were inadequate.
Global Voices4 min cititePolitics
A March To Revive Student Unions In Pakistan
Socio-political and economic conditions of Pakistan are not stable which was the driving force for students to organize this march to demand the revival of Student Unions.
Global Voices4 min citite
Chinese Netizens Slam Huawei’s Legal Bullying Of Former Employee With A Series Of Codes
Li Hongyuan, a former Huawei employee, was arrested by the Shenzhen police after Huawei accused him of extortion. He was detained for 251 days.
Global Voices2 min citite
Encounters With Devils, Angels And Saints On The Streets Of The Czech Republic
On the evening of December 5, streets and squares of the Czech Republic fill with unusual characters: devils, angels and saints wearing tall hats.
Global Voices4 min cititeScience
Astrophysicists In Ethiopia Hop On ‘Astrobus’ Tour Of Cosmic Possibilities
A team of 24 astrophysicists, scientists, artists, and innovators will hop on "Astrobus Ethiopia" and tour eight cities in northern Ethiopia to teach hands-on workshops in science and the arts.
Global Voices2 min citite
Hong Kong protest artwork: Yellow Objects
"The exhibition 'Yellow Objects' is a mockery of the brutal and ruthless authority that refers to human being as objects, and a reminder to defend and uphold human dignity."
Global Voices3 min citite
Parody Song Remembers Eastern European Fighters In WWII's Battle Of Britain
Historians say that, without the help of Eastern European soldiers, Britain would not have beaten Nazi Germany.
Global Voices7 min citite
Tears with truth: The Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission
President Barrow’s triumph at the polls set the stage for "righting the wrongs" of the past. For Gambians, this interim leadership provided a reset button for transitional justice, following years of brutality.
Global Voices4 min cititePolitics
As NATO Turns 70, Changing Priorities Jeopardize Security Of Smaller Member Nations
Smaller NATO members like the Baltics know all too well the consequences of underestimating the threat on their eastern borders.
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