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Behind The Wheel Of The 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500—the Most Powerful Car Ford Has Ever Made
Braking into turn one at the end of the short pit straight on the 2.4-mile outside road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway feels like it could be a close-your-eyes-and-hope proposition. At the wheel of the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, you’re stopping a
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Six Lipsticks That’ll Help You Find The Perfect Holiday Chemistry
Finding a lipstick that doesn't smear or fade can feel like an impossible task, especially in the face of snacking, drinking, and chatting away at holiday parties this season. Here are six options that will last all night long.
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Scientists Have Found An Unlikely Ally In The Fight To Save Coral Reefs
A marine biologist at the University of Exeter designed a novel experiment he hopes will help bring dying reefs back to life: use underwater loudspeakers to play real sounds of flourishing underwater worlds to fool the fish into returning.
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Easy-to-install Wall Sconces That Will Revamp Any Space In Your Home
Improving your lighting can vastly change the atmosphere. Think about the lighting in an operating room compared to the lighting in a log cabin. Floor lamps only give so much light, and they take up valuable square footage. When installing ceiling li
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Take Great Family Photos You’ll Actually Like
The holidays are one of the best times to take family photos: everyone is free, happy, and trapped in a house, so they can’t run away when you demand they all line up for a picture.
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Not All Oats Are Gluten Free—here’s How To Be Sure You’re Safe
There’s a lot of gluten free labels at the grocery store lately, including on drinks and snacks you know shouldn’t have any gluten to begin with. But if you’ve made fun of gluten free oats, you might want to take back that joke. Oats don’t naturally
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It’s Time To Start Paying Attention To Nipah Virus
We’ve known about Nipah virus—and that it could cause a global pandemic—for twenty years. But we’re still in the first stages of fighting it.
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Promising Travel Translation Devices You Can Buy Right Now
In a perfect world, we would all speak every language known to humanity and could wander the world with little communication difficulties. Even two or three languages would do, really. If you’re heading to foreign country and need to brush up on the
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Five Things To Get You Started Scrapbooking
Your Instagram feed is great, but it doesn't replace flipping through a highly curated scrapbook.
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Healthy Dog Treats Your Best Friend Will Love
You love your dog. Your dog loves treats—especially nibbles made from real ingredients like meat or peanut butter, without unnecessary filler ingredients or extra calories. These treats give your dog a little morsel of happiness without sacrificing t
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The Best Plugins For Home Music Production
Racks of heavy recording and mixing equipment are now represented faithfully in software form, giving anybody with a laptop access to a personal recording studio.
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Four Grills That Make Barbecue Season Last All Year Long
In the market for a new grill? Let's start with the basics: gas grills are the most common because they’re easy to ignite and allow for fairly precise temperature control. Plus, these grills are the least messy of the bunch. Charcoal grills are messy
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Three Electric Skateboards To Seriously Improve Your Commute
A man named Louie Finkle (also known as Electric Louie) first filed a patent for electric skateboards in 1999, though they weren’t commercially available until around 2005. If you haven’t tried it before, skating with an electronic boost is next-leve
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The Best Reusable Bags For Toting Your Groceries
These portable shopping bags are stylish, durable, and environmentally friendly (they pack light and travel well, too).
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‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ Could Trigger Seizures. Here’s What To Know Before You Go.
The company issued a global warning for epileptics about flashing lights in the flick that could cause seizures
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Step Inside The Workshop Of One Of The Country’s Finest Traditional Bow Makers
Custom bowyers are gaining populations across the South and the rest of the country. This gallery shows the process behind their craft.
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The Best Basic Gadgets For Frequent Travelers
Whether it’s for work or pleasure, not many people like the traveling part of travel. If we could magically transport to our destination we’d all be a lot happier. Alas, planes are a fact of life (for now), but that doesn’t make them enjoyable. These
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The Best Action Cameras To Document Your Ill-advised Adventures
Your smartphone takes great video, but you probably don't want to bring it with you when you try to bust out a half-cab 720 on your snowboard for the first time.
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Do Everything In Your Browser Faster
We spend a lot of computing time inside web browsers, which means that a couple of good productivity tips could help you get back a substantial amount of time each day. We’ve got the best of the bunch below, no matter what browser you use.
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Classical Guitars For Every Playing Style
Lush, warm tones and soft nylon strings make classical guitars the superior guitar for learning.
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How Well Do You Remember The Best Tech From The Past 32 Years?
This week's episode of the Techathlon podcast celebrates our Best of What's New list by looking back at the past 32 years of great gadgets. Plus, we celebrate Playstation's 25th birthday.
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Affordable Digital Kitchen Scales For Precise Food Measurements
Whether you’re counting your macros or trying to make your grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, you'll have greater success measuring foods by weight (read: grams and ounces) rather than volume (cups and spoons). These fan-favorite kitchen scal
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White Dwarf Star Spotted Nibbling On The Atmosphere Of A Nearby Icy Planet
Someday, our sun will swell into a red giant and scorch everything in its path before collapsing into a white-hot dwarf star. In solar systems with stars like our own, this apocalypse tends to wipe out any inner planets. But whatever survives has a s
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Lap Desks For People Who Work From Home
Now you have a desk on the couch, a desk in your bed, and a desk in your favorite arm chair.
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Don’t Mess Around With A Bad Ice Scraper For Your Windshield
We’ve all been there, unsuccessfully trying to scrape the remnants of snow, sleet, and ice from last night’s storm off our cars. While it’s often a dreaded task, it’s necessary before you can safely—and legally— hit the road. Put on your warmest glov
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Collapsible Water Bottles To Toss In Your Bag
When you’re going on a long hike, through TSA security, or even just to work, you don't want a big, empty water bottle rattling around in your bag. Opt for one of these collapsible water bottles instead. These high-capacity vessels fold or squeeze do
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Gifts For The Person Who’d Rather Listen To Podcasts Than Talk To You
The best items for the podcast fan in your life. Technology to enhance their listening experience.
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Toys That Will Set A Love Of Science In Motion
Even if you’ve never heard of Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg (1883-1970), you’ve probably seen artwork influenced by his inventions, which made simple tasks into delightfully complex processes. Inspire your kids to create machines of
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Find Your Wings With This Gift List Of Flying Things
It’s hard to give someone the gift of flight. You could buy them a commercial airline ticket or steal an abundance of balloons from childrens’ birthday parties to create an Up situation. But there are easier ways to elate your pals that crave airborn
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Five Retinol Products For Baby-smooth Skin In The New Year
If you’re going to gift yourself one beauty product this holiday season, it should be a retinoid. The vitamin A compound has plenty of research validating how great it is for erasing wrinkles, clearing acne, and plumping up skin. Here are five excell
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