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The Truth About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet? It Is As Strange As You’d Expect | Arwa Mahdawi
This time there aren’t any vaginas involved. I say that because half the time Gwyneth Paltrow is in the news it’s vagina-related. On this occasion, however, it’s because a lot of people are seemingly annoyed that she – a woman who has amassed a fortu
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Ed Sheeran: Singer ‘Didn’t Want To Live Any More’ Following Deaths Of Friends Jamal Edwards And Shane Warne
Ed Sheeran has said that following the deaths of friends SBTV founder Jamal Edwards and the Australian cricketer Shane Warne in 2022, he “didn’t want to live any more”. Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine ahead of the release of his sixth album, – (Su
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Paris: The Memoir Review – How A Celebrity Nymph Conquered The Earth
Twenty years ago, Paris Hilton was the stiletto-heeled embodiment of the zeitgeist. With a chihuahua called Diamond Baby kennelled in her designer handbag, this nepotistic partygoer juggled five mobile phones while cantering across continents to sell
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Poem Of The Week: Simulacrum By Oluwaseun Olayiwola
There wasn’t love but there was what love becomes —(sheet-wrinkle.) (skin-dune.) (Arm-ropes lassoingour neck-flesh with push-and-pull —, equal amounts;the hurt convincing its shape is false, the relation:the recorded moment (he likes to record) (to r
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‘The Twisted Egos And Mediocre Minds Are Spot On’: Boardroom Survivors On How True Succession Is
Welcome to the boardroom, but beware the flying F-bombs. As the fourth (and tragically final) season approaches, we ask five business insiders how true to life the super-rich saga is. Mike Soutar is a former newspaper and magazine CEO. He’s now a me
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Mary Beard: ‘Everyone Is Policing Everything. The Left Are As Bad As The Right’
Professor Mary Beard associates the restaurant Moro, in London’s Clerkenwell, with afternoons of flowing wine and pats on the back. It’s where her publisher takes her to celebrate when she has delivered a book manuscript. She’s nearing such a deadlin
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Syabira Yusoff: ‘Bake Off Really Helped My Self-confidence’
Before The Great British Bake Off, I never thought to bake a cake in four hours or do something that elaborate. It’s so surprising how the stress and desperation pushes you. I’d call it a human instinct to survive: no matter what I do, I have to serv
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Richard Milward: ‘I Hid My Writing Like A Secret Vice’
Richard Milward, 38, grew up in Middlesbrough and lives in London. He is the author of three previous novels: Apples, published when he was 22; Ten Storey Love Song, told in the form of a single 300-page paragraph; and Kimberly’s Capital Punishment (
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‘ChatGPT Said I Did Not Exist’: How Artists And Writers Are Fighting Back Against AI
No need for more scare stories about the looming automation of the future. Artists, designers, photographers, authors, actors and musicians see little humour left in jokes about AI programs that will one day do their job for less money. That dark daw
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Rare Early Letter From Jane Austen To Her Sister Will Go On Public Display
A letter from Jane Austen to her sister, in which she shares domestic news and neighbourhood gossip, is to go on display at the author’s former home. Dated 1798, the letter is one of around 160 by Austen that survive, and one of the earliest in exist
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Sly Stone’s Greatest Songs – Ranked!
More straight-ahead funk than the albums that had made his name, High on You is nevertheless the last Sly Stone album that anyone but an obsessive might want to listen to all the way through. The best track is Crossword Puzzle – its tight groove subs
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Bono Says Pressure To Look ‘Macho’ Made Him Hide His Love Of Abba
Pressure to look macho led a young Bono to hide his love of Abba, the U2 singer has said. He said he lacked the courage to own up to liking the Swedish pop group at a time when his contemporaries were listening to punk, but was now able to see that h
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‘Nobody Has Ever Been Astonished By An Apple’ – Sorry Cézanne, But Still Lifes Are Dull As Hell
High up on the wall in the first room of the Tate Modern’s blockbuster Cézanne exhibition, there was a quote from the revered postimpressionist: “With an apple, I shall astonish Paris.” To which, surely, the only response is: “OK mate. Nobody has eve
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The Rise Of Morgan Wallen, America’s Controversial Country Music Star
For the past six weeks, Miley Cyrus’s Flowers, the most dominant song on the Billboard charts, was decently ubiquitous, as much as one can determine song ubiquity in my particular bubble of Brooklyn. I heard it in Ubers, at the nail salon, during at
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‘Right Now, There Is Not A Great Deal Of Trust In The Police’: Why TV Is Filled With Bent Coppers
When I was recovering at home after a brief stint in hospital in 2021, I spent weeks watching British crime dramas. I became adept at telling the red-herrings from the genuine clues, and the wrong ’uns from the unfairly accused. I didn’t care that th
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Pushing Buttons: Why the Resident Evil 4 remake works
You know a game is important when even the release of a short playable demo is the most exciting, talked about event of the week. I am of course referring to the Resident Evil 4 remake, a 20-minute slice of which was made available for free on PlaySt
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Oscars 2024: Who Might Be In The Running For Next Year’s Awards?
After the unlikely success of Everything Everywhere All at Once at this year’s Oscars ceremony (a film that wasn’t viewed as a contender pre-release, premiering at the fanboy-led SXSW film festival and seen on paper as too genre to be Academy fodder)
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Pssst! Wanna Buy An Oscar? The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Academy Awards
In March 2000, three weeks before the 72nd Academy Awards, that year’s entire shipment of Oscars – 55 individually marked, 24-carat-gold-plated statuettes – mysteriously disappeared en route from the manufacturer in Chicago to Los Angeles. The story
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Self-belief And Gelatinous Noise: The Greatest Work Of Late Punk Hero Glen ‘Spot’ Lockett
When Glen “Spot” Lockett pointed his camera at something, he intended to capture what was there, not what he wanted you to see. “I paid attention to my subjects and what they were doing,” he told Vice in 2014 while discussing Sounds of Two Eyes Openi
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Mona Lisa V ‘The Monstrous’: The Grotesque, Shocking Side Of Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci comments in his notebooks that while few are trained in judging portraits, everyone feels entitled to criticise actual people: “whether someone is a hunchback (gobbo), or has one shoulder higher or lower than the other, or too big a
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Horny, Horrifying And Unhinged: Why Vanderpump Rules Is The Best Reality Show Of All Time
For the past 10 days, reality TV fans have been gripped by a scandal that is equal parts vile and delightful. Two cast members of the show Vanderpump Rules – Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, who have been together for almost a decade – split after Madi
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Hey Budtender, Take Me To The Ganja Giggle Garden! A Pot-crawl Round LA’s Boutique Cannabis Stores
‘Do you know what terpenes are?” says our glamorous host, pointing to four glass domes spotlit on a table, each containing mysterious lumps of black rock. The surrounding walls of this small room in Los Angeles are lined with mirrors, topped with neo
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The Big Idea: In A Disaster, Bad Help Can Be Worse Than No Help At All
The first time I understood quite how bad emergency relief can be was in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004. From the dockside, first responders fed back stories of containers full of pots and pans with broken handles, soiled
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‘Turning Into A Wolf Was Fantastic’: How We Made The Company Of Wolves
I met Angela Carter in 1982, while we were in Dublin attending a week celebrating the centenary of James Joyce’s birth. She’d written a script based on a short story of hers called The Company of Wolves, itself an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood
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My First Oscars – From Barefoot On The Sidewalk To Drinks With Daniel Kwan
It’s two hours before the Oscars begin, and I am running barefoot down the sidewalk a block from the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles. In the multiverse of ways my first trip to the Academy Awards could’ve played out, there was a version where I remember
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‘Did You Have Fun?’ ‘Almost’: A History Of Awkward Red Carpet Interviews
It says a lot about the state of the Oscars in general that, on a night when a bear on cocaine attacked the noted activist Malala Yousafzai in her seat on live television, last night’s ceremony went down as one of the most incident-free of recent yea
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Surviving Copies Of Shakespeare’s First Folio To Go On Show
Four hundred years ago, a small band of William Shakespeare’s loyal friends and fellow thespians embarked on the complicated challenge of bringing his complete works together in one bound volume. Whether it was an act of love and respect or a money-m
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It’s A Golden Age For Documentaries – But At What Price For People Whose Lives Are Laid Bare? | Camilla Hall
When I watched The Staircase, I was transfixed. The 2004 documentary series – rereleased on Netflix in 2018 – tells the story of US author Michael Peterson, who was charged with the murder of his wife. I was glued to my laptop, Googling the myriad of
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Margaret Atwood: ‘It Would Be Fun To Talk To Simone De Beauvoir’
Margaret Atwood is the author of more than 50 books of fiction, poetry and essays. Her novels include Cat’s Eye, The Robber Bride, Alias Grace and The Blind Assassin. Her 1985 classic, The Handmaid’s Tale, was followed in 2019 by a sequel, The Testam
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‘Celebrity Is Religion’: How Andy Warhol Kickstarted Our Obsession With Superstars
In every argument, debate or article about the rise of the modern celebrity, one name always reappears: Andy Warhol. Do you know who first documented the minutiae of their life? Andy Warhol. Do you know who coined the phrase “In the future everyone w
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