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On The Move
ELECTROSEA’S CLEARLINE system integrates directly into a yacht’s raw-water intake circuit, keeping it free of line-clogging marine growth using a patent-pending electrochlorination system. The system prevents growth in raw-water supply lines for air
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It’s A Hull Thing
When i was a kid, i went to the store and bought sneakers. I didn’t get sets of running shoes, basketball shoes, cross-training shoes or walking shoes. Just sneakers. And I was a die-hard Chuck Taylor fan. I had a pair of sneakers. ¶ These days, I ha
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Ready, Willing And Abel
• ROPA VIEJA GRILL: Their cuisine is excellent, especially its namesake dish. • CAFÉ CUATRO SOMBRAS: They serve very good panini and their own coffee. Its name means “the four shades” and refers to the four types of shade trees that protected the cof
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This Just In
60' LENGTH OVERALL 35'1" MAXIMUM BEAM Sunreef has announced its newest model, the 60 Sunreef Power Eco. The power catamaran will have more than 738 square feet of solar panels covering the yacht’s hull sides, superstructure and curved areas. Sunreef
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Taking Flight
36'6" LENGTH OVERALL 11'4" MAXIMUM BEAM The hunt harrier 36 has a C. Raymond Hunt-penned deep-V hull, known for slicing a seaway. Construction is an Airex-cored hull, with Airlite in the deck and superstructure, which is vacuum-bagged and oven-cured
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SINCE 1907 Editor-in-Chief Patrick Sciacca patrick.sciacca@yachtingmagazine.com Managing Editor Jake Lamb Senior Art Director Eric Powell Editor-at-Large Jay Coyle Electronics Editor David Schmidt Charter and Consulting Editor Kim Kavin Director, Dig
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IT’S PATHETIC. Boaters are dumber than they used to be,” my pal Bill grumbled in disgust. ¶ Bill was planning a trip south and had been searching online for local knowledge about South Florida’s inlets. Instead of finding that information, he’d disco
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A World Of Inspiration
CAPT. DAYYAN ARMSTRONG got the call in June 2019. It was two weeks before he and his stepbrother, Capt. Ross Beane, were scheduled to start running that summer’s charters from the Sailing Collective, the New York City-based travel company they founde
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For the Onboard Bar
WHISTLEPIG in Vermont has released the Boss Hog VII: Magellan’s Atlantic. The limited-edition rye whiskey ($499) is aged for 17 years in American oak and then finished in rare Spanish oak, followed by a second finish in South American teakwood casks.
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Wooden Boats WB27
24'11" LENGTH OVERALL 8'7" MAXIMUM BEAM When the owner of the Sanlorenzo 52Steel KD wanted a custom tender, he turned to Italy’s Wooden Boats. The Viareggio-based builder had just produced a bespoke WB27 limousine tender based on the styling of Venet
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Adventure Tender
TED FONTAINE designed the Surfari 50 sport-utility tender to tackle rough waters en route to surf spots, secluded beaches or weekend getaways. The 52-foot, 11-inch boat’s hull, deck and superstructure are built using e-glass, low-viscosity resin and
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A New Perspective
TAKING IN THE profile of the Sanlorenzo SX112, it’s almost hard to focus on just one of the many elements working in concert to create this hybrid expedition-flybridge-motoryacht model. ¶ There is the ax-style bow, helping to split snotty seas and ca
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Travel Bubble
THE WORD “BUBBLE” TOOK ON NEW MEANING with the COVID-19 pandemic as families, friends and schoolmates established small groups of people who gathered only with one another. The idea was to maintain some social activity while minimizing exposure to th
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When Azimut Yachts Wanted To Enhance Its Magellano
series with larger models, the Italian builder returned to UK-based designer Ken Freivokh, who was responsible for the first Magellano 74 model 10 years ago. The result is the Magellano 25 Metri, a raised pilothouse design. ¶ Freivokh says a length o
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Out - Of - The - Box Thinking
THE DESIRE to build boats and explore distant horizons is one of humanity’s oldest pursuits, and the drive to innovate increasingly better craft and technologies has an equally time-honored heritage. Each year, Yachting celebrates trailblazers who ha
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Something For Everyone
most yachts are designed for a specific purpose, be it longdistance cruising, sport fishing or entertaining. In this regard, Riviera’s 64 Sports Motor Yacht is something of an anomaly. It can do all those things at once. ¶ For owners who want to make
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Just Two—or A Few
Nearly every short-handed skipper can make use of bow and stern thrusters when docking. “We use Glendinning proportional hydraulic thrusters,” says JeffDruek, president of Outer Reef Yachts, “so we can nail the boat alongside the dock while you get t
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The Doctor Is In
IN DECEMBER 2018, Susie Goodall and DHL Starlight, her Rustler 36, pitchpoled and dismasted. The boat was in 60-knot winds and massive seas some 2,000 nautical miles west of Cape Horn, Chile, during the singlehanded, nonstop, around-the-world Golden
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New Electronics
Calypso makes four versions ($230 to $320) of NMEA Connect Plus. The NCP BT0183 lets its Bluetooth-enabled wind meters share data with NMEA 0183 networks. The NCP BT2000 does this for NMEA 2000 networks. The NCP W2000 connects the meters to an NMEA 2
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Spring Lines
Amels recently sold its largest superyacht to date, the 393-foot Project Signature. The yacht, penned by naval architect Espen Øino, will be the largest one built in the Netherlands when it is delivered in 2025. Project Signature is the third fully c
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Hey, Watch This
A captain pal recently directed me to a fishing video on the web. The film was shot from a self-described adventurer’s helmet cam as he was bobbing some miles offshore atop a plastic kayak. A shark larger than his vessel was circling the craft. I tho
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Editor-in-Chief Patrick Sciacca patrick.sciacca@yachtingmagazine.com Managing Editor Jake Lamb Senior Art Director Eric Powell Editor-at-Large Jay Coyle Electronics Editor David Schmidt Charter and Consulting Editor Kim Kavin Director, Digital Conten
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Sweet Relief
Fun ways to break free from the everyday, no matter where in the world you choose to cruise OH, THE CALMING RELEASE THAT OCCURS when the sun warms your face, the salt spray cools your skin and the fresh air fills your lungs. The tension loosens in yo
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Catch Some Air
IN AN INCREASING NUMBER OF PLACES worldwide, yachtsmen are once again allowed to visit—as long as they stay on the boat. The goal is to minimize interactions with locals and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, essentially limiting visiting boat
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Try The Tri
IN 1950, HOBIE ALTER BUILT HIS FIRST surfb oard. He later opened Southern California’s first surf shop and went on to invent the first polyurethane-foam surfb oard. By the late 1960s, he was thinking about boats, and his Hobie Cat introduced a whole
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Peer Into The Depths
California-based aqua lung takes its name from the machine that Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnon invented in 1942. The Aqua Lung was the precursor to what we know today as scuba diving equipment, the single invention that spawned decades’ worth of i
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Latitude Adjustment
IT’S A BREEZY NIGHT IN THE WARM GULF STREAM, and I am wide awake with anticipation. Dawn, my wife and ever-capable mate, is off watch and fast asleep. I brace against the cockpit coaming and stare out into the darkness; starlight defines a wave-tosse
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How Remote Can You Go?
THE ESCAPE PLAN THEY SAY THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING IS SALT WATER. THAT PHRASE HAS NEVER BEEN truer than when it comes to yacht charter during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quite a few owners have been moving their yachts to farther-flung destinations—everywhe
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Take A Jet To The Yacht
THE ESCAPE PLAN THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FACING MANY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CHARTER A YACHT RIGHT now is physically getting to the yacht. Travel challenges continue from the COVID-19 pandemic, making even first-class commercial air travel a questionable pro
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Bare Boating Basics
THE ESCAPE PLAN AS RESTRICTIONS ON TRAVEL CONTINUE TO EASE WORLDWIDE (WE ALL HOPE), planning a bareboat getaway of friends and family will be a great socially distanced vacation. For those in colder climes, bareboating is a chance to find warm water
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