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Taxpayer Dollars
In late February, a caucus of Republican legislators wrote a three-page memo to rally opposition to President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Highlighting “liberal goodies” in the bill, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) explained that his group had
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School’s Out
In the Spring of 2020, with Maryland’s stay-at-home order lifted, a new ritual was born on a cul-de-sac in North Baltimore’s affluent Homeland neighborhood. A group of moms gathered on Friday evenings to commiserate about the sudden pivot to remote l
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Total Recall
Randy Economy feels “blessed.” The conservative radio broadcaster and ex-Trump campaign volunteer says he’s spending up to 17 hours per day on what he calls his life’s greatest work: the drive to kick California Gov. Gavin Newsom out of office. From
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Stars and Strife
“Hello, deplorables!” That’s how Amy Kremer greeted the thousands of Trump supporters she had helped gather at the Ellipse in Washington, DC, on January 6 to “stop the steal.” Resplendent onstage in a bold leopard-print shawl, with the White House ri
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Watching the Watchers
Hey fellow parents of preschoolers: Raise your hand if you know the Paw Patrol theme song by heart. After the past year, who can blame you? In the first few weeks of the pandemic alone, kids’ screen time hit six hours a day—a 500 percent increase—a s
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Moving the Needle
On a cloudless February day, in the shade of a white tent set up in a small parking lot in San Francisco’s Mission District, Dina Gonzalez rolls up her left sleeve to receive her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She had recently recovered from COVID
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Biden’s Muse
In February 2019, Joe Biden paid the University of Delaware a visit to celebrate the renaming of its public policy school in his honor. Biden, a famously middling student, feigned sheepishness over his alma mater’s tribute and suggested the honor rea
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A Fair Slice
The lockdowns last March nearly spelled doom for Joe Squared, a pizzeria and music venue in Baltimore’s arts district. The popular eatery already had some outstanding debts from a recent expansion; all of a sudden it had to curtail its hours and shut
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The “Machine That Eats Up Black Farmland”
Once, Valee Taylor and Renee Stewart’s family was among the largest Black landowners in North Carolina’s Orange County, a rectangle of farm country running north from Chapel Hill. In the 1930s, after a life of sharecropping, the siblings’ grandfather
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Asset Bubble
Deadly viruses don’t care what’s in your wallet, but socioeconomic privilege and access to wealth do wonders when it comes to not simply surviving a plague but cashing in on it. Having spent more than a year prior to the pandemic doing research for a
Mother Jones4 min cititePolitics
The Good Fight
If a journalist's life is measured in how many malefactors they pissed off, Jim Ridgeway’s time on earth was successful beyond words. In a career—really, a commitment—that spanned six decades of what we used to call the alternative press, Jim was a f
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In reporting on Black families’ attitudes about kids resuming in-person learning (“School’s Out”), MELINDA D. ANDERSON interviewed moms who felt unheard. “Listening to the transcripts was like a Black church—preaching and testifying,” she says. “The
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Black Land Matters
In the decades before the Civil War, one of the South’s largest slave enterprises held sway on the northern outskirts of Durham, North Carolina. At its peak, about 900 enslaved people were compelled to grow tobacco, corn, and other crops on the Stagv
Mother Jones3 min cititeAmerican Government
This Land Is Not Your Land
1830: The Indian Removal Act allows the government to seize the lands of Native peoples in the East and South in exchange for a “colonization zone” west of the Mississippi River. The Trail of Tears soon follows. 1848: The lower Rio Grande Valley beco
Mother Jones23 min cititeCrime & Violence
The Truth About Reconciliation
Last October, the city council in Greensboro, North Carolina, met for a special session. The meeting was held at 7 p.m. over Zoom, and with most of the nine commissioners connecting from their living rooms, it had all the ambiance of an online poker
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The Apprentice
On the morning of January 6, hours before a right-wing mob attacked Congress, leaving five people dead and halting the peaceful transfer of presidential power for the first time in the nation’s history, Josh Hawley arrived at the Capitol early. A gro
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American Carnage
Even the wifi password was a signal. Attendees at President Donald Trump’s rally in Dalton, Georgia, on January 4 who wanted to log in to the Make America Great network had to enter the phrase into their devices: “SeeYouJan6!” Trump was in town that
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Mother Jones national affairs editor MARK FOLLMAN has been investigating the rise of far-right extremists for years. He’d been warning about Trump’s incitement of violence weeks before the siege of Congress. Afterward, security experts told him that
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How Facebook Broke Us
Joyce Jones’ Facebook page is almost an archetype of what the social network is supposed to look like: Pictures of her kids, her kids’ friends, her sports teams, her kids’ friends’ sports teams. Videos of her husband’s sermons at New Mount Moriah Bap
Mother Jones7 min cititePsychology
Lost in Translation
Every evening last summer, after I’d shut down my work laptop, my 3-year-old daughter and I would approach our Google Home smart speaker and yell, “Hey Google, can you play ‘Aankh Marey’ from the movie Simmba?” We’d hold our breaths and wait for a re
Mother Jones9 min cititePolitical Ideologies
Tyranny Of The Minority
In 2018, Democrats swept every statewide race in Wisconsin, ending nearly a decade of Republican rule. “The voters spoke,” Democrat Tony Evers said after defeating incumbent Gov. Scott Walker. “A change is coming, Wisconsin!” Not so fast. A month lat
Mother Jones14 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
The Nuclear Option
For six weeks in early 2006, engineers drilled nearly 3,000 holes into the 499-foot-tall cooling tower at the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant outside of Rainier, Oregon, and filled them with 2,800 pounds of dynamite. Early on May 21, a 2.5-second explosio
Mother Jones4 min cititeAmerican Government
Unpopularity Contest
In 1823, Thomas Jefferson described it as “the most dangerous blot on our Constitution.” In the 1960s, Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee called it “a loaded pistol pointed at our system of government,” whose “continued existence is a game of Russian r
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Soul of America
"I sought this to restore the soul of America,” Joe Biden said on November 7, the day he declared victory. Biden had repeated that phrase, “soul of America,” time and again on the campaign trail, but he never much elaborated on it. What did it mean?
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Inside Jobs
In the time between his election loss and Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump rushed through dozens of federal appointments. Most rewarded loyalists with cushy, largely ceremonial positions on boards and commissions. But many were “burrowed in,” a
Mother Jones16 min cititeCrime & Violence
Or Other Crime
In 1866, an Army officer named Robert Avery was stationed in North Carolina when he began hearing disturbing reports: Former rebels were rounding up as many Black men as they could find, dispensing summary justice, and whipping them in public view. A
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“I Never Thought I’d Be Standing in One of Those Lines.”
Mother Jones4 min cititeEnvironmental Science
In the Tank
President Joe Biden campaigned on an ambitious plan to tackle climate change with a “clean energy revolution,” including incentives to phase out gas-powered cars in favor of electric ones. The growing consensus among climate experts is that to slash
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Cleaning Up Georgia
"You ever been here?" Yterenickia Bell asks me as we wait for the door to the Cascade Skating Rink to be unlocked. “It’s historic,” she says, ushering me out of the December rain and into the fluorescent-lit roller-skating spot in west Atlanta’s Adam
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“We Didn’t Know What We Had.”
The newspaper where I learned not to take no for an answer died quietly, a week before the election. The cover story was on hard times in the restaurant industry; the illustration, in classic alt-weekly fashion, was a fork bent so that it raised a mi
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