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What Is An App? I Honestly Have No Idea | Adrian Chiles
I’m trying to get my dad to use his iPhone. Being hard of hearing – and I’m going the same way on that front – it would be so much easier to communicate if he could text better. A problem he and my mum have is that their screens don’t seem to respond
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Uncovered: Reality Of How Smartphones Turned Election News Into Chaos
Groundbreaking research gives snapshot of world in which politics coverage is warped by social media algorithms and friendship groups
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Put Britain’s Colonial History On The Curriculum – Then We’ll Know Who We Really Are | Maya Goodfellow
Britain’s past weighs on our present: learning about it would mean a better debate about race and migration
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There Are Plenty Of Ways To Have Your Night – And Career – Ruined At The Office Christmas Party | Brigid Delaney
It’s Christmas party season and by now HR should have sent an all-staff email warning you that “it is a work function and an appropriate standard of conduct is expected”. Much of the focus is (rightly) on sexual harassment and bullying. But there are
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Many Americans Are Ready For A Black Woman President. Just Not Kamala Harris | Derecka Purnell
As a black woman, I did not see myself in Harris. Instead, I found myself in solidarity with the people who suffered under her watch
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What Is Jordan Peterson's New Anti-censorship Website Like? | John Semley
The ‘intellectual dark web’ site, called Thinkspot, turns out to be little more than totally superfluous – and expensive
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How We Made Loose Women
‘When I saw Nadia, I thought I won’t get on with her – any woman with toe-rings is not my kind of woman’
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A Narwhal Tusk Was Used Against The London Bridge Attacker – But What Is It? | Philip Hoare
The story of a man wielding a whale’s tusk to fend off a terrorist is one of heroism, with historical resonance
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Time To Ditch The Harmful Myth Of The ‘Noble’ Hunter-gatherer | Alice Rudge
Instead of fetishising them, we should be listening to how environmental destruction is acutely damaging their lives
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Deaths Of K-pop Stars Put Focus On Mental Health Taboos In South Korea
Toxic mix of misogyny and view of mental illness as a failure is ruining lives beyond music industry
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Clive James: The Last Interview
Two months before his death, the broadcaster, poet and critic spoke about his own mortality
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Jennifer Hudson: 'How Do You Be A Cat? I Sat With That For Ever'
The Cats star was the only choice to sing Memory in the new film. She talks about lucky breaks, her 26 siblings – and being picked by Aretha Franklin to star in her biopic
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Podcasting Refreshes The Parts That Radio Cannot Reach – But For How Much Longer? | John Naughton
Fifteen years after its invention, the medium with ‘higher cognitive bandwidth’ is falling prey to corporate interests
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We’ve Toured The World For Years. To Help Save The Planet We’ll Have To Change | Massive Attack
The music industry has had a big carbon impact. As a band working with climate experts, we’re going to try to minimise ours• This article was written by musician Robert Del Naja on behalf of Massive Attack
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How Do You Respond To A Stranger When You Remind Them Of Their Dead Relative? | Brigid Delaney
Her eyes are swimming in tears. I wish I had responded with a bit more grace or given her a hug
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'I Predicted More Video Eyewear': The 2010s As Seen By Futurologists
The 2010s has been an eventful decade for influencers, craft brewers and vape shop owners – and a disappointing one for retail assistants, journalists and black cab-drivers. At the beginning of the decade, everyone hated the bankers and exalted the t
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Original Tomb Raider: Was Tutankhamun Buried In Someone Else's Grave?
Why would a statue in the golden pharaoh’s tomb portray him with breasts? And why does his face look so feminine? As crowds flock to the British show, we investigate a story to rival the infamous curse
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The Uprooted Millions Of Europe - Archive, November 1943
A study of forced population migrations during the second world war saw the first appearance of the term ‘displaced person’
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Want Your Work Experience To Become A Paid Job? Here's My Secret | Adrian Chiles
The only thing I have truly excelled at is being an intern. If you’re just starting out, this is what you need to do
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Concern Over Rise In Dark Tourism In Syria As War Enters Ninth Year
Syria’s almost nine-year conflict is far from over but that is not stopping a new wave of western tourists from visiting. As President Bashar al-Assad tightens his grip on the remains of the opposition in the north-west, a handful of tour companies a
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Eggs, Fakes And Kim Kissing Kanye: 10 Instagram Posts That Defined The Decade
From its birth in 2010, the app has grown to reach one billion users. These were its winning images
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‘Friendship Out-of-office’ Messages Are All Very Well – Until You Find Yourself In Need | Coco Khan
A Twitter thread about warning friends if you’re at ‘capacity’ taps into a wider conversation about women’s emotional labour
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Mystery Sounds From Storms Could Help Predict Tornadoes
Mysterious rumbles that herald tornadoes could one day be used to predict when and where they will strike, according to researchers. Storms emit sounds before tornadoes form, but the signals at less than 20Hz are below the limit for human hearing. Wh
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You’ll Have To Swipe A Lot On Tinder If You’re In The Mood For Love | Torsten Bell
You may have heard rumours of an online dating app called Tinder. Most people see it as an easy way to make connections, intimate or otherwise, with new people. Economists, however, see something different – a golden opportunity for new data and rese
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Secret Memo On How To Run China’s Prison Camps – Annotated
Excerpts from a 2017 ‘telegram’ from Zhu Hailun, the top security official for Xinjiang
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Revealed: Power And Reach Of China’s Surveillance Dragnet
How China uses technology to push its campaign against Muslim minorities beyond its own borders
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My Ringside Seat On The Decade: 'Someone Had To Be The First Gay Couple To Marry'
David asked me to marry him years ago. Back then, a civil partnership was the only option. It had been introduced by Tony Blair in 2004; I was always surprised, given the size of his majority, that he didn’t introduce gay marriage instead. But we did
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Selfies, Influencers And A Twitter President: The Decade Of The Social Media Celebrity
From Gyneth Paltrow to Trump, today’s stars speak directly to their fans. But are they really controlling their message?
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The Naked Truth About On-screen Nudity: Women Don’t Like It, Guys | Barbara Ellen
Let’s hope a new set of rules will make it harder for directors to ask actresses to disrobe
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Streets On Fire: How A Decade Of Protest Shaped The World
In March 2011, I asked a class at an unemployed training centre in Madrid who would be prepared to emigrate to find a job. They all raised their hands. Youth unemployment in Spain stood at 43% – higher than both Egypt and Tunisia. Everyone in the roo
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