Manhattan Institute3 min cititeMedical
Hope For A Normal Future
When the FDA issued its guidance for final approval of any Covid-19 vaccine, many estimated that the broad impact of effective Covid vaccines on daily life would not be experienced by most until early 2022. The cascade of factors that led to this vie
Manhattan Institute6 min cititeAmerican Government
Lockdown Addicts
New data from Sweden show it’s safe to keep schools open, but Joe Biden’s Covid-19 advisors seem more interested in shutting down.
Manhattan Institute4 min cititeAmerican Government
Will Asian-Americans Trend Conservative?
In 2020, Donald Trump proved that demography is not political destiny by increasing his share of black and Latino voters over his 2016 tally. He did so in part by taking a hard line against socialism; voters from these groups had seen their household
Manhattan Institute8 min cititePolitics
Governor Preen
If Hollywood were to cast a governor and future president, and if a straight white male were still politically acceptable, he would look like California’s Gavin Newsom. The 53-year-old governor, a former mayor of San Francisco, Newsom handsomely epit
Manhattan Institute3 min cititePolitical Ideologies
Myth Of The Democratic Majority
The 2020 election shattered the belief that high voter turnout inevitably brings electoral blue waves.
Manhattan Institute10 min cititeSmall Business & Entrepreneurs
Keep New York Tech Strong
The city’s technology sector has thrived in a terrible year, but the next mayor shouldn’t rest on these laurels.
Manhattan Institute4 min cititeSocial Science
The Child-Neglect Pandemic
Remote schooling is taking a toll on kids everywhere, but especially those in vulnerable domestic situations.
Manhattan Institute1 min cititeCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Invisible Hands: Mutual Aid in a Pandemic
Simone Policano, cofounder of Invisible Hands, joins Brian Anderson to discuss how the nonprofit organizes volunteers to deliver groceries to the elderly and disabled during the pandemic, its experience working with government agencies and food pantr
Manhattan Institute3 min citite
Stop Arguing—Start Preventing and Preparing
Here in Northern California, the fire seasons have been getting worse. In my small city, Mill Valley, nestled in the middle of the redwood forest, we have always known that wildfire is not an “if” but a “when.” We all know people, including our own f
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeMedical
Controlling the Pandemic: Keep It Simple
The Biden plan should be condensed and focused on the sole goal of restraining the spread of Covid-19.
Manhattan Institute4 min cititePolitics
Moving Forward in Soho and Noho
New York City takes some encouraging first steps toward rezoning these iconic neighborhoods.
Manhattan Institute7 min cititeWorld
Militant Islam’s “Perfect” Enemy
Terror attacks in France just keep on coming. In late September, two people were seriously wounded in a knife attack by a young Pakistani refugee outside the former office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had just republished cartoon ca
Manhattan Institute3 min cititePolitical Ideologies
Trump’s Pennsylvania Longshot
Twenty years ago next month, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Bush v. Gore, effectively ensuring that George W. Bush would win Florida’s electoral votes and thus the presidency. President Donald Trump is hoping for a similar High Court i
Manhattan Institute2 min cititePolitics
How to Bring Them Back
Howard Husock is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor at City Journal, and author of Who Killed Civil Society? The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms (September 2019), Philanthropy Under Fire (2013), an
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeCrime & Violence
Strings Attached
Religious social-services groups have become dangerously dependent on government contracts.
Manhattan Institute3 min cititePolitics
What’s Next for Antifa?
Before the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center warned that a Georgia militiaman had said that a “rigged election” would lead to rebellion, and that the Oath Keepers militia would monitor polls nationwide to ensure that only U.S. citizens voted.
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeDiscrimination & Race Relations
Performance Matters Most
The defeat of Proposition 16 in California gives racial-justice advocates another chance to focus their efforts on the real challenge: closing the racial achievement gap.
Manhattan Institute4 min citite
Elite Opinion Is Never Wrong
Reality may fail to measure up to cocktail party assumptions, but the chit-chat of the better people rings on, unchanged.
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeAmerican Government
Find a New Bogeyman
Fifty-eight years ago this month, Richard Nixon delivered his infamous “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore” concession speech following his loss to Edmund “Pat” Brown in the 1962 California gubernatorial race. Though the outcome of this year
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeMedical
The South Korean Lesson
A high-trust society that credits its government with good intentions responds well to national emergencies.
Manhattan Institute13 min cititePolitics
The Bill Comes Due
New York City mayor Bill de Blasio took office during an economic expansion and immediately started spending money liberally, including granting unprecedented retroactive pay raises to tens of thousands of workers. De Blasio maintained his extravagan
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeAmerican Government
Andrew Cuomo, Vaccine-Resistant
The New York governor’s negative reaction to the Pfizer announcement is pure partisan rancor.
Manhattan Institute1 min cititePolitical Ideologies
Election Outcomes and Disputes
Tom Bevan, cofounder and president of RealClearPolitics, joins Brian Anderson to discuss what happened in the 2020 election, the Trump campaign’s legal challenges to the results, the issues with polling, and criticism concerning new state voting laws
Manhattan Institute3 min cititePolitical Ideologies
Philadelphia’s Election Follies
On Election Day, I entered my local polling place in Philadelphia, expecting to cast my vote for president, when I was informed that because I had received a mail-in ballot I could not vote at the facility. Instead, I would have to fill out a provisi
Manhattan Institute4 min cititePolitics
Police Departments On The Brink
Colwyn, Pennsylvania, is down to just one police officer per shift. Its acting police chief says that the borough council seems to want his department gone. As many as 14 officers moved to leave the Norman, Oklahoma police force after the city counci
Manhattan Institute3 min cititePolitics
Extortion Day
In the days preceding last week’s election, the downtown corridors of many American cities resembled coastal hurricane zones. Business owners boarded up their stores, fearing that the election might unleash another wave of destructive rioting. In Was
Manhattan Institute9 min cititeAmerican Government
Academic Freedom and Cancel Culture
Academic freedom is in serious trouble in the English-speaking world. Episodes involving no-platforming, Twitter mobs, and efforts to dismiss professors make news regularly. The threat to academic freedom overwhelmingly stems from the identity-orient
Manhattan Institute3 min cititeAmerican Government
Florida Glows Red
Defying most polls, the Sunshine State burned red for Donald Trump in this most unusual election year, entering his column with 51.2 percent of the vote, cast by nearly 5.7 million residents. The standard argument about Florida’s political future has
Manhattan Institute6 min cititeCrime & Violence
The Biden Threat to Law Enforcement
Police departments should go on the offensive now against the race-based assault that a prospective Democratic Justice Department would bring.
Manhattan Institute4 min cititeAmerican Government
Insisting on White Racism
Despite four years of media demonization of Donald Trump, despite the media’s support for Joe Biden—suppressing all potentially harmful information, including not asking him to present his positions on contested issues such as fracking, charter schoo
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