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Memes Make False Equivalence Between Clinton, Trump and Payments to Women
Former President Bill Clinton settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with Paula Jones in a case that was a matter of public record. Former President Donald Trump made a secret payment to porn actor Stormy Daniels, which may lead to criminal charges agai
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Q&A on Grand Jury Investigation of Trump in New York
The week came and went and former President Donald Trump was not charged with a crime, as he had predicted. But a grand jury is expected to reconvene on March 27. Here's what to know about Trump's case. The post Q&A on Grand Jury Investigation of
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Stormy Daniels Said 2018 Letter Denying She Had Sex With Trump Is a ‘Lie’
Porn actor Stormy Daniels maintains that she had sex with Donald Trump in 2006. Daniels said a letter she signed under pressure in 2018, claiming the affair "never happened," was a "lie." But some conservatives are misleadingly citing that letter as
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Q&A on RSV Maternal Vaccine and Antibody Candidates to Protect Infants
Nearly all children get sick from respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, by the age of 2, and last year, there was a notable surge in RSV-associated hospitalizations. But the Food and Drug Administration is now considering approval of a vaccine and a m
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Q&A on RSV Vaccine Candidates for Older Adults
This year, the Food and Drug Administration will consider several applications for vaccines and a monoclonal antibody to prevent respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, illness. We'll go through some common questions about RSV and the potential vaccines
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Migrants DeSantis Flew to Martha’s Vineyard Were Not ‘Deported the Next Day,’ as He Claimed
The nearly 50 migrants Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew from San Antonio to Martha's Vineyard in September were later moved to a shelter at a military base several miles away in Massachusetts. After that, most of them found housing in other parts of th
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Diversity Programs Supported by SVB Wrongly Labeled as Donations to BLM
A database that claims to show corporate contributions to the "BLM Movement & Related Causes" doesn't show any contributions from Silicon Valley Bank to Black Lives Matter. But some conservative commentators are citing it to falsely claim that th
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Fetterman Working on Legislation While in Hospital, Contrary to Social Media Claims
Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman checked into a hospital on Feb. 15 to be treated for clinical depression following his recent stroke. Social media posts falsely claim that Fetterman is "brain dead" and that he hasn't been seen in public. Fetterman h
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No Evidence Scientists Received Grant for Changing Opinion on Pandemic Origins, Contrary to Claims
Republican Rep. Jim Jordan baselessly suggested that former NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci gave scientists one of the grants — worth $9 million — to alter the scientific narrative on how the COVID-19 pandemic started. The post No Evidence Scientis
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Military Equipment Traveling Back to U.S., Contrary to Social Media Posts
A U.S. Army combat team recently completed its European deployment as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a series of military exercises in support of NATO. The brigade has returned to Fort Hood, Texas, and its equipment will follow. But social media
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What the Cochrane Review Says About Masks For COVID-19 — and What It Doesn’t
People online are touting the results of a Cochrane review to incorrectly claim that it shows masks “don’t work” against the coronavirus. But the primary conclusion of the review is that it’s uncertain from randomized controlled trials whether mask i
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What to Know About Trump-Era Bank Deregulation and Bank Failures
With the recent failure of two midsize banks, some Democrats have blamed deregulation championed by then-President Donald Trump in 2018. While the law did reduce oversight of small and midsize banks, experts are divided over whether deregulation in 2
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Posts Spread Unfounded Claims About Russia’s Use of COVID-19 Vaccines
Russia developed a COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, in 2020. President Vladimir Putin has said he received three doses of the vaccine, and the government continues to urge Russians to get vaccinated against the disease. But social media posts falsely cla
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Posts Fabricate Charge Against Bill Gates in Philippines
Social media posts make the unfounded claim that the Heinous Crimes Court in the Philippines issued a warrant for Bill Gates' arrest for "'premeditated murder' linked to vaccine roll out." That court no longer exists, and a spokesperson for Gates tol
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Explaining the Missing Context of Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Presentation
On Jan. 6, 2021, about 140 police officers were assaulted during the Capitol riot, and 326 participants -- more than 100 armed with weapons -- have been charged. But Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has used recently released video from that day t
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Posts Make False Comparisons Between COVID-19 Immunity From Infections and Vaccines
Vaccination and infection both provide protective immunity to COVID-19, particularly against severe disease. But gaining immunity through infection is far riskier than vaccination. Posts citing a new Lancet study omit that important context and also
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Biden’s One-Sided Attack on Republican Budgeting
President Joe Biden has repeatedly tried to flip the script about the GOP claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility, saying Republican proposals would add $3 trillion to the nation's debt in 10 years. But Biden doesn't mention their proposed
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Posts Mislead on Legal Basis for Paying Federal Income Taxes
The U.S. Constitution established Congress' right to impose federal income taxes, and the Internal Revenue Service administers the laws that require payment of taxes. Yet social media posts falsely claim there is no law that requires U.S. residents t
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Post Distorts History of Presidential Efforts to Fight Child Sex Trafficking
Efforts to stop child sex trafficking in the U.S. have been underway for decades, led by presidents including Joe Biden. But an Instagram post makes the false claims that former President Donald Trump was the first to "acknowledge that children are b
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Liberal Group’s Meme Mentions Nonexistent GOP Vote to Raise Social Security’s Retirement Age
A Republican Study Committee task force released a budget last year proposing to raise the full retirement age to 70 for some future Social Security beneficiaries. There was no vote on the plan, but a liberal group’s viral meme incorrectly claimed “1
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WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’ Draft Reaffirms Nations’ Sovereignty to Dictate Health Policy
Members of the World Health Organization are in the process of developing a new agreement to prevent, prepare for and respond to pandemics. A preliminary draft presented in February reaffirms nations' sovereign right to make their own health policies
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Still No Determination on COVID-19 Origin
Most U.S. intelligence agencies assess a spillover from an animal is most likely the origin of COVID-19, but recent news reports say the Energy Department now favors the lab-leak hypothesis. Online posts wrongly claim this means a lab origin has been
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Social Media Posts Misrepresent Zelenskyy’s Remarks on U.S. Military Involvement
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicted that if Russia's invasion of his country is successful, it will invade nearby NATO countries, triggering a war involving the U.S. military. Some conservative commentators misleadingly claimed that he'
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NTSB Chair Contradicts Posts That Wrongly Claim Trump to Blame for Ohio Train Wreck
The National Transportation Safety Board's chair said an Obama-era rule the Trump administration nixed would not have prevented the derailment of a train in Ohio, as some partisan commentators inaccurately claim. The rule requiring a new electronic b
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Multiple Federal Agencies Supporting East Palestine, Contrary to Partisan Claims
The people affected by the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, do not qualify for direct financial aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But FEMA and other federal agencies have been assisting since the accident there in early Febru
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Posts Distort Soros’ Comments on a DeSantis Candidacy
Billionaire George Soros said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis "is likely to be the Republican candidate" in the 2024 presidential race. But social media posts edited Soros' remarks to falsely claim he endorsed the governor. Soros' full remarks show that he
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No Evidence Pfizer Conducting Any Inappropriate Coronavirus Experiments
Scientists say the experiments Pfizer has performed on the coronavirus are standard for the industry. Baseless claims that the company is mutating the virus for profit, however, have been circulating since the release of a popular undercover video fr
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Trump’s False Claim About Defense ‘Deal’ with South Korea
Former President Donald Trump, who has regularly complained about the amount of money South Korea pays the U.S. to maintain American military bases there, falsely claimed this week that he "had a deal [with South Korea] for full payment to us, $Billi
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Biden’s April 2022 Remark About Some Ukraine Aid Covering Pensions Is Not ‘Breaking’ News
President Joe Biden said in April 2022 that some of the funding in a Ukraine aid package that Congress later overwhelmingly approved could be used to pay pensions for Ukrainians amid the ongoing war with Russia. That is not a new development, as seve
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Limited Evidence Of A Link Between Acetaminophen And Autism Or ADHD
Q: Is the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy linked to autism or ADHD? A: There is currently no strong evidence that acetaminophen use during pregnancy causes autism or ADHD in children. Expert groups continue to recommend use of the drug during p
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