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Nature Takes Over: Kenyan Wastewater, US Toxic Dump Turned Wetland
Along with wins for the environment, the rights of marginalized people made gains in Latin America with the first celebration of LGBTQ history month by Cuba, and a court ruling affecting the U.S. southern border. Mexico’s Supreme Court banned random
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Most African Migrants Don’t Leave Africa. Here’s What That Looks Like.
On a slice of sandy beach tucked under one of Dakar’s coastal cliffs, Harvest-Spring Kibonge runs a modest, open-air smoothie shop. The crashing waves play a melodic rhythm, and each evening the sunset paints a pink and orange sky over the Senegalese
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What Saudi Arabia’s Surge Into A Post-oil Future Means For Its People
Mohammad Hashboul has not looked back since he left oil behind. Since leaving a promising career at state oil company Aramco for a management job at Uber in 2016, the young chemical engineer helped establish Academi, a Saudi e-learning start-up, a ye
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Listening To Someone’s Story Can Lead To Freedom
Joaquin Ciria spent 32 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Each night, during his first few years behind bars, he closed his eyes and cried. He told himself that when he opened them again, it would all be a dream, and he would be home wit
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A Global End Run On Russia’s Food Weapon
Four months into Russia’s war, the campaign for Ukraine’s freedom has now been joined by two other campaigns: freedom for global food markets and freedom for an estimated 47 million people around the world who could go hungry as a result of the invas
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Prayer On The 50-yard Line: Supreme Court Reshapes Church-state Relationship
In what continues to be one of the most consequential Supreme Court terms in United States history, the nation’s highest court on Monday once again redefined the meaning of the First Amendment and its dual clauses about the proper place of religion i
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A WWII Refugee From Ukraine Links Putin’s War To Stalin’s Famine
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought back memories. The Soviet army invaded western Ukraine in September 1939, three months after I was born. During its 2½-year occupation, my father was interrogated twice by the Soviet secret police, and he real
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Readers Write: Can The Military Have A Moral Backbone?
Thanks for the amazingly impactful May 30 cover story, “Molding a moral soldier,” that appears unique to the Monitor. I hate guns and I hate war, but as a friend once told me, “I’ll fight so you can believe what you want!”  This article shows that th
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After High Court Ruling, Is It Tremors Or Earthquakes For Public Education?
Public education is navigating enrollment declines, shaky parental trust, and sizable learning losses. This week the U.S. Supreme Court added another factor to the rocky educational landscape: a ruling that permits more public funding to flow to reli
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Party Favor Or Art? Preserving The Craft Of The Piñata.
Would you take a sledgehammer to the David? A flamethrower to the Mona Lisa? A shredder to the latest Banksy? (Actually, scratch that last one.) Why then, some people are beginning to ask, would you want to pulverize a piñata? Alfonso Hernandez, for
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Congress Acts On Guns, With Military Vets Among The Vocal Backers
As a Marine Corps veteran with a Facebook account, Carl Forsling saw friends of friends posting in the days after the Uvalde school shooting in Texas about how to prevent such future tragedies. The gist was, “Arm veterans, put them in schools, proble
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A History Of American Thought On Abortion: It’s Not What You Think
In a 6-3 majority ruling on Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision giving women the right to abortion. In anticipation of the ruling last week, the Monitor interviewed Geoffrey R. Stone, author of the legal history “Sex a
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South Africa’s Chance For Honest Governance
At the end of its probe into human rights violations committed during the apartheid era, the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission referred about 300 cases for prosecution in 2003. That was in line with the panel’s key trade-off. Perpetra
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Ukraine’s Candidacy For EU Sends A Signal. Now The Hard Part Begins.
Until last week, Ukraine’s candidacy for membership in the European Union was far from a foregone conclusion. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for starters, made no secret of their lack of enthusiasm for the idea, w
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Jan. 6 Panel Holds Up Public Officials As ‘Backbone Of Democracy’
In congressional hearings this week, the Jan. 6 committee portrayed public officials as integral to preserving the American republic. One by one, the committee brought them forward to explain why they had resisted then-President Donald Trump’s entrea
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How Overturning Roe Will Reverberate Through America
In overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has taken the momentous step of ending a federal right to abortion that has existed since 1973, a decision likely to reverberate in American life, politics, and law in unpredictable ways for years, if not
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Gun Rights: Supreme Court Brings Second Amendment To The Streets
In its biggest Second Amendment ruling in over a decade, the U.S. Supreme Court today said that Americans have a right to carry a handgun in public. As it enters the final week of a controversial term – the court is expected to push federal law to th
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‘Heal Everybody’: Rapper Kendrick Lamar As Caretaker Of Culture
Oftentimes, the best way to look at a cultural icon is through the prism of their contemporaries. Kendrick Lamar, arguably the best rapper in the industry and unarguably a Pulitzer Prize winner, took this a step further in one of his recent presentat
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Citizen Building: What’s The Best Way To Help Students Soar In A Democracy?
When Cathy Ware’s son was in the third grade, he struggled to stay engaged and was frequently disruptive. But when he tested into Boston’s gifted and talented program, known as Advanced Work Class, in the fourth grade, his behavior problems vanished.
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For Russian Public, How Full A View Of War Do Front-line Reporters Give?
Alexander Sladkov has been covering military conflicts for Russia’s main state TV channel for three decades. The burly, bearded, motorcycle-riding ex-military officer is considered by many to be Russia’s top war correspondent. Now, he’s one of dozens
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The Fall Of Tyrannosaurus Rex And The Rise Of Mammals On Earth
Sixty-six million years ago, one of the most famous creatures in history roamed Earth: the Tyrannosaurus rex. It grew to 40 feet long, could weigh more than 7 tons, and had terrifyingly powerful jaws. It was the ruler of the late Cretaceous world, an
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A Turn Away From Political Violence
In its public hearings, the House panel investigating last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol has sought to establish that there is no credible basis for claiming the 2020 presidential election was stolen. “Until we get a grip on telling people the tr
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The Party Of Work? Sen. Rick Scott On GOP Plans To Retake Senate.
In politics, as in the business world, Sen. Rick Scott has enjoyed great fortune. Like another Florida-based politician, former President Donald Trump, Senator Scott won the first race he ever ran – in his case, for governor of the third-largest stat
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A Fruitful Intermission For The Arts
During two years of the pandemic, Americans continued to be a generous lot. Despite lockdowns and hardship, total giving to charities went up 8.1% in 2020 and was essentially flat last year after adjusting for inflation. The big surprise was an unexp
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Ukraine: Three Girls Wounded By War, Three Paths Toward Healing
The three Ukrainian girls are in the same Lviv hospital, recovering from severe war wounds. But the violent impact of Russia’s war on them – which at once abruptly ended their youthful innocence and imposed new requirements of resilience, coping with
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No One Was Telling The Stories Of Rural Women. So She Did.
Women who work the land have historically been overlooked in society. Spanish poet and field veterinarian María Sánchez aims to change that in her memoir-meets-manifesto “Land of Women,” a bestseller in Spain since its 2019 publication and newly tran
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Heat Wave, Inflation Remind Leaders Of Challenges Beyond Ukraine
The warning messages are growing ever starker. But they’re ending up in the junk mail folder. That’s the fate of efforts to confront climate change at the moment. And the implications have been dramatically brought home in recent days by the punishin
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What Gun Deal Means For US, And Washington
The gun safety bill released by a bipartisan group of senators on Tuesday is a modest piece of legislation. It does not include major items pushed by Democrats and gun control groups such as bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. But it
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Beyond Abortion Rights: Reproductive Justice Takes A Broader View
Toni McClendon has fought for reproductive and minority rights in Pittsburgh for decades. But she has long eschewed the labels “pro-choice” and “pro-life” as divisive, limiting and above all failing to address what many Black women experience in Amer
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Can You Be Feminist And ‘Pro-life’? The Women Who Say Yes.
Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, founder of the “pro-life” organization New Wave Feminists, would seem at the cusp of hard-won victory. She’s a resident of Dallas, and in 2021 her state passed the so-called heartbeat bill, which essentially prohibits wome
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