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12 Best Materials Stocks to Buy for 2022
Even Wall Street's best materials stocks often go overlooked. But the sometimes boring sector enjoyed renewed interest at different times throughout 2021 – a trend that should carry into 2022 as the global economy continues to recover. Materials-sect
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When Paying for Long-Term Care, You’ve Only Got 4 Options
When we talk to people about the importance of planning for long-term care, the most common response we get is, “It’s not going to happen to me,” or, “I’m not going to live in a nursing home.” But the reality is a long-term care event in your life is
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Where to Find Yield in 2022
It is daunting to expect a big profit, or even any profit, over the next several months from standard bonds or bond funds. Breaking even would be acceptable while interest rates and inflation churn. But as I consider 2022, I aver that the economy is
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ESG Is Not ‘Ethical Investing.’ And That’s OK.
As enthusiasm about ESG investing has been on the rise, so too has controversy. ESG is an acronym that refers to the environmental, social and governance considerations relating to investing. It’s an approach that, by some estimates, may become integ
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The 4% Rule Faces New Problems Today
There’s something every retirement saver should know: The often cited “4% retirement income rule” is not actually a “rule.” Despite what some people think, this retirement planning concept does not guarantee that “as long as you take out only 4% of y
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12 Best Costco Cyber Monday Deals
Costco’s strategy to circumvent problems caused by the supply chain meltdown at the nation’s busiest shipping ports apparently is paying off this holiday shopping season. The retailer has been chock full of holiday bargains that have apparently not b
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Earn 7.12% With Series I Bonds
With interest rates on most savings accounts and certificates of deposit paying under 1%, the 7.12% composite rate on newly issued Series I savings bonds is hard to ignore. The composite rate consists of a fixed rate, which is currently 0% on new bon
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Stock Market Today: Tech Stocks Lead in Broad-Market Bounce
Cooler heads prevailed to start the new trading week, with stocks rebounding from Friday's Omicron-related selloff. While a fuller picture on the latest COVID-19 variant will likely take weeks to emerge, President Joe Biden said this afternoon that O
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What You Should Know About Giving Tuesday
In spite of (or maybe because of) a global pandemic that rocked the economy, Americans have been especially generous to those in need. Last year, they gave more than $471 billion to charity, an increase of more than 5% over 2019, according to the Giv
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Am I Responsible for Paying Off My Deceased Husband’s Debt?
Losing your spouse is a painful, confusing time, but add to that repeated calls from an aggressive debt collector, and a bad situation suddenly can get even worse. Before you cave into the pressure, take a moment to catch your breath and learn the fa
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Sandwich Generation: How Do You Decide Whose Needs Come First?
Squashed, spread too thin, nothing left. This is not how you want your lunch described, but for those who are part of the “sandwich generation,” these descriptions are all too accurate. The sandwich generation is defined as those who are caught in th
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Stock Market Today: New COVID Strain Sinks Stocks in Short Session
Thought you were in for a quiet day of post-Thanksgiving trading? Sorry, just the opposite as stocks spiraled downward in today's abbreviated session. The reason? A new strain of COVID-19 – B.1.1.529, which was assigned the Greek letter "Omicron" by
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Bias at Work: How to Defuse a Ticking Time Bomb in Your Organization
“Bruce” is the CEO of a Chicago IT company with more than 60 employees. “Over the summer of 2021, a very bad feeling began to take hold,” he told me in lengthy phone call. “Suddenly a great lack of trust became apparent (in our workplace). Some of ou
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New "Omicron" COVID Variant Rattles Stock Markets
A new variant of the COVID-19 virus identified recently in Africa put a scare into most risk assets during Friday's holiday-shortened trading session. The variant – B.1.1.529, which the World Health Organization has labeled "omicron" – was first iden
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Dividend Increases: 14 Stocks That Have Doubled Their Payouts
2021 has turned out to be a banner year for dividend growth investors, marked by unusually large dividend increases.  Dividends began rising steeply during this year's June quarter when many companies that had suspended dividends during the pandemic
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Where To Invest In 2022
The U.S. stock market continues to astound with its resiliency, overcoming obstacle after obstacle like a gold-medal track star clearing hurdles. Pandemic? No longer much of a problem. The highest inflation since the '90s? Not a deal breaker. Record-
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Final Child Tax Credit Payment Opt-Out Deadline is November 29
The next batch of child tax credit payments is scheduled for December 15. That will be the sixth and final monthly payment this year. However, for some families, the monthly payments aren't needed and, in certain situations, might actually trigger a
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Is the Stock Market Open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2021?
The good news is, investors will indeed get a Turkey Day break from their brokerage accounts. The stock market is indeed closed on Thanksgiving Day. But don't call it a four-day weekend: Investors still need to show up on Black Friday. At least for a
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Honey, We Need to Talk About Money
This month’s column is prompted by a couple of e-mails I’ve received recently from frustrated husbands. “I have been trying to get my wife involved in our financial planning for a few years,” writes Edward T. “I have tried speaking with her and going
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Depression And The Holidays: Some Friendly Advice From A Financial Adviser
Did you know there is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder?  “SAD” (no pun intended) is when people get depressed during certain seasons of the year.  For most, the fall and winter are the most difficult times of the year.  The shorter expo
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New Ways to Invest in Bitcoin
The launch of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on bitcoin futures in October was epic. Less than a month after it opened, ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) had $1.26 billion in assets – one of the biggest ETF debuts ever. A second bitcoin futu
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James Glassman's 10 Stock Market Picks for 2022
Last December, after beating the S&P 500 index five years in a row, I wrote, "This kind of streak isn't supposed to happen, and readers should be warned that there's no guarantee it will continue." Well, it's over. My annual selections for 2021 perfo
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Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap Goes Its Own Way
The MSCI Emerging Markets index includes 27 countries and more than 1,400 stocks – a broad assortment, to be sure. Finding the most promising investments among those stocks and thousands of other candidates can't be easy. But the four managers at Was
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Stock Market Today: Stocks End Mixed After Data Dump
Investors had plenty to think about ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, chewing through a huge helping of economic data. Kicking things off were weekly jobless claims – released a day early due to tomorrow's holiday – which plunged to 199,000 in the w
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When Actively Managed Funds Are Worth It
It's hard to beat the market and the index funds that track them. The numbers don't lie: Only one-fourth of all actively managed funds in the U.S. topped the average of their index fund counterparts over the 10-year period that ended in June, accordi
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Energy Stocks Come Roaring Back
It's no secret that much of Wall Street is adopting a green-is-good investing mentality to combat climate change. But that doesn't mean less environmentally friendly, old-style oil and gas stocks can't speed ahead from time to time. That's just what
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These Healthcare Stocks Should Thrive in 2022
As the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, routine doctor and hospital visits, along with deferred medical procedures such as cataract surgery and heart valve replacements, are returning to normal. The pandemic has been a global tragedy, but if there is one s
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For Entrepreneurs, Confidence in Your Advisers Is Your Most Important Investment
If your estate includes private equity investments, operating businesses or intellectual property interests, I’d wager that you have asked about client confidentiality during every introductory meeting with a potential adviser. I believe that almost
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SoFi's Liz Young on the 2022 Investing Outlook
Liz Young is head of investment strategy for personal finance firm SoFi. What’s ahead for stocks in 2022? I would say that in 2022, we’re going to be transitioning back to a more normal market. Normal price returns on the S&P 500 are in the 7% to 9%
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A Simple RMD Mistake That Can Cost Retirees Thousands
It is fairly common for people taking required minimum distributions out of retirement accounts, such as IRAs, to pull out more than the required amount, often without even being aware they are doing so — triggering unnecessary taxes. Because retiree
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