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Meeting Tracy Chapman In The Spaces Between
After Chapman released her 1988 debut, she was everywhere in pop and always on the mind of writer Francesca T. Royster. Hearing that album, she writes, "helped me say what I hadn't yet said out loud."
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'Sprinklegate' Sinks A U.K. Bakery's Top Sellers After Topping Is Found To Be Illegal
"It is HIGHLY unlikely that we will find any legal sprinkles that we will use as a replacement," says Rich Myers, owner of the Get Baked bakery in Leeds.
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'The Morning Show' recap, Season 2, Episode 5: What happens in Vegas
Alex has pain and is a pain, Bradley works her way through her new relationship, Cory experiences a very late conversion to having a conscience, and Mitch wears cozy clothes in quarantine.
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Afghan Uyghurs Whose Families Fled China Now Fear The Taliban Could Deport Them
Many Uyghurs living in Afghanistan want to leave now that the Taliban are back in control. They fear that the Chinese government could push the Taliban to deport them to China.
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Suicide Bombers Kill More Than 30 At A Shiite Mosque In Afghanistan
The attack, reportedly by four people, took place during Friday prayers in the southern Kandahar province. It is the second in a week targeting a Shiite mosque.
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Apple Fires #AppleToo Leader As Part Of Leak Probe. She Says It's Retaliation
Janneke Parrish says she was fired from Apple as part of an investigation tracing the source of leaks to the press. She co-led the #AppleToo movement, part of growing labor unrest in Silicon Valley.
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Coronavirus FAQ: I'm Vaccinated. Is It OK To Sing Into A Karaoke Mic Again?
During the pandemic, karaoke has been kayoed due to fears of viral spread. If you've got a song in your heart and a vaccine in your arm, is it safe to pick up a karaoke mic in public?
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Teachers In Texas Are Told They Must Teach 'Opposing' Views Of The Holocaust
An administrator with the Southlake School District reportedly made the statement during a meeting when a new state law came up. It says multiple perspectives should be presented on certain topics.
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Vaccinated Foreign Travelers Will Be Allowed Into The U.S. Starting Nov. 8
The White House says airline travelers will have to show proof of vaccination as well as a negative COVID-19 test.
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PinkPantheress Reimagines Garage Music For A New Generation
The internet's buzziest new artist talks creating her new mixtape to hell with it, sample culture, and nostalgia
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The Federal Government Pledges $100 Million To Address Health Care Worker Shortages
As health care workers face increased levels of pandemic burnout, the Biden administration is looking to help states recruit and retain clinicians in underserved areas.
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La Niña Is Coming. Here's What That Means For Winter Weather In The U.S.
The climate pattern known as La Niña generally brings winters that are drier and warmer than usual across the southern U.S., and cooler and wetter in the northern part of the country.
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Global TB Deaths Are Rising — And COVID Gets The Blame
After years of progress in reducing the number of annual deaths from tuberculosis, the number of cases of the infectious respiratory disease went up in 2020.
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What's Making Us Happy: What You Should Watch, Read And Listen To This Weekend
Each week, the guests and hosts on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour share what's bringing them joy. This week: Spirit Halloween videos, the podcast Suspect, and more.
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Faces of NPR: Lulu Garcia-Navarro
Faces Of NPR showcases the people behind NPR--from the voices you hear every day on the radio to the ones who work outside of the recording studio. You'll find out about what they do and what they're inspired by on the daily. This week, we feature Lu
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A Capitol Police Officer Is Accused Of Telling A Jan. 6 Suspect To Hide Evidence
Federal prosecutors have accused a U.S. Capitol Police officer of obstruction of justice for allegedly encouraging a suspect in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to hide evidence of their participation.
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China Has Sent A Female Astronaut For A 6-month Stay On Its New Space Station
Wang Yaping, 41, will also become China's first female spacewalker. She and two male colleagues successfully launched aboard Shenzhou 13 to spend six months aboard the Tiangong station.
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A New Zealand City Is Taking Its Official Wizard Off The Payroll After Over 2 Decades
The Christchurch City Council will end its contract with Ian Brackenbury Channell, reportedly the world's only state-appointed wizard. The "Wizard of New Zealand" has had a long and unique career.
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Social Media Misinformation Stokes A Worsening Civil War In Ethiopia
In Ethiopia, old ethnic tensions are being incited in new ways. And that means the bloody civil war may be entering an even more destructive phase.
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The CDC Emphasizes COVID Vaccinations As A Key To Safe Holiday Gatherings
The CDC says that having every person in attendance vaccinated is important for protecting those who can't get a shot. And it recommends that those who aren't fully vaccinated delay travel.
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Southern Baptist Leader Resigns Amid Internal Division Over Sex Abuse Review
President and CEO of the SBC's Executive Committee Ronnie Floyd announced his departure Thursday in a statement critical of recent decisions related to the third-party review.
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Democrats Seek A Middle Ground On Biden's Plans Without Gutting Them
Top Democrats are currently working behind the scenes to cut the cost of programs without undermining their policy goals.
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Flood Insurance Rates Are Spiking For Many, To Account For Climate Risk
FEMA says its new rates better reflect the risk from more intense and frequent rain and floods. The increase could make housing unaffordable for some in the most flood-prone areas.
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The Gunman Will Plead Guilty To The Parkland, Fla., High School Shootings
Nikolas Cruz's legal team will focus on the trial's penalty phase, where they hope to secure 17 consecutive life sentences instead of the death penalty for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school deaths.
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With 3 Bold Marks, Indigenous Women Helped Revive A Once-banned Tradition
Grete Bergman was among the first Gwich'in woman to get traditional facial markings since colonizers barred the practice. She and markings artist Sarah Whalen-Lunn did it for their daughters.
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The Science Behind Good Listening And Why It Matters
People. Don’t. Listen. “There’s so much in our society that is encouraging us not to listen," Kate Murphy says. What is good listening and can it make a difference?
NPR5 min cititeGender Studies
How #NiUnaMenos Grew From The Streets Of Argentina Into A Regional Women's Movement
Ni Una Menos, or Not One Less, started out in Argentina as a slogan chanted by thousands protesting the murders of young women. It eventually spawned a women's rights movement across Latin America.
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Camila Cabello: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
Pop sensation Camila Cabello brings her famous hits back home, backing powerful vocals with Cuban congueros and Mexican mariachi.
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Suspect In The Norway Bow-and-arrow Attacks Faces Court Hearing
Espen Andersen Braathen, a 37-year-old Danish citizen, has confessed to the killings. Police have described the attack as an act of terror.
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The Justice Department Is Heading Back To The Supreme Court Over Texas' Abortion Law
The Justice Department wants the high court to put the restrictive law on hold during ongoing legal challenges. The U.S. government says the legislation is unconstitutional.
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