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Which Countries Do Best — And Worst — At Keeping Big Tobacco Out Of Politics
The first-ever Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index points to the creative rules that some nations use — and what happens when contact isn't policed.
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'We Have A Big Responsibility:' Facebook Rolls Out New Election Security Measures
The social network is fighting foreign efforts to manipulate and mislead its users ahead of the 2020 presidential election. CEO Mark Zuckerberg called election security one of his "top priorities."
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Get Your Flu Shot Now, Doctors Advise, Especially If You're Pregnant
Pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease are particularly vulnerable to flu complications yet lag the elderly in getting vaccinated.
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Violent Protests Continue In Chile As Government Imposes New Curfew
Demonstrations again wealth inequality have persisted, despite the fact that President Sebastián Piñera suspended transit fare hikes. There have been at least eight deaths reported.
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Save The .... McDonald's? One Franchise In France Has Become A Social Justice Cause
McDonald's employees in Marseille are fighting to save their restaurant. For them, McD's isn't a capitalist giant; it's a vital community anchor in an under-resourced immigrant neighborhood.
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20 Years Later, 'Boys Don't Cry' Still Inspires Admiration And Debate
The tiny independent film became a critical and box office hit by introducing mainstream audiences to a transgender hero. It fictionalized the true story of the brutal murder of Brandon Teena.
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Crash Victim's Family Pushes To Keep Boeing 737 Max From Flying Again Too Soon
The death of Samya Stumo in an Ethiopian Airlines crash stirred her parents to take action against regulators and Boeing. Victims' families want regulators to order a complete review of the 737 Max.
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Scientists Create New, More Powerful Technique To Edit Genes
A new technique, dubbed 'prime editing,' appears to make it even easier to make very precise changes in DNA. It's designed to overcome the limits of the CRISPR gene editing tool.
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3 Fresh New Romances For October
As the October days shorten, it's a good time to curl up with a romance novel — this month, we're featuring stories about people who defy traditional expectations to find their happy-ever-afters.
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A Tornado Struck Overnight. Now Dallas Is Assessing The Damage
Extensive structural damage was apparent by sunrise, but no fatalities or injuries have been reported, Mayor Eric Johnson said early Monday.
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In Cixin Liu's 'Supernova Era,' The Children Really Are The Future
In this early work from the Hugo Award-winning author, a supernova near Earth kills off everyone over the age of 13 — and the remaining kids turn increasingly to violence as they struggle to rebuild.
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White House Factions Fight Over Trump's Next Homeland Security Secretary
White House staffers have told President Trump he can't choose two immigration hard-liners for a top job because of federal vacancy rules, according to two people familiar with the conversations.
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Mitt Romney, 'Pierre Delecto' And The Strategy Of Anonymously Criticizing Trump
The Utah senator outed himself over the weekend as the owner of a mostly nondescript Twitter handle that defended Romney and was critical of President Trump.
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A Soccer Team In Denmark Is Using Facial Recognition To Stop Unruly Fans
Past matches between archrivals Brondby and Copenhagen have resulted in mayhem and arrests. So the Brondby team has begun screening fans to make sure banned spectators aren't allowed in the stadium.
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Keeping Your Blood Sugar In Check Could Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk
Diabetes can double a person's chances of developing Alzheimer's. Now researchers are beginning to understand the role of brain metabolism in the development of the disease.
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Justice Department Announces Plan To Collect DNA From Migrants Crossing The Border
Immigrant advocates are denouncing the proposal, arguing that collecting genetic information of border crossers could have implications for family members residing in the U.S.
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Some U.S. Troops May Remain In Northeast Syria To Protect Oil Fields
Other U.S. troops will pivot to fighting ISIS in Iraq rather than immediately heading home. Some 300,000 people have reportedly been displaced since Turkey's offensive began.
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Trump Says Republicans Need To 'Get Tougher And Fight' On Impeachment
The president went off on members of his own party during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, while saying at least Democrats are united in their pursuit of trying to remove him from office.
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Heat Check: Getting Lost, Giving In
From a raunchy, R&B label debut by TeaMarrr to Vagabon's atmospheric music, these immersive songs command you to stop, listen and let go.
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Nordstrom Bets On A Big NYC Store As Other Retailers Close Across U.S.
The luxury department store chain is opening a 320,000- square-foot store in Manhattan as retailers such as Barneys and Forever 21 file for bankruptcy and more competition comes from online brands.
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A Push To Have Cars Say 'No' To Drunk Drivers
All new autos would be outfitted with alcohol detection technology, under legislation being proposed by U.S. lawmakers. That would make it impossible to drive if you're over the limit.
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The Placebo Effect Works And You Can Catch It From Your Doctor
Doctor-patient interactions can make a big difference to the effectiveness of treatments. In a new study, even a fake pain treatment helped when doctors believed it was real.
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Committee Backs Suspension Of Broward Sheriff Over 2018 School Shooting
Florida Gov. DeSantis charged Scott Israel with incompetence and dereliction of duty before and after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A state Senate panel backs DeSantis.
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Benjamin Netanyahu Abandons Bid To Form Government Amid Israel's Political Deadlock
Israel's longtime prime minister had been given a mandate to form a governing coalition after last month's close elections. The mandate now falls to his chief rival, Benny Gantz.
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Former Sen. Heitkamp Says 'We've Missed The Message' If 2020 Race Becomes About 'Medicare For All'
Former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp says the 2020 race needs to be a “referendum” on President Trump.
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Jovino Santos Neto Trio: Tiny Desk Concert
Along with his trio, the pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer cast a spell over the NPR Music offices in this joyful turn behind the Tiny Desk.
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Unilever, Maker Of Dove And Lipton, Pledges To Cut Non-Recycled Plastic Use In Half By 2025
Unilever also pledges to collect and process more used plastic packaging than it sells over the next six years.
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