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VHF Antennas
The choice of antennas available for marine VHF radios is large and confusing. To squelch the noise and help you cut through the clutter when shopping for a marine VHF antenna, I’ve compiled a group of essential considerations for you to use. While n
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The Bright Spot
I don’t know that I can add much. The dek—that’s publishing-speak for “subheadline”—pretty much says it all. Let’s take a tally: COVID-19, civil unrest, the “new normal,” societal changes, layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts, struggling businesses, an elect
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Boat Of The Year 2020 Finalists
After testing scores of new-model boats in 2020, our editors chose what they deem the top five contenders for Boating’s Boat of the Year, the most prestigious award in recreational boating. For decades, Boating editors have awarded Boat of the Year s
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Brook S.
Every issue, some of the best boats of the year grace our cover. They are shot from a helicopter to get the perfect vantage point, and every one features a cover model who highlights the features of that boat. At the end of every year, we let our rea
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Digital Switching
One look at the helm of a modern powerboat and it’s obvious digital switching is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Traditional analog gauge arrays and the rows of toggle, push-button or rocker switches that once dominated dash real estate are f
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Handheld Boat Lights
There are times when you’re on board where you need a light, such as a spotlight to look for channel markers or a flashlight to illuminate repairs down in the bilge. Here are three types of handheld lights to consider keeping on board, all available
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Remote Control Of Systems From Afar
In and of itself, digital switching offers great advantages to boaters. Add in the capability to remotely monitor and control ships systems, as Siren Marine’s connected boat platform does, and the convenience level rings the wow bell. “Our ability to
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Online This Month
For major swaths of the country, it’s that time of year where boat ownership becomes less about enjoyment and more about preservation—all the chores you need to do to ensure your boat comes through the offseason in great shape. Need help? We got this
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Fountain 47 Lightning
Well, thank goodness Reggie saved the molds. For the first time in more than a decade, a brand-new Fountain 47 Lightning has been launched, and it’s a fire-breathing beauty. Right now, the world could use the excitement a proper speedboat brings to t
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Wintertime is nearly here; if you live in the North, your boat’s covered and asleep for the long snooze, or resting and waiting for those occasional warm, sunny days when you can ride. In the South, you’re boating less frequently but still want to ri
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Yamaha 275sd
Yamaha’s 275SD brings to the water a commanding length and a 9-foot beam, plus a dominating 500 hp to rocket across the waves. This twin-engine jet boat resides at the apex of Yamaha product design, featuring systems integration that makes it a pleas
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Baby On Board
Could you imagine being on your boat this summer and turning your head to say to the crew, “Look at that baby water-ski!” But that’s exactly what you would have seen had you been on Lake Powell over the summer, when little Rich Casey Humpherys went w
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Monterey 255 Ss Ob
The outboard revolution continues with Monterey’s latest thoroughbred in its stable, the 255 SS OB. The performance of Yamaha’s 4.2-liter V-6 powerplant is the perfect matchup of power, performance and reliability for Monterey’s luxury 255 SS. The 25
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Women Of Wake
This past summer, Body Glove announced its sponsorship of the first-of-its-kind women’s wakeboarding series, dubbed the Moxie Pro ( The Moxie Pro features three events designed for women wakeboarders around the world. “This is a huge s
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PURSUIT S268 Sport
Pursuit’s new S268 Sport delivers 5 gallons from a 4-gallon bucket. The S268 Sport boasts a bigger cockpit, bigger helm, 3 inches of additional beam, and 7 more inches of internal volume fore and aft. Additionally, Pursuit added 8 more inches of deck
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First Impression
The V-46 takes Valhalla Boatworks, which was started by Viking Yacht Company last year and boasts over 70 boats sold to date, to a new level, broadening its appeal with more accommodations and amenities while maintaining fishing boat DNA. “We never s
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Axis A20
The Axis A20 has long been considered one of the more versatile 20-foot watersports boats. For 2020, it off ers some serious upgrades that make it even better. Smaller boats prove easier to tow and store. With its shorter length, the A20 also handles
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Fuelish Behavior
There’s a crazy boating video that recently circulated around social media and was picked up by several major media outlets. In the video, recorded at a marina in Italy, a woman is seen on the swim platform of a typical sterndrive cruiser, handling l
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Oxe Diesel Outboards
No company has more diesel outboards than OXE Marine from Sweden, with five horsepower ratings, including 125, 150, 175, 200 and 300 hp. Each features a horizontally mounted engine, versus the vertically oriented powerheads specially designed for mos
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The Rules Of The Game
Most boaters know that we are responsible for any damage or injury caused by the wake created by our boats. But do we really need to operate on the theory of death and destruction? How about we slow down and reduce our wake in advance of other boats
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2020 Holiday Gift Guide
If there’s one bright spot in this year of trial and tribulation, it’s that more and more people are realizing the joy and family fun that comes from boating. Boat dealers around the country could not keep their showrooms stocked because so many peop
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BOAT DOCTOR /// Q&A • WEEKEND WORKBOOK • QUICK STUDY • WHAT TO LOOK FOR • BOAT DOC SPECIAL Q: My compass works fine, but the glass bowl has become scratched and hazy. Can I clear it up? Thom McNeil Charlotte, North Carolina A: Yes, you can use a ligh
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Wide-open Spaces
Once upon a time, bowriders were relegated in size to boats that could fit on a trailer, so if you wanted a large boat that could hold lots of people, you were stuck with a cabin cruiser, even if you never once planned to spend the night. Today, you
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We Test Stuff
In my mind, no seagoing vessel should be without a backup handheld VHF radio, and the floating Cobra MR HH600 has fulfilled this role nicely aboard my boat. It’s packed with a reassuring range of safety features, including DSC calling, one-touch DSC
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Winterizing Electronics
REMOVE AND STORE If practical, remove your electronics from the boat and store them at home. BACK’EM UP Save your waypoints, routes and tracks to external media. With multifunction displays, you can back up to a microSD card or sync to an app on your
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Nautical No-no
A common nautical nono regards the pressure-relief valve found on all marine water heaters. American Boat and Yacht Council standards are crystal-clear that the maximum pressure relief valve rating shall be no more than 175 percent of the maximum wat
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The Man In The Red Cap
The night I wore my Red Cap into the Lake View Inn, it was not my intention to be disruptive, or to make a statement. I was just trying to cover my hair. I checked my look in the truck mirror. I guess at my age, vanity is a waste of time, but geez, I
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Installing An Interceptor Trim And Stabilization System (part Ii)
Installing an interceptor trim and stabilization system is not necessarily difficult, depending on how much access you have to the inner transom and wire runs. However, this Weekend Workbook does require a greater number of steps, and so we chose to
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Prop Guard
Adventure Marine’s Propeller Line Guard is an electro-polished stainless-steel prop guard that prevents dredge lines, fishing lines, downrigger wires, pot warp or mooring buoy lines from tangling in your propeller. It also provides prop protection fr
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