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FDA Approves Amarin Fish-oil-derived Drug To Prevent Heart Attacks And Strokes
The FDA approval reverses decades of mixed results for fish-oil-based drugs and could result in Vascepa being prescribed to millions of patients.
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Opinion: Deadline Looms To Stop The Health Insurance Tax — But Congress Has Been There Before
What to do about the Health Insurance Tax isn't a fight over party politics: 80% of Democrats and 84% of Republicans don't want the tax to go into effect. It's…
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Opinion: BMJ Should Retract Flawed Research Paper On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The BMJ imprimatur should serve as something more than an advisory that readers have to "reach their own conclusions" about the integrity of research published in the organization's journals.
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Opinion: Integrated Care Opens New Doors To Mental Health, Addiction Care
Mental health is a complex issue, and integrated care is no panacea. But it's a practical, patient-centered solution with proven benefits, which is not easy to come by in American…
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My Baby Needed Expensive Intensive Care, But My Insurer Was Taking A Long Weekend. How Can This Be?
My baby needed expensive intensive care, but my insurer was taking a long weekend. How can this be?
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Opinion: Congress: Don’t Eliminate Funding For The Diversity Creating Health Career Opportunity Program
I credit the Health Careers Opportunity Program for helping me get into medical school and staying there. I want others like me to have these same opportunities.
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Opinion: Machine Learning For Clinical Decision-making: Pay Attention To What You Don’t See
Don't take results from machine learning algorithms at face value. Ask what information isn't available. What subgroups haven't been prioritized? Who is on the research team?
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Surgeons Test-drive The Amputation Of The Future With A Mail-order Limb, Rerouted Nerve, And Prosthetic Hand That Grips Like The Real Thing
WALTHAM, Mass. — The surgeons, peering through loupes with 3x magnification, have dissected away the skin, the layers of fat and fascia, and exposed most of the median nerve, the I-95 of the forearm. Sensory signals travel up this cable from the fing
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Activists Say A Patent Office Lawyer’s Tweets Showed ‘Bias’ In Favor Of Gilead In HIV Drug Case
After AIDS activists petitioned the USPTO to reject a request by Gilead for a patent extension, a legal adviser at the agency tweeted contentious remarks.
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FDA Changes Course On Sarepta’s Once-rejected Muscular Dystrophy Drug
The Food and Drug Administration reversed its decision on a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy from Sarepta Therapeutics, approving a previously rejected drug.
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Listen: The Future Of CAR-T, An Alarming Cancer Trend, And Sarepta’s FDA Legacy
Has CAR-T lost its luster? Why is colorectal cancer on the rise? And did the FDA forever change in 2016? Find out on the latest episode of "The Readout LOUD"…
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Senate Confirms Stephen Hahn, Oncologist And Political Newcomer, As FDA Commissioner
The Senate has confirmed Stephen Hahn, an oncologist and political newcomer, as the new commissioner of the FDA.
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House Passes Major Drug-pricing Bill, A Democratic Salvo In A Showdown Far From Over
With the GOP-majority Senate certain to ignore Democrats’ bill, however, the high-stakes showdown over drug prices is far from over.
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Opinion: More Americans Are Dying At Home. Is That A Good Thing?
Hospice helps many people experience a "good death" in their homes. The goal of our health system should be to ensure that all Americans have the ability to choose this…
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It’s A Bonanza: With Drug Pricing Bill Up For A Vote, D.C. News Outlets Are Drowning In Advocacy Ads
On Wednesday alone, five D.C. newspapers ran nearly 20 ads urging lawmakers to oppose the major drug pricing bill up for consideration this week.
STAT2 min cititeScience
New STAT Report Explores Viral Vectors, The Linchpin Of Gene Therapy
STAT's latest report takes a deep dive into a crucial component of gene therapies: the viral vectors used to deliver the modified genes to cells and organs.
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FDA Blasts Alkermes For Underselling The Risks Of Opioid Addiction Drug Vivitrol
The FDA is chastising Alkermes for “misbranding” Vivitrol, the controversial drug meant to treat opioid addiction.
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After A Long Fight, Progressives Secure Small Tweaks To Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Package
Progressives are finally on board with Pelosi’s sweeping drug pricing bill after securing two small concessions.
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Opinion: Oral Immunotherapy Can Be A Game Changer For Many With Food Allergies
Oral immunotherapy isn't a miracle cure. It can help individuals with peanut allergies successfully consume one peanut. That might not sound like a lot, but it can make a life-changing…
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What Sanofi’s Withdrawal From Diabetes Tech Tells Us About Digital Health
In health care, major drug makers have sought to collaborate with health tech up-and-comers. It doesn't always work out.
STAT6 min cititePolitics
Democrats’ Drug Pricing Bill Is A Sneak Peek At The Party’s 2020 Campaign Message
There’s not much hope for a bipartisan drug pricing compromise in Washington. Instead, Democrats are using their marquee drug bill as a weapon on the 2020 campaign trail
STAT14 min citite
‘Dump It Down The Drain’: How Contaminants From Prescription-drug Factories Pollute Waterways
An investigation identified for the first time pharmaceutical companies whose factories are likely dumping substantial quantities of drugs into rivers and streams.
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Opinion: I Thought Patriarchy In Science Was Fading. Then I Saw It In The Data
Ending gender inequity and patriarchy in science will require more than playing the waiting game. I intend to wait no longer and will use data — and connections — to…
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Opinion: Do Large Pharma Companies Provide Drug Development Innovation? Our Analysis Says No
Large pharmaceutical companies say that legislation in Congress to lower the cost of prescription drugs will hinder innovation. But our analysis shows they don't do much innovation.
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Research Using Brains-in-a-dish Forces A Radical Rethinking Of Huntington’s Disease
The new understanding, that Huntington's may start before birth, is surprising because it has long seemed like a prototypical neurodegenerative disease that doesn't strike until adulthood.
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Opinion: Survey Of Primary Care Physicians In 11 Countries Shows Where U.S. Is Lagging And Keeping Pace
A strong emphasis on primary care across our health care system and continued benchmarking of U.S. health care performance against that of other wealthy nations will point us to a…
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Opinion: Mental Health And Addiction Care Are Poorly Covered By Insurance Networks
When it comes to enforcing parity for mental health and addiction care, why aren't regulators demanding to see proof of compliance? And where are the employers who purchase health plans…
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Sanofi Says Dupixent Could Be A $10 Billion Drug, Aims To Sell Cialis And Tamiflu Over The Counter
Sanofi says it wants to sell Cialis, the erectile dysfunction treatment, and Tamiflu, the flu drug, as over-the-counter medicines.
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Opinion: H.R. 3 Is The Wrong Path To Lower Drug Costs
Adopting H.R. 3 to lower drug costs would be a pyrrhic victory. While it could reduce some drug prices for some people, in the long run it would reduce the…
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Merck And Sanofi Buy Smaller Cancer Drug Firms At Big Premiums, Fueling Investor Excitement
Merger Monday: Merck announces it will purchase ArQule, a developer of pills aimed at treating multiple cancers, and Sanofi says it will buy Synthorx, a San Diego firm working on…
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