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Baseless Conspiracy Theory Targets Another Election Technology Company
An unfounded conspiracy theory of widespread election fraud claims that an election technology company called Smartmatic switched votes in the 2020 election. But Smartmatic provided ballot-marking machines to only one U.S. county. The post Baseless
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Danish Study Doesn’t Prove Masks Don’t Work Against the Coronavirus
Q: Did a recent study in Denmark show that face masks are useless for COVID-19? A: No. The study found that face masks did not have a large protective effect for wearers — not that masks provide no protection at all or don’t offer benefits to others.
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Ad Links Warnock to ‘Defunding the Police’
A conservative group's deceptive TV ad suggests that Democrat Raphael Warnock supports defunding the police. He has said multiple times that he doesn't. The post Ad Links Warnock to ‘Defunding the Police’ appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Checking The Facts In The World Of Trump
Rem Rieder -- an editor at the Washington Post, Miami Herald, American Journalism Review and USA TODAY -- looks back at his year of fact-checking in the age of Donald Trump. The post Checking the Facts in the World of Trump appeared first on FactChe
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No ‘Landslide’ for Biden, Either
Back in 2016, Donald Trump wrongly called his victory a "landslide." Now, some are taking a page out of Trump's book to claim Biden won in a landslide. He didn't, either. The post No ‘Landslide’ for Biden, Either appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Meme Misrepresents Old Inauguration Photo
A popular meme on Facebook falsely purports to show a photo of "Biden's Inaugural stage" being built outside the White House. The photo shows the reviewing stand for the inaugural parade at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993. The post Meme Misrepres
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Website Concocts False Story of Soros Arrest
A bogus social media story uses a doctored image of an indictment to falsely claim George Soros has been arrested in the U.S. "for election interference." The actual charges are against six Russian nationals for cyberattacks. The post Website Concoct
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Meme Distorts Facts on Annual Death Statistics
An image circulating on social media erroneously claims that the total number of deaths in the U.S. this year is significantly down compared to previous years. The meme -- which implies COVID-19 restrictions weren't needed -- actually uses an incompl
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The Facts on Trump’s Post-Election Legal Challenges
For this story, we ignore the tweets and press conferences and look at what the president’s lawyers have been saying in court. Two things stick out: a lack of evidence of voter fraud and a long string of legal defeats and setbacks. The post The Facts
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Trump Misinformation on Georgia Ballot Rejections
The percentage of mail-in ballots rejected in Georgia due to signature issues this year was about he same as in the 2016 and 2018 general elections -- contrary to a tweet by President Donald Trump. The post Trump Misinformation on Georgia Ballot Rej
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Bogus Report Claims Philly Mob Boss Stuffed Ballot Boxes
A dubious website claims without evidence that Philadelphia mob boss Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino stuffed ballot boxes for Joe Biden and the Democrats -- and would testify about the scheme in exchange for a presidential pardon. Merlino's attorney den
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Paul Misleads on Natural Infection and COVID-19 Vaccines
In a tweet, Sen. Rand Paul misleadingly suggested that immunity from “[n]aturally acquired” COVID-19 was better than that from a vaccine. But it’s not known how immunity from the two sources compares -- and the entire point of a vaccine is to offer i
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U.S. Army Didn’t Seize Election Servers in Germany
A congressman and conservative news outlets are spreading the baseless claim that the U.S. Army seized an election software company's server in Frankfurt, Germany, that could supposedly prove there was fraud in the 2020 election. There was no such se
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Loeffler-Warnock Runoff Starts with Attack Ads
About a week after Georgia's special election headed to a runoff, Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a Republican, and Rev. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, both launched questionable attacks that the other candidate has disputed. The post Loeffler-Warnock Runoff Star
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Twisting The Facts On ‘Dirty Money’ In The Georgia Race
Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff's production company received payments from a Hong Kong media company and Al Jazeera for the rights to air investigative pieces, but a Republican TV ad misleadingly claims Ossoff got cash from "Chinese communist
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Opening Ads in the Perdue-Ossoff Runoff
In the first TV ads of the runoff campaign that could help decide the balance of the Senate, Republican Sen. David Perdue warned his opponent would "radically change America," while Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff accused his opponent of downplaying
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Rand Paul Baselessly Says Only Anti-Trump Protesters Arrested at MAGA March
Sen. Rand Paul claimed without evidence that only counterprotesters were arrested at the Million MAGA March and its tumultuous aftermath, and that they were solely responsible for the outbreaks of violence there. The post Rand Paul Baselessly Says On
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Biden Adviser Didn’t Propose Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine for Food Stamps
A report from two dozen experts -- including a doctor named to President-elect Joe Biden's COVID-19 advisory board -- recommended using existing social service programs to connect people with COVID-19 vaccine distribution. The report did not advise r
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Fabricated Claim of Biden Campaign Official’s Arrest
A viral tale on social media falsely claims that a campaign official for President-elect Joe Biden was arrested in an illegal ballot-harvesting scheme in Texas. He has not been charged or arrested. The false claim stems from unverified allegations in
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Pennsylvania Postal Worker Waffles on Election Fraud Claim
A postal worker in Erie, Pennsylvania, claimed that his superiors were backdating postmarks on ballots, then told federal investigators that he didn't actually know that -- and then went back to his original position. Despite the flimsiness of the cl
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Ballot ‘Curing’ in Pennsylvania
Counties in Pennsylvania employed inconsistent policies when it came to "curing" ballots -- notifying voters of an error in their mail-in ballot so they could fix it. But contrary to claims by the Trump campaign, that inconsistency didn't fall strict
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Biden Did Not Invent the ‘Office of President-Elect’
Social media posts falsely claim that former Vice President Joe Biden "invented the Office of President-elect." Donald Trump and Barack Obama also used the term during their transitions to the presidency. The post Biden Did Not Invent the ‘Office of
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Bogus Theory Claims Supercomputer Switched Votes in Election
A baseless conspiracy theory claims that a secret supercomputer was used to switch millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Experts -- and the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency -- have said the theory is a hoax and tha
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Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theory About Deleted Votes
In a tweet, President Donald Trump on Nov. 12 pushed the baseless theory that voting systems deleted millions of votes for him and switched thousands of votes cast for him to his Democratic rival, President-elect Joe Biden. The post Trump Tweets Cons
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Faulty Claim About ‘Biden-Only’ Ballots in Georgia
Campaign officials for President Donald Trump and supporters have promoted the faulty claim that Joe Biden received nearly 100,000 votes in Georgia through ballots that only included selections for president, suggesting it's "suspicious." But the cla
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Trump Baselessly Alleges COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement Was Delayed
In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump claimed -- without evidence -- that the pharma company Pfizer and his own FDA purposely held off on releasing positive interim results about a COVID-19 vaccine candidate until after the election. The post
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Thin Allegations of ‘Dead People’ Voting
Several of President Donald Trump's supporters have claimed or suggested -- without providing evidence -- that a substantial number of votes were fraudulently cast by "dead people" in Pennsylvania. The post Thin Allegations of ‘Dead People’ Voting ap
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How the Supreme Court Could Rule on ACA Case
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the latest legal challenge to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act today. There are a range of possible outcomes in the case. The post How the Supreme Court Could Rule on ACA Case appeared first o
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Falsehood Tells of Withdrawn Pennsylvania Projection
Viral social media posts claim that the website RealClearPolitics rescinded a projection that Joe Biden had won Pennsylvania. But the website never called the state in the first place; many other media outlets have made that call. The post Falsehood
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Misleading Claim of Dead Registered Voters in Pennsylvania
A misleading claim that more than 21,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania are dead is circulating online. The figure comes from a conservative group that failed to convince a federal judge in October that its list was accurate. The post Misleading C
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