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Airbnb Introduces New Rules To Rein In Parties, Nuisances
Airbnb is taking more steps to crack down on parties and nuisance guests in the wake of a Halloween shooting at an Airbnb rental in a San Francisco suburb. The company said Thursday it’s banning “open invite” parties at all of its accommodations. Tho
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Complacency A Concern As Aids Treatment Improves In Africa
AIDS has no cure. HIV is still here. But some people are forgetting that. Those are some of the bold messages Uganda’s leader is emphasizing as health officials try to stem stubbornly high infection rates among young people in this East African count
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Businesses Added Just 67,000 Jobs In November
US companies added just 67,000 jobs in November, a private survey found, barely half the gain of the previous month. Payroll processor ADP said that manufacturers, construction firms and mining companies cut 18,000 jobs combined. Companies with fewer
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Holidays Bring Phishing Scam Surge Aimed At Small Business
The email looked legitimate, so Danielle Radin clicked on the link it contained, expecting to have her products included in a holiday gift guide. “I instantly regretted it,” says Radin, owner of Mantra Magnets, a website that sells wellness products.
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Deadly Defect Found In Another Version Of Takata Airbags
A new and distinct problem has been discovered in air bags made by the now bankrupt company Takata which has led to at least one death. The recently discovered malfunction is different than the defect that led to at least 24 deaths and hundreds of in
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Navajo Nation To Convert Methane Into Hydrogen For Power
The Navajo Nation announced this week it has signed a contract with renewable energy companies to convert methane vented from its oil producing operations in southeastern Utah into more eco-friendly hydrogen. The plan was announced at the Utah state
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UK Election Is Full Of Dirty Tricks And Political Clicks
Britain is proving a lawless landscape for political mudslingers mining cyberspace for votes in an election that could determine the U.K.’s future relationship with the European Union. Two years after Britain found itself at the epicenter of a global
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Us Says Cryptocurrency Expert Violated NKorea Sanctions
Federal prosecutors have charged a cryptocurrency expert with violating economic sanctions against North Korea by presenting at a conference there this year after the U.S. government denied his request to travel to Pyongyang. Virgil Griffith, 36, was
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Europeans Rap Iran For Working On Nuclear-capable Missiles
France, Germany and the United Kingdom say “Iran’s developments of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles” go against a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on Tehran not to undertake any activity related to such missiles. Ambassadors from the three
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Express Transit: The Evolution Of Apple Pay
With Apple turning on its new Express Transit feature in London, we delve deeper into one of the most convenient additions to Apple Pay to date and consider the future possibilities as the company looks to streamline payments and make it easier for u
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For Banks, Data On Your Spending Habits Could Be A Gold Mine
There’s a powerful new player watching what you buy so it can tailor product offerings for you: the bank behind your credit or debit card. For years, Google and Facebook have been showing ads based on your online behavior. Retailers from Amazon to Wa
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Workers Fired From Google Plan Federal Labor Complaint
Four workers fired from Google last week are planning to file a federal labor complaint against the company, claiming it unfairly retaliated against them for organizing workers around social causes. The former employees said they are preparing to fil
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Facebook Tests Tool To Move Photos To Google, Other Rivals
Facebook started testing a tool this week that lets users move their images more easily to other online services, as it faces pressure from regulators to loosen its grip on data. The social network’s new tool will allow people to transfer their photo
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Trump Campaign Won’t Allow Bloomberg Reporters At Events
President Donald Trump’s campaign said it will no longer give credentials to Bloomberg News reporters to cover campaign events because of coverage “biases,” an accusation that the news organization rejects. The decision comes a week after the news se
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Google Co-founders Step Down As Execs Of Parent Alphabet
The co-founders of Google are stepping down as executives of its parent company, Alphabet, ending a remarkable two decades during which Larry Page and Sergey Brin shaped a startup born in a Silicon Valley garage into one of the largest, most powerful
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Huawei Moving Us Research Center To Canada
The founder of Huawei says the Chinese tech giant is moving its U.S. research center to Canada due to American sanctions on the company. In an interview with Toronto’s Global and Mail newspaper, Ren Zhengfei said the move was necessary because Huawei
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DHS May Require Us Citizens Be Photographed At Airports
Federal officials are considering requiring that all travelers — including American citizens — be photographed as they enter or leave the country as part of an identification system using facial-recognition technology. The Department of Homeland Secu
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Spacewalking Astronauts Add New Pumps To Cosmic Detector
Spacewalking astronauts installed new pumps on a cosmic ray detector outside the International Space Station in a bid to extend its scientific life. It was the third spacewalk in nearly three weeks for Italy’s Luca Parmitano and NASA’s Andrew Morgan.
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European Space Agency Gets More Funds, Also For Moon Mission
The 22 member states of the European Space agency pledged to boost their funding to support more missions and research projects, including a new generation of satellites to monitor climate change. The agency’s director-general, Jan Woerner, said at t
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Tech Aims To Predict Problems On Power Lines Before Disaster
B. Don Russell wasn’t thinking about preventing a wildfire when he developed a tool to detect power line problems before they cause equipment failures, blackouts or even deadly accidents. The electrical engineering professor at Texas A&M University f
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Ad Business A Boon For Amazon But A Turn-off For Shoppers
Mike Maddaloni went to knowing exactly what he wanted to buy. But instead of showing him the Synology router he was searching for at the top of his results, Amazon bombarded him with ads for hard drives and routers that he didn’t want. Mad
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Consumer Confidence Still High Despite November Decline
US consumer confidence declined slightly for a fourth consecutive month, but it remains elevated with the holiday shopping season ramping up. The Conference Board said Tuesday that its consumer confidence index ticked down to 125.5 in November from O
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Everyone Can Code: Apple Empowering Students
With Apple announcing an overhaul to its Everyone Can Code curriculum, we take a closer look, explore the exciting sessions coming to Apple Stores to celebrate Computer Science Education Week, and discuss how the firm holds the keys to a brighter edu
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Best Buy Cruises Into The Holidays
Best Buy is entering the critical holiday season with good cheer, raising its profit expectations for the current quarter. The nation’s largest consumer electronics retailer joined a handful of other big box stores like Target and Walmart which are p
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Grocery-carrying Robots Are Coming. Do We Need Them?
The first cargo-carrying robot marketed directly to consumers is on sale this holiday season. But how many people are ready to ditch their second car to buy a two-wheeled rover that can follow them around like a dog? Corporate giants like Amazon, Fed
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‘21 Bridges’ Puts New York On Lockdown
How excited James Brown would have been for “21 Bridges.”Take you to bridge? How about 21 of them? But I suspect even the Godfather of Soul would give an easy pass to Brian Kirk’s “21 Bridges,” with Chadwick Boseman (who played Brown in the biopic “G
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Nancy Grace Joins Fox Nation Streaming Service
Former CNN mainstay Nancy Grace is signing up for a crime show on Fox Nation, an illustration of how Fox News’ streaming service has evolved counter to expectations one year into operation. Cameras will show her delivering her podcast and SiriusXM ra
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Trump Campaign, GOP Groups Attack Google’s New Ad Policy
President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and other Republican election groups criticized tech giant Google on Tuesday for making it harder for political advertisers to target specific types of people. The GOP groups said the changes will lead dir
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1 Year Later, Mystery Surrounds China’s Gene-edited Babies
Chinese scientist He Jiankui shocked the world by claiming he had helped make the first gene-edited babies. One year later, mystery surrounds his fate as well as theirs. He has not been seen publicly since January, his work has not been published and
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Nissan Invests In Production To Prepare For Electric Age
Nissan is investing 33 billion yen ($303 million) in its flagship auto plant in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture in a first rollout of a production system geared toward electric vehicles. Nissan Motor Co. Executive Vice President Hideyuki Sakamoto said Thu
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