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The Team
Art Editor No, I don’t want to select all! When did correcting typos become so finicky on iOS? Or is it just me? Production Editor Iain did some serious melting this issue! Time to invest in an air conditioner for his home office/sauna. Contributor G
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From $15/month From Clario Tech, Needs macOS 10.12 or later, iOS 11.0 or later Security suites are a dime a dozen, but even allowing for the fact that Clario is a Mac–focused product at launch — currently available only on macOS, iOS and An
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Slideshow Video Clips Not Playing
Photos has many changes in Catalina, not all of them free of problems. Try clicking on the Duration button, which looks like a stopwatch, and adjust the settings there. Surprisingly those vary between different themes, and changing the theme could ei
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EDITOR Nick Odantzis ART EDITOR Matt Lochrie PRODUCTION EDITOR Iain Noble CONTRIBUTORS Adam Banks, Alex Blake, Graham Barlow, JR Bookwalter, Ryan Butt, George Cairns, Christine Chan, Alex Cox, Ian Evenden, Karen S Freeman, Kenny Hemphill, Hollin Jone
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$4.99 From Ngoc Luu, Made for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs macOS 10.15 or later; iOS 13.0 or later Read–later apps Instapaper and Pocket make it easy to save articles for consumption at a more convenient time. Although both migra
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AirPort Express + mesh = broken Wi–Fi
Your fundamental problem is that your home now has two different Wi–Fi networks, both trying to use the same frequencies on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, with two different IP sub–nets, and two different DHCP servers. They are tripping over one another,
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Mountain Duck 4.0
$39 From iterate, Needs macOS 10.12 or later, 64–bit processor Mountain Duck would like to be your one–tool–fits–all for accessing cloud storage. It’s a souped–up version of the free Cyberduck application, adding Finder integration to
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Apple Design Awards winners 2020
THERE ARE SO many apps and games available on the Apple’s various App Stores that it’s hard to know where to start if you’re looking for a new app for your iPad, Mac, or iPhone. A good place to begin is with the annual Apple Design Awards, which show
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$19.99 From Playdead, Needs OS X 10.11 or later, 64–bit processor Inside has no heroes. You have no superpowers, you can’t fight, you can’t even speak. All you can do is run. There is no glory here, only survival. That Inside offers no s
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Why Use The MacOS Firewall?
Router firewalls are designed to block incoming connections from outside your local network, according to the port that they use. They’re essential to protect Macs and devices on your local network from intruders. The software firewall in macOS, cont
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eufyCam 2 Pro
$349.99 (Two cameras and HomeBase, exclusive to From Anker, Features 2K video recording, 140° field of view, 365–day battery life, IP67 weather resistant The eufyCam 2 Pro is an upgraded version of last year’s eufyCam 2 and
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The Best Apps Of 2020
Free (IAPs) From Bergen, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.0 or later THE iPHONE HAS changed how we deal with pictures, so it makes sense to do your editing on the same device you take your pictures on. But you usually need y
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Speedify 10
Free (Starter Plan) From Connectify, Made for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs OS X 10.10 or later; iOS 10.0 or later The COVID–19 pandemic forced many of us to work remotely from home, a challenge for those without the proper setup.
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Accounting For ICloud Space
Both macOS and iOS now provide detailed listings of what is held in your iCloud storage. In macOS, open the Apple ID pane and at its foot click on the Manage button. After a moment loading, it shows a detailed breakdown by app; it then suggests ways
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Hitcase OneClip Camera Lens Kit Bundle
$99.99 From Hitcase, Features 3x lenses (SuperWide, Wide, and Macro), carry case, clip If you want to up your iPhone photography game, this lens bundle should be just the ticket. The clip, which allows you to attach each lens, is easy to
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The Best Games Of 2020
Apple Arcade ($4.99 a month) From Simogo, Made for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Needs, iOS 13 or later DESCRIBED BY ITS developers as a “pop album video game,” Sayonara Wild Hearts is a surreal, dreamlike game where you
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InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer
$59.99 From InvisibleShield, Features UV–C light bulbs, USB–C port If you’re worried about the kind of bacteria your phone, keys or wallet might be picking up every time you venture out of the house, you’ll no doubt be constantly cleaning th
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Essential Support Articles
The Recovery system contains tools to help you look up info online when macOS won’t start, and to repair or reinstall the system. Learn more at When you start your Mac in Safe mode, macOS performs extra checks and stops certain thi
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Painter 2021
$429 From Corel, Needs macOS 10.14 or later Corel’s graphics applications were among the first to become available to users with personal computers. Several decades on, Painter 2021 represents the latest evolution
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The Shift
APPLE IS AN international company, but it’s also one of the most American entities imaginable. This tends to be most obvious whenever Maps gets an upgrade and certain US cities get new mapping first, while even somewhere as rich and populous as Europ
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Get In The Picture With These Neat Tricks
Manually control which mic is in use, and its gain level, for distortion–free recordings. An external mic gives best results. Tap on the focus square to separate off an exposure control to use individual areas as a source for each parameter. Utilize
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Make Your Battery Better
You’ll need a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Where to find your battery’s condition status and how to make it last longer 5 minutes BATTERY LIFE IS the Achilles heel of any laptop and, while Apple has made huge strides with batteries, there’s al
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REC — Pro Video Camera
$4.99 From LateNiteSoft, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13 or later. The developers behind Camera+ have turned their attention to video shooting with a new app called REC. It’s a refreshingly straightforward and welldesi
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Letter Of The Month
I’m writing to report an issue that I am experiencing with my MacBook after following the guide on how to install Sidecar on a non–compatible MacBook Pro. I followed each step, however once everything was done and I restarted, Finder would not open a
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Punkt: One–Sentence Journal
Free (IAPs) From Gregor Pichler, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13.0 or later ◾Ever since the first cave dweller scrawled on a wall, humans have wanted to record our experiences. There are many journalling apps in the App Sto
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Create The Perfect Portrait With Luminar 4
Luminar 4, an image file How to use Luminar’s tools to enhance and improve portraits 15 minutes THERE ARE MANY things to consider when shooting portraits of people, and you will want to start by shooting in good light, with a natural–looking subject
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Outgoings — Track Expenses
$2.99 (IAPs) From Gianpeppino Frangiamore, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13.4 or later With more apps and services hopping aboard the subscription bandwagon, it’s become a challenge to keep track of them all. Enter Outg
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The Ultimate Apple Media Guide
WHETHER YOU SUBSCRIBE to Apple Music or keep it old–school with your own collection on your Mac, the Music app — introduced in macOS Catalina — is your go–to program for all your musical needs. Much like the old iTunes app, Music enables you to rip,
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Remote, Keyboard & Mouse
$6.99 From Evgeny Cherpake, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.0 or later Macs have long been used as entertainment devices for playing media on a TV or audio setup. However you set up a Mac–based media player, though, there’
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Fantastical Calendar Sets
A Fantastical subscription, macOS 10.13 or later How to create and manage calendar sets in Fantastical 10 minutes FANTASTICAL HAS AN excellent weapon in its arsenal: calendar sets. These let you quickly change tasks and events that you see on your ca
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