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Appetite For Destruction
THE DINING ROOM at Juniper Bar and Restaurant in Burlington is about as bespoke as one would expect from a woodsy Vermont establishment. Ferns top tables carved at a nearby tree farm, while granite slabs hewn from a local quarry tile the walls. Even
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How Did The Quest For Guilt-free Foods Fall Short?
READ THE LABELS on many popular snacks and you’ll see a variety of ingredients engineered to replicate the best things about sugar, butter, and other cooking essentials. During the low-fat, low-calorie frenzy of the 1980s and ’90s, food scientists ru
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The Last Sip
CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES meant little to the 50-year-old man with a neurodegenerative disease that left him unable to chew or swallow. Food, delivered by tube straight to his stomach, gave him no solace. But the lights were twinkling and the music playi
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Chop Shop
The Fiskars Summit 8-inch Chef Knife sports a molded handle that ensures your thumb and forefinger “pinch” the blade for precise slicing. The molded grip provides superior leverage—crucial for cutting large vegetables like squash. A stamped stainless
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What Do People Eat In Space?
YURI GAGARIN became the first person to venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere, in 1961. As he spent 108 minutes in orbit, the Russian cosmonaut slurped a tube of beef-and-liver paste with a side of chocolate sauce. His American counterparts enjoyed equal
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The (Old?) New Delicacies
BORED BY the uniform tastes born of modern industrialized farming, food historians, small-farm growers, and curious gourmands are resurrecting forgotten eats—once-famous crops ready for a second act. Their efforts represent a clarion call to embrace
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Fix Any Food Mistake
TOO MUCH of one ingredient can turn a dish into a catastrophe. You can bring flavors back into balance by adding more of something else—water, broth, carrots, potatoes, or whatever a recipe calls for. But for a little more finesse, focus your attack.
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How Would Dinosaur Meat Taste?
TO GET AN IDEA of the flavor of dinosaur, you should probably think of roasting a chicken. After all, birds are the last living theropods, a group of animals that includes the humble fowl and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. Beasts of the Mesozoic era a
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Your Dinner Is Heating Up
THERE’S A REASON oranges grow in Florida and maple trees flourish in Vermont, not vice versa. Every delicious morsel on your plate comes from a locale perfectly suited to producing it. But the climate crisis is scrambling these sensitive environments
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Bean Town
CRAFTING A PERFECT JELLY BEAN takes a week or more. That’s because—at least as far as Jelly Belly is concerned—flavor demands time. Each bite-size gem starts with a slurry of sugar, water, cornstarch, and corn syrup to which candymakers add juices, p
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How To Can Food Without Dying
IF YOU WANT to experience the joy of a ripe tomato or fresh peach year-round, try canning. It isn’t difficult, but it does require scrupulous care because produce can carry Clostridium botulinum, a potentially deadly bacteria that’s odorless, colorle
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Boost Your Senses
A PLATE of fried chicken or a sundae can evoke feelings of comfort and delight. Honing your ability to detect and identify smells and flavors, which are closely intertwined, can boost those emotions. These simple tricks from sommeliers and coffee roa
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Frequent Fryers
The BK Black Carbon Steel Skillet offers the same consistent heating, nonstick properties, and durability as cast iron. But at just 2 mm thick, it’s light enough for flippin’ flapjacks. Fluffy eggs demand constant movement. The anodized aluminum in C
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Maximize Your Microwave
A MICROWAVE OVEN is great for warming leftovers or making popcorn, but that electromagnetic box can do so much more. You wouldn’t want to cook a holiday feast in one, but time-strapped gourmets will appreciate these efficiency-boosting tricks. Zap wh
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Hold The Ice
PUTTING ASIDE snacks best served frigid—ice cream, anyone?—fresh food generally beats stuff from the icebox. Still, with surges in megastores, online shopping, and specialized diets, we’re downing more frozen shrimp, pizzas, meals, and ingredients th
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Sauce Boss
THERE ARE ROUGHLY 300 types of pasta in the world, from stalwarts like spaghetti and penne to more esoteric varieties like the spiral cavatappi and quill-like garganelli. Yet none of them satisfied the cravings of Dan Pashman, a food writer who hosts
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IT'S EARLY JULY, and Jessika Greendeer moseys along a row of head-high Mandan Bride corn, carefully weeding between the stalks while their tassels poke skyward. All around her, dozens of plant varieties grasp the earth with their roots—sunflowers tra
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What Makes Food Tasty?
HUMANS ARE BORN with a love of sugar, but everything else is an acquired taste. As a result, your dietary preferences are largely the product of what you’ve been exposed to. Still, there are some seemingly universal principles of deliciousness: A bal
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Where Do Candy Flavors Come From?
MODERN CANDY AISLES contain a seemingly endless variety of classic and limited-edition flavor combinations to tempt your taste buds. Alongside fan-favorite concoctions (chocolate and peanut butter! cookies and cream!), sweets companies are shelling o
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Mix Masters
Free Spirits’ Spirit of Bourbon mixes the distilled essences of white oak and juniper berries, then colors the beverage with fruit and vegetable juices. The toasted, woody flavor is perfect for an old fashioned. Sweet blue agave, Mexican limes, and g
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Better Do A Dairy Dough
MOST PEOPLE know sourdough bread requires a yeasty, living starter—a bacteria-fueled compound that you need to keep alive and thriving for at least five days before baking with it. But what folks may not know is that you can cheat the process by usin
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Can Texture Change The Way Food Tastes?
CONSIDER THE MUSHROOM. Whether it’s a squat button or a broad portobello, many people would rather skip a meal than chow down on spongy fungi. Others may like ’shrooms just fine, but recoil at the slippery innards of a fresh tomato. What these foods
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Explain Umami Like I’m 5
HOW WOULD you describe the flavor of Parmesan cheese? What about the final notes of a rich beef broth, or the earthy tones of fresh mushrooms? You can almost place it, it’s just at the tip of your tongue…ah, umami. Chemists defined this millennia-old
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The Age Of The Cannabis Connoisseur
MORE AMERICANS are trying weed than ever before. A 2021 Gallup poll found that 49 percent of US adults said they had imbibed—a 9-point jump over 2015, and more than double those who’d copped to partaking in the 1970s. Helping them along is a menu of
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How To Define Wine
THERE ARE DOZENS of varieties of vino, but most people find one they like and stick with it—even if they can’t explain why they enjoy it. Describing a crisp chardonnay or hearty cabernet is simple when you understand the complex interplay of compound
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Reheat That Pie
THERE’S NO SHAME in eating leftover pizza straight from the fridge, but the best way to enjoy that yummy triangle is to warm it. Over time, moisture from the sauce and fat from the cheese seep into the crust, creating something connoisseurs call the
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Does A Sustainable Diet Have To Be Boring?
THE AVERAGE AMERICAN consumes more than 130 pounds of meat a year, which takes a toll on the heart and the planet. But the idea that eating green means giving up barbecue and other yummy foods isn’t entirely true. Let’s explore the options. Is all me
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Account For Taste
EVERY YEAR, when the PopSci staff gathers to brainstorm our issue themes, there’s one thing the entire crew can count on: One of the dozens of Post-its in my scrawl will bear the word crunch. I always bring it up because of the visceral feeling it ev
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Because they don’t crack like their bright red buddies, the Aluminum Cups are reusable after a quick wash. Once they do hit the big blue bin, it should take roughly 60 days for them to reappear on store shelves as other products. Globally, more than
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