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How to Create a Healthy and Safe Sleeping Sanctuary
— If you’re anything like me, you long for deep, sound sleep — preferably as much of it as you can possibly get. As it turns out, a healthy and safe bedroom is ideal for achieving excellent sleep, night after night. My Fitbit sleep score has improved
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 13, Jonathan Fields
Dear Best Selfers, So, the million-dollar question is: How do we live a good life? And while we are on the subject — what does that really mean after all? Clearly something different to each of us, but the one discernible through line: we want it an
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Soulmates: We May Have Many, But Finding Them Begins with Self-Love
— Soulmates are those people who come into our lives to add to our soul’s journey. They help us grow, learn, and evolve. There’s a common myth that we only have one soulmate, but this simply isn’t true. The truth is that we have several soulmates bec
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Freedom Through Forgiveness: The Emotional Causes of Eating Disorders & a Path to Recovery
— Growing up, I heard the names my brothers called me… Hippo, Fatty, and every other fat name you can call an overweight human being. Around the age of 12 I began being bullied in school. For the next two years of my life, if you touched me in any wa
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Want to Find a Great Relationship? Start with 3 Essential Mindsets
— Have you ever considered what truly makes a great relationship? Do you know anyone who actually has one? Years ago, I decided I wasn’t ever having a relationship. I looked around at how everyone else was doing it and I thought there’s no way I want
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The Good Bacteria: The Healing Power of Probiotics
— Probiotics — which have been around since the start of the 20th century — are categorized as living organisms that are useful to the human body. The primary function of probiotics is to maintain the health of your ‘gut’. Our environment includes se
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4 Keys to Creating A Lasting, Healthy Lifestyle Change
— Achieving your lifestyle goals needs to be intentional. Defining your goals, shifting your mindset, and enlisting the support of others are essential ways to ensure that you achieve your lifestyle goals. After I suffered a triple brain hemorrhage f
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 14, Mike Dooley
Dear Best Selfers, Weather and traffic — two things we simply have to surrender to. And sometimes when it rains it pours…and you just have to go with the flow (armed with an umbrella or two). Our cover feature photo shoots are often planned months
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Shift Your Space, Shift Your Energy: Decorating Guidelines for Feng Shui
— When I first heard about Feng Shui, I was fascinated not only by the concept that inanimate objects have energy, but also by the stunning visual appeal that’s inherent in spaces where the principles of Feng Shui have been applied. If you’re curiou
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 15, Elizabeth Lesser
Dear Best Selfers, There is a wondrous window one is invited to peer through when entering the personal space of another. One of my favorite things is getting the opportunity to conduct our feature interviews in our subject’s homes. Their walls whi
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An Act of Faith: One Friend’s Loss is a Community’s Gain
— If religion and mental health were two colliding cars, could they meet without crashing? Many people who have been through life-shaping moments, like the Kennedy assassination, remember where they were and how they felt on that very day. Though I w
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Twisted: Bending or Breaking To Life’s Challenges
— While walking in the woods, I discovered a tree that twisted around itself as it spiraled high above the forest floor. What misfortune of nature forced it to twist at a young age? Was it hit by lightning? Was the ground too hard and it had to adapt
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Stop Over-Thinking: 8 Steps To Clear Your Mind
— A clear mind improves productivity and leads to a much more content lifestyle. That said, we have all been guilty of clouding our mind by overthinking a particular situation or event. While we can’t avoid stressing out altogether, there are certain
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 16, Regina Thomashauer
Dear Best Selfers, I’ll have what she’s having. Seriously. There’s nothing more radiant than standing in the radiance of another — especially when the other drags you along for the party. That’s precisely what it feels like to be in the company of R
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 17, Glennon Doyle
Dear Best Selfers, People often ask me about the ‘real stuff’, the behind-the-scenes experience I have during our interviews. “What’s s/he really like?” If I had to describe Glennon, I would tell you that first and foremost, she shows up. And she pa
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 18, Aviva Romm, MD
Dear Best Selfers, Aviva Romm grew up asking, ‘why?’…and has never stopped. It is this very inquisitive nature of hers that led her to spend a lifetime seeking far and wide and through myriad traditions for answers. Raised in a housing project by a
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The Joy of Aging: Why and How to Embrace Getting Older
— There comes a time when we find it a little harder to celebrate the years that we lived. We look at the calendar begrudgingly as every day we realize that our faces don’t look the same as they did 10 or 20 years ago, and days as a young adult are o
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Cycling Your Way to Good Physical, Emotional and Environmental Health
— We seem to have forgotten that humans are animals too. Advanced animals — animals with sentience, art, music, and space exploration — but animals, nonetheless. What were once monkeys jumping around trees that later became prehistoric people walking
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A Beginner’s Guide to Juicing
— Juicing has become a trend in the health and fitness industry over the past few years. Some nutritionists swear by it, while others say it can actually be detrimental to your health. This inconsistency can leave consumers in a grey area of confusio
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8 Strategies to Help a Child With Special Needs Succeed
— No doubt, raising a child is a huge and challenging responsibility. These challenges can look even greater when your child has a physical or intellectual disability. Parenting a special needs child can often feel like you are on an emotional roller
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Reducing Plastic Consumption: 5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Plastic-free
— The world as we know it is going to continue to get much worse until we realize the necessity to protect our natural environment. Fauna and vegetation are suffering greatly because of people’s ignorance and bad habits — and one of the biggest culpr
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 19, Lewis Howes
Dear Best Selfers, Let’s just put it out there. Sometimes we can’t help it, and our preconceived determinations about people, places and things get out ahead of truth. It’s called being human. We see something, we make a snap judgment, that ol’ brai
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11:11: Revealing the Meaning and Messages of Angel Numbers
— I was a teenager when I first noticed 11:11 appearing everywhere I looked. I remember looking at my first cell phone and seeing it appearing time and time again. I wondered if I was going crazy, or imagining it, or even unconsciously looking at my
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 20, Mark Hyman, MD
Dear Best Selfers, Food is medicine and if this Best Self journey has taught me anything, it’s that 1.) everything is connected and 2.) food either feeds health or health problems. And that’s a wrap (just kidding). Admittedly, it wasn’t that many ye
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A Ritual for Rest: How Stretching Before Bed Can Improve Sleep
— You can probably relate to that frustrating feeling when you’re lying awake in your bed for what seems like hours — and sometimes it actually is a few hours — but you can’t seem to fall asleep due to lingering thoughts that wander from the back of
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‘Friends’ On The Path To Enlightenment
_______ A radio ad blared over the supermarket speakers, and a pit in my stomach grew to the size of the melon I was sniffing. We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of Friends! Celebrate your favorite 90s TV show with us by sending in your favorite
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Innate Wisdom: Reawakening Our Truth, Reclaiming Our Power, Changing Our World
In the summer of 2018, I awakened in a fog to find myself lost… metaphysically, logistically and emotionally. A new business partnership was floundering. A personal relationship was crashing. My physical health was spiraling. My home was environmenta
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The Karma of Cats: The Soul Prints of Our Feline Friends
— *Diana Ventimiglia, Editor of The Karma of Cats, steps from behind her editing desk and shares some of her own feline friend musings as an introduction to Kelly McGonigal’s article, below.   As the owner of a 17lb. tuxedo cat, I knew I’d love worki
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Silence: Oxygen For The Soul
— Silent Night, Holy Night. The sound of silence. John Cage’s 4’33”.  I have never been much of a city person, though I grew up in one. As a result, when I was living there I created emotional boundaries and buffers to cope and survive within it. But
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A Circle of Beads, A Circle of Mothers: A Quest To Find Spiritual Belonging
— As a young mother I could not find a spiritual home, this despite the fact that I lived in a town with five Christian churches, a synagogue, any number of yoga studios, a Greek Orthodox monastery, a Tibetan Monastery, and a Zen Monastery. The probl
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