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Prosecutors Say Pras Michel Broke The Law 'To Get Paid'
Prosecutors said musician Pras Michel collected exorbitant sums of money from a billioniare desperate to win access to two separate U.S. presidents.
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'Ghost Villages' Of The Himalayas Foreshadow A Changing India
Parts of the Himalayas in India are seeing people leave for cities that offer more jobs. Those left behind feel forgotten as the government looks to use the land for resources for the growing cities.
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MLB The Show 23 Review: Negro Leagues Storylines Are A Tribute To Baseball Legends
The long-running baseball video game features a new mode that celebrates historical Black all-stars and offers a much-requested single-player experience.
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Disney Blocked DeSantis' Oversight Board. What Happens Next?
The board members picked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to oversee development around Walt Disney World announced on Tuesday that they didn't quite have the power they thought they had.
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The Ciudad Juárez Detention Fire Shows Inhumane Conditions For Migrants, Advocates Say
Migrants say they are facing increased harassment and unabashed cruelty by local, state and federal authorities as permanent residents' general attitudes toward immigrants shift.
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Judge's Ruling Undercuts U.S. Health Law's Preventive Care
A federal judge in Texas who previously ruled to dismantle the Affordable Care Act struck down a key part of the law. Opponents say the ruling jeopardizes preventive care for millions of Americans.
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The Vatican Repudiates 'Doctrine Of Discovery,' Which Was Used To Justify Colonialism
The doctrine, with origins in the 15th century, was invoked as a legal and religious standing by Europeans who "discovered" new lands and violently seized it from people who had been living there.
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Melissa Joan Hart Says She Helped Kindergarteners Escape The Nashville Shooting
Hart, known for her starring role on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, said her children attend school near Nashville's Covenant School.
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Biden Asks Banking Regulators To Toughen Some Rules After Recent Bank Failures
President Biden on Thursday urged banking regulators to take additional steps to reduce the risk of more mid-sized bank failures like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.
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A Ferry Fire In The Philippines Leaves More Than 30 Dead, A Governor Says
A ferry carrying about 250 passengers and crew caught fire in the southern Philippines and 31 people drowned or died in the blaze and were discovered later, a provincial governor said Thursday.
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As Debt Ceiling Talks Stall, Speaker McCarthy Says GOP May Move Its Own Bill
President Biden and Speaker McCarthy continue to spar over the next steps in negotiations on the debt ceiling. The country faces a historic default if no deal is reached before the summer deadline.
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These Are The States With The Highest And Lowest Tax Burdens, A Report Says
A new report by WalletHub measured how much people pay in property, income and sales tax in proportion to the amount of money they make.
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Al Sharpton To Focus On Police Mental Health Response After Irvo Otieno's Death
Irvo Otieno was killed in custody earlier this month at a psychiatric hospital while experiencing mental health distress. Reverend Al Sharpton says this has to be a turning point.
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All New Cars In The EU Will Be Zero-emission By 2035. Here's Where The U.S. Stands
European Union states agreed to a plan after adding an exemption for cars that run on e-fuels. In the U.S., efforts to phase out gas-powered cars include future bans in several states.
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Turkey's Parliament Clears The Way For Finland To Join NATO
All 276 lawmakers present voted in favor of Finland's application. The action lifted the last hurdle in the way of the Nordic country's long-delayed accession into the Western military alliance.
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The U.S. Is 'Deeply Concerned' About Russia's Arrest Of A Wall Street Journal Reporter
Evan Gershkovich, a U.S. citizen, was on a reporting assignment in the Ural mountain city of Yekaterinburg when he was detained by agents from Russia's Federal Security Services.
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Former President Donald Trump Has Been Indicted By A Manhattan Grand Jury
The criminal indictment has been a topic of long-term anticipation, sharpened by recent news that Trump was invited to testify before the grand jury.
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Taiwan's President Arrives In The U.S. Amid Warnings From China
Taiwan's president is in the United States as part of a multi-day itinerary that will take the leader of the Asian democratic island through Central and North America.
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Myrlande Constant Exhibition Honors The Labor Of Working-class Artists
A retrospective of textile artist Myrlande Constant has opened at UCLA's Fowler Museum. Curators say it's the first solo show of a Haitian woman at an American museum.
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A Train Carrying Ethanol Derails And Catches Fire In Minnesota, Forcing Evacuations
Twenty-two cars, including 10 carrying ethanol, derailed west of Minneapolis; four are on fire. The derailment's cause is under investigation. There is a half-mile evacuation area around the site.
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Mexico Investigates 8 Workers And Officials Over The Fatal Fire At A Migrant Facility
Authorities said Wednesday that they're looking into the actions of eight people for possible misconduct at the detention center, where a fire killed 39 men.
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Need Help For Loved Ones With Severe Mental Health Illness? California Has A Plan
The state is planning "Care Court" pilot programs to help people with severe mental illness. A judge can order a treatment plan that counties must fund. Disability rights groups have sued to stop it.
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The Biden Administration Sells Oil And Gas Leases In The Gulf Of Mexico
Energy companies secured access to 1.6 million acres of waters offered at auction. It's the second time this month that the administration has opened federal territory for new fossil fuel drilling.
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In Clash With Bernie Sanders, Starbucks' Howard Schultz Insists He's No Union Buster
A hearing for the history books: The resolutely anti-union architect of the modern Starbucks faces the outspoken champion of the union movement in Congress.
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Tech Leaders Urge A Pause In The 'Out-of-control' Artificial Intelligence Race
A group of prominent computer scientists and other tech industry notables are calling for a 6-month pause to ponder the risks of powerful technology that spawned a successor to ChatGPT.
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Judge To Fox News: Don't Make Me 'Look Like An Idiot' Over Rupert Murdoch Testifying
The judge in a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox seemed doubtful of the network's argument that Murdoch should not travel to testify. The newly engaged chairman plans to travel widely with his bride.
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Yang Bing-Yi, Patriarch Of Taiwan's Soup Dumpling Empire, Has Died
The cofounder of Taiwan's famed Din Tai Fung restaurant chain died at 96, his company announced March 26. He helped turn delicate soup dumplings into a global phenomenon, even earning Michelin stars.
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As 'Sweeney Todd' Returns To Broadway, 4 Sweeneys Dish About The Difficult Role
Josh Groban, Michael Cerveris, Norm Lewis and Len Cariou all agree: It's exhausting playing a murderous sociopath, while dealing with stage blood, a mechanical barber chair and singing complex music.
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The Manhattan Grand Jury Investigating Trump Plans To Take A Break In April
The pre-planned break coincides with the holidays of Easter, Passover and Ramadan. That means an indictment, if it occurs, wouldn't come until the end of April, at the earliest.
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Another Storm Is Expected To Bring More Snow And Flooding To California
Storms have been sweeping across California since last December. Areas with high elevation are forecasted to experience the brunt of this week's extreme weather.
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