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Free Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 backpack!
Editor, Digital Camera • Fits a DSLR or a mirrorless camera with medium zoom lens attached (for example, 18-135mm)• There’s also enough room for a second lens (up to 50mm), a flash and accessories• Front compartment for a small laptop or tablet (W 24
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Behind The Lens
When did you first discover a love for photography? Growing up in extreme rural poverty in Ufa, in the republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, I didn’t have much familial support. I learned to rely on myself. I got into photography in high school when I w
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Remembering African Wild Dogs
Remembering African Wild Dogs will be the sixth book in the charity book series started by wildlife photographer Margot Raggett in 2016. She was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Kenya, and started asking fellow wildlife phot
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Camera Skills Level Up
Many tripods have a built-in spirit level to help you make sure you’re working from a level base. But that doesn’t mean the camera is level on the tripod head. This is where the electronic level that’s available on modern cameras proves essential. Ge
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Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker’s debut book Landscape showcases the work produced during his long-term project to photograph ruined historic buildings around the UK. The book features 109 images, with commentary and background information on each one. Self-published
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Fujifilm GFX 100S £5,499/$5,999 The Fujifilm GFX 100S is the fourth model in the GFX series, inheriting the 102MP sensor from the GFX 100. However, it one-ups its predecessor by coming in a much smaller, DSLR-style body that boasts better image stabilisation. And
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Scanning Ahead…
The pandemic has caused a tectonic rift in the way many of us live and work. But there’s one thing that’s often true of hardship; art and creativity tend to thrive in the wake of adversity. Here in the UK, a national lockdown was announced on 23 Marc
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A concentrated-solar-power station in China. 12,000 mirrors reflect sunlight toward a central tower, where it heats sodium nitrate salt. This goes to a heat exchanger, making steam to drive generator turbines. The thermal inertia is such that the sta
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Update 2 for Luminar AI
Skylum has released the second update to its Luminar AI photo editing software. Sky AI has been improved to now offer reflections in water, while other improvements to this clever tool include scene relighting, seamless sky orientation and easier sky
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And The Winner Of The Liquid Art Challenge Is…
Colin Rayner In issue 239 of Digital Camera, we challenged our readers to shoot their best liquid art photography image. Well done, Colin – you have won a copy of Affinity Photo. This drop-splash photo against a split colour background was captured i
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It’s A Victory For Canon
For top-quality photo output, the Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 is an outright winner. It makes excellent use of pigment-based inks to deliver spectacular quality on matte and fine-art media, for both colour and mono photos. That said, the Canon Pixma P
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Back Issues
Digital magazines can travel with you – even if you delete them, they’re free to re-download. Subscribe today by visiting Prefer print? Keep your mags together with our binder, which neatly ho
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Canon imagePrograf Pro-300 £730/$899 Although it’s a pigment-based printer, the Pro-300 delivers superb looking output on glossy as well as matte and fine-art media. This is enabled by the printer’s Chroma Optimizer cartridge, which smooths out the finish when printing o
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Focal Point
Now with one receiver and two transmitters, the latest version of Wireless Go can record two sound sources at the same time. It can attach to computers via USB-C, making it ideal for doublehanded video calls and interviewing.; £279/$299
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Epson EcoTank ET-7700 £550/$550 Epson EcoTank printers come with high-volume ink tanks, which you can replenish with bottled ink. The ET-7700 comes with two sets of high-capacity ink bottles, sufficient for up to 14,000 mono documents and 3,400 6 x 4-inch photos. In
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PART 1 Flower power
The middle of spring can see the garden as a riot of colour, shape and textures, because the growing season is in full swing. It’s also rich pickings for photographers, with some of the most evocative and interesting subjects right on our doorstep. F
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Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM £1,719/$1,599 The Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM arrived with far more fanfare than traditional f/4 zoom lenses. For starters, it’s the shortest and lightest 70-200mm f/4 in the world – it’s only just larger than a fizzy drink can when collapsed! An
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Shot Of The Month
This planet we live on is pretty darn incredible. This is the Milky Way rising just before sunrise as Volcán de Fuego erupts with an explosion of lava. On the left side of the frame is Volcán de Agua. This is a dream shot, and I cannot thank my good
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Streaks Ahead
Raise your hand – who loves light? I surely do. I’ve been searching for the perfect light source my whole life: the perfect shot, with less invasive graphic effects needed – gentle light settings, colourful ideas and a highpowered storytelling abilit
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4 Create Cyanotype Images At Home
Cyanotype printing is a process that was popular in the 19th century. This type of printing can easily be achieved at home, by using a negative or imprinting a sheet of UV-sensitive paper with an object. You can use natural light to expose the negati
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Balance Light And Shade
One problem of shooting landscapes is that you’re often working with a bright sky and a much darker foreground. The scene’s dynamic range (the brightness difference between the lightest and darkest areas) can be greater than the dynamic range that th
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Create A Street Photography Look
FILE & VIDEO My name isn’t Henri, and my surname doesn’t even rhyme with Cartier-Bresson. That doesn’t stop me from engaging in street photography from time to time. Once you’ve got your settings down, street photogra
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Going For Gold
How you choose to finish an image can put a clear stamp on your whole portfolio. Some people prefer colder images, while others like a warm tone to finish. Where skin is a priority, I like a natural or warmer feel for the subject. Here I’m using a gr
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Nikon launches NX Studio
Nikon recently released NX Studio, a piece of new software that enables the seamless viewing, processing and editing of still images and video. Integrating the functions of Nikon’s current image viewing software, ViewNX-i, and its image-processing an
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Tech Check Image noise
What is image noise? What we call image noise is nothing more than a degradation in image quality, signified by blotches of colour or ugly variations in tonal brightness. It’s often more obvious in the darker tones of an image. What is it caused by?
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Spring Your Shots Into Life!
With winter on the wane and solid signs of spring colour in the air, we’re seemingly all set to get out there and capture the coming season with gusto! But with the cold, hard reality of lockdowns restricting our ability to get out and shoot in the w
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Epson Expression Photo XP-970 £230/$300 If twice as big is twice as good, this Epson A3/11-inch photo printer beats its smaller XP-8600 A4/8.5-inch sibling. It delivers double the maximum print area but remains reasonably compact and light. Unlike the other large-format pri
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Camera Skills Highlight Alert
When you’re shooting white water against dark rocks or using a strong ND filter, there’s a risk of burning detail out of the highlights. To make it easier to judge overexposure, activate your camera’s highlight alert function, which makes hotspots bl
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Canon Speedlite EL-1 £1,299/$1,099 The price tag is enough to make you do a double-take. £1,299/$1,099 for a flashgun? That’s more than twice the price of Canon’s very capable Speedlite 600EX II-RT, and almost as much as a Canon EOS RP complete with Canon RF 24-105mm f
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