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What I’ve Learned About Being a Mom in 2020
— It’s strange how quickly things can change. One minute you’re debating whether 2020 is the start of a new decade. The next you’re going through what feels like level 95 of JUMANJI, staring in shock as people hoard toilet paper and nonperishable goo
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What Not to Say to Someone Living with Chronic Illness
— The question is not how to get cured, but how to live. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 out of 10 adults in the United States have a chronic illness. Chronic diseases are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses or condi
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Want To Create Change In The World? Here’s Where To Start
— Change is a slow, patient thing. It never comes overnight, it’s never obvious until it’s already there, and it’s never about one grand act. Change isn’t in a single gesture; it’s a million seemingly inconsequential ones. It lives inside us every si
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How to Course-Correct Your Future
— Years ago, I was in Washington DC, standing outside of the White House, trying to make a video about possibilities. There were three different demonstrations in motion, and I could hardly hear myself over the many voices of frustration and fight. 
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Enlightened Vulnerability: Your Key to Becoming Truly Whole
— The vague concepts of enlightenment and vulnerability seem ever present in spiritual circles today. They are painted as opposing ideals, meant to seem like the two ends of a spiritual practice. One is supposedly the “goal” and the other is to be av
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13 Holy Nights: Reclaiming the True Magic of the Solstice Season
— My mission (in creating The 13 Holy Nights Oracle Deck and companion book) is to take the over-commercialized winter holidays back from the makers of materialism, and to return the focus of the solstice season to the Sacred. Instead of being swept
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Social Greedia: Has Our Evolution Been Derailed?
— Have you realized your unique creative potential? In living your precious life, how much have you evolved emotionally, spiritually or ecologically? Have you enhanced your personal responsibility, autonomy, relationships or custodianship of the plan
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 02: Sonia Choquette
Dear Best Selfers: Is a walk ever just a walk, or is it nature’s way of communing with us in the form of active meditation — shaking us by both shoulders as if to say, listen to me.   So, step away from the desk and go breathe some fresh air.  These
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 03: Congressman Tim Ryan
Dear Best Selfers: Disclaimer:  After traveling to Ohio, the home state of Congressman Tim Ryan, for our interview — I have officially enlisted in “Team Tim.”   Congressman Ryan stands in the spotlight — having recently appeared on 60 Minutes with An
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 04: Danielle LaPorte
Dear Best Selfers: BAM! Our power-packed Issue 04 will surely spark your internal desire-ometer! I’ll admit that just seconds after announcing to Danielle LaPorte, while on set for our interview, “That’s a wrap – I think we’ve got it,” I had this qui
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 05, Kris Carr
Dear Best Selfers: Awakening… it stirs up something different within each of us. Sometimes monumental and other times subtler… In this present moment, I am simply delighted to see the landscape around me awakening to full bloom, its most vibrant pote
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 06, Reid Tracy
Dear Best Selfers: Holding onto the tails of warm summer days, we bring you Issue 06. As with the experiences in our life, each feature interview has held a hidden surprise or gift for me when I simply looked for it. And I am always intrigued at how
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 07, Dr. Christiane Northrup & Kate Northrup
Dear Best Selfers: Happy 1st Birthday Best Self! Whether demarcated by a seasonal shift or a personal loss, the world continues to spin upon its axis. We can’t stop the leaves from falling, the temperatures from dropping or even prevent our loved on
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 08, Nick Ortner
Dear Best Selfers: Happy December! Tis’ the season to be jolly, and to tap into our best selves. Our cover feature, Nick Ornter of the book, movie and company — The Tapping Solution, is the kind of guy who greets you in his driveway with a big smile
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 10, Kelly Brogan, MD
Dear Best Selfers: In life there is resistance, but alas there is also flow. Windows wide open with fresh spring breezes wafting through the air one moment, icy snow on the ground the next — such is life. When life tosses us a snowstorm in April, wel
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What’s Cooking? A Q&A With Vani Hari (Plus 5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes!)
— Inconvenient facts are still facts. ~ Vani Hari Vani Hari aka the ‘Food Babe’ has dedicated her career (and life) to unraveling the food industry’s playbook — to taking on the Big Food corporations and tirelessly advocating for truth and transparen
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Editor’s Letter: Issue 09, Marianne Williamson
Dear Best Selfers: As in life, often the most powerful moments of our interviews happen off set when the cameras stop rolling and the conversation unfolds organically and unscripted. And of course, I often think back, wishing we had captured them (bu
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5 Paths To A Career In Sustainability To Speed Up The Clean Energy Transition
— Sustainability and environmentalism have become some of the most important topics discussed around the world in civil, governmental, and commercial realms. All around the world people are realizing the urgent need for positive environmental change 
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The Epidemic of Repressed Emotions
— “Put on a smile and face the day!” While there’s certainly something to be said for a positive approach to life, there are days when you simply don’t have a smile. Inside, you’re hurting. Or you’re sick. Or you’re scared. In today’s society, it doe
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Bright Lights, Covid City: Broadway in the Dark
— ‘Broadway in the Dark’ is an ode to the artists, theatres, industry and the city I call home — the one that has been put on hold during these unprecedented ‘dark’ days. And this feels personal because I am an actor, a photographer, a New Yorker. Th
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From Globetrotting to Grounded: An Exploration of Wild Foods and Connection
— Is it possible to be homesick, not for a place, but for the past? One of the central themes of my book, Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food, is the sense of nostalgia we might feel for a time when eating meant something different. Whe
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Politics: Palliative Care for a Curable Disease?
— How many politicians do you know who are actively committed to their own personal growth? How many do yoga, meditate or invest in healthy behavioural change? How many have resolved their own dysfunction, limiting beliefs, insecurities, unmet needs,
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Harvest Time: A Recipe for Roasted Corn & Cherry Tomato Salsa
— Grasping at those last rays of warm sunshine I admire the changing colors of the leaves. It is time to grab the season’s final harvest of delicious corn. The husks are still glowing and bright green.  When shopping for corn from the market (or any
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The Complex Rules for Raising Adult Children: From Protector to Guide
— Ask me how to take care of children. I got you. Ask me how to raise good people with manners. A mix of structure and praise does the trick. But ask me how to be the mother of two grown young men. I am clueless. There are about a million books that
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How to Create a Great Outdoor Workout
— Doing your workout outside has lots of great benefits. Did you know that if you exercise outdoors, you’re likely to burn more calories? Not only are you getting a hit of vitamin D from the sun, but your brain is also getting more oxygen. You’re als
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How to Take Control of Your Life and Begin Living Consciously
— Letting yourself drift through life can be tempting, especially if you find decisions hard to make. However, this approach denies you the greatest experiences life can offer. If you begin wondering why you’re unhappy with your circumstances, consid
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Real Talk: 6 Women Share How They’ve Been Navigating COVID-19
— I saw a meme today where number 13 goes, “I am the worst number.” 666 follows up with, “No, I am the worst number.” 2020 goes, “Bitches, please.” In March, we were scared for every single breath that left our body; by August, many have become desen
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The Age of Isolation: How Can We Manage It & What Can We Learn from It?
— I am convinced that, as we debated whether 2020 was the beginning of a new era, none of us expected it to be so life-changing. As our lives made a 180, we’ve been pushed into a reality of uncertainty and isolation. Detached from most of that which
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Give Me Your Pain: One Man’s Quest to Bear the Pain of Others’ and Heal His Own
— Usually, people think that I’m a strong, happy person…but behind my smiles they just don’t know how much I’m in pain and almost broken…” Pain. How can a person understand life when life was crushed before living it? And what about the crude impact
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Animal Nature: An Invitation for Reclaiming, Untaming & Being
— Last week, I reached for Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese — you know the line, “Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Something in me just needed to read it again. For the last six weeks, since the disappearance of my beloved cat Mila
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