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Chicago Mayoral Candidate Brandon Johnson Pays Off More Than $3,000 In Water Bill Debts To The City
CHICAGO — Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson paid off more than $3,000 in water and sewer bills to the city after facing criticism over his handling of his personal finances. The controversy erupted in recent days after it emerged that Johnson
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Editorial: Industry Needs Government To Step Up In Battle Against Climate Change
Psst, here’s a hot tip from the commodity markets. Now would be a good time to get into copper. That’s right, copper. The industrial metal used in batteries is expected to experience strong demand as vehicles go electric. For those with the money and
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Commentary: Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ Fate Is A Cautionary Tale For Our Nation’s Trump Quandary
With barricades surrounding the Manhattan criminal courthouse and plainclothes officers ordered to dress in their full uniforms, it’s only human to ponder the wisdom of trying Donald Trump for a nonviolent offense related to buying a porn star’s sile
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Zach LaVine Finds His Way To The Rim Once Again As He Leads Bulls’ Postseason Push: ‘I’m Able To Do Everything I Need To’
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Few forces are strong enough to withstand the momentum of Zach LaVine when he picks up steam on the way to the basket. It could be easy for the casual viewer to sum up LaVine’s scoring around the basket as an act of pure physicality
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Illinois Republicans Do An About-face On Mail-in Voting: ‘We Have To Play To Win Under The Existing Rules’
CHICAGO — As another election approaches, the Illinois Republican Party and its allies are facing a conundrum — urging followers to cast ballots by mail while trying not to alienate followers of former President Donald Trump, who continues to insist
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‘Chaos. Absolute Chaos,’ Roof Collapses At Metal Concert During Storm In Belvidere, 1 Dead, 28 Injured, Officials Say
One person has died and nearly 30 were injured during a roof collapse at a Belvidere venue during a metal concert Friday night, officials said. Belvidere Police Chief Shane Woody said during a late Friday news conference that officers responded to th
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‘Like Seeing Jordan In A Wizards Uniform.’ José Abreu Begins His Next Chapter After 9 Years With White Sox.
HOUSTON — José Abreu gave Gavin Sheets a big hug before beginning batting practice Thursday afternoon at Minute Maid Park. A few minutes later, Eloy Jiménez and Yasmani Grandal watched from behind the cage as Abreu took a few swings. A few minutes af
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Appeals Court Orders New Trial For Man Convicted Of Killing 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton
CHICAGO — An Illinois appeals court on Friday overturned the convictions of a man who was serving an 84-year sentence in the 2013 shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old honors student and a majorette who had performed at then-President Bar
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Chicago Teachers Union Members File Unfair Labor Complaint Against Union Over Dues Money Funneled To Brandon Johnson Mayoral Campaign
CHICAGO — Less than a week before the mayoral runoff election between Chicago Teachers Union organizer Brandon Johnson and former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, three CTU members filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the union. Qu
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My Worst Moment: The Time Dermot Mulroney Was So Unprepared, His Co-star Laid Into Him
Dermot Mulroney is in Australia shooting his next project and, because of his schedule, that meant talking to the Tribune by phone at 5 a.m. his time. That’s nothing new for actors, he said. “Even my own near-90-year-old mother turned to me a year or
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A Student Created A Media Platform By And About People Of Color To Fill A Void In Campus Journalism
It was sickle cell anemia that brought Chicago-born, Detroit-raised Tiffani Jackson to Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal in 2017. Having endured some attacks, called pain crises, while attending Grambling State University, she made the
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‘Murder Mystery 2′ Review: Sandler And Aniston Reteam For Another International Comedy Whodunit
If you admire the blunt, descriptive simplicity of a movie title like “Murder Mystery,” then I suppose “Murder Mystery 2″ is right up your alley. The 2019 original stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as a working class couple from New York — Nick
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Artist With Disability Remains Resilient As She Looks For Opportunities To Work After Falling Into Homelessness
CHICAGO -- There was a time, in her younger years, when Monserrat Moran, lived for her dreams, just like any other kid. She wanted to be an artist, fall in love, have her own family and buy a home. But as she grew older, she was constantly reminded t
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Nico Hoerner And Cubs Make Short-term Bet On Each Other With 3-year Extension: ‘This Is Where I Want To Be’
CHICAGO — Within his locker in the Chicago Cubs clubhouse, Nico Hoerner keeps a physical reminder of his connection to the organization’s most successful stretch in the modern era. Hoerner’s stall previously belonged to Anthony Rizzo, and the second
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Michael Phillips: The Movies’ Greatest Action Scenes, From The Silent Era To ‘John Wick 4′
With director Chad Stahelski’s massively successful opening week of “John Wick: Chapter 4” dominating a nervous film industry at the moment, the time is right to argue about the movies’ century-plus tradition of action cinema. Cathartic or punishing,
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Review: ‘Rye Lane’ On Hulu Is A Rom-com With Spark, And Actual Romance
A swift, bright 77 minutes not counting end credits, the South London-set “Rye Lane” (streaming on Hulu Friday) has two fantastic faces at its center and a wealth of vibrant visual detail in every frame. The movie, director Raine Allen-Miller’s featu
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Editorial: After The Nashville School Shooting, America Must Do More Than Grieve. It Must Act
Again, America grieves. Monday morning, an assailant wielding two assault-style weapons and a pistol gunned down three students, all age 9, and three adults at a small private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the eighth mass killing a
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Paul Sullivan: Opening Day At Wrigley Field Melds Cubs’ Past With Future
CHICAGO — Every opening day brings a reminder of something from the past, and the past is a prologue when it comes to the Chicago Cubs. The yin and yang of Cubs baseball was in evidence again Thursday at the season opener at Wrigley Field, where the
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White Sox Give Pedro Grifol A Victory In His Managerial Debut, Rallying For 3-2 Win Against Astros
HOUSTON — The Chicago White Sox stood on the third-base line after both teams were introduced and watched as the Houston Astros held their 2022 championship ceremony before Thursday’s game at Minute Maid Park. Every major league team is striving for
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Commentary: There Are Consequences To Pursuing A War Crimes Case Against Vladimir Putin
The International Criminal Court’s March 17 decision to issue war crimes charges against Russian President Vladimir Putin was shocking in more ways than one. This was the first time in 12 years a head of state has been charged by the international co
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In Race For Chicago Mayor, Paul Vallas’ And Brandon Johnson’s Campaign Donors Are As Different As The Candidates
CHICAGO — Since Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson became the last candidates standing for Chicago mayor, the two have been on campaign fundraising overdrive, collecting nearly $17 million in less than a month. Vallas, the former Chicago Public Schools
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How The Ghost And The Words Of Chicago Writer Nelson Algren Are Being Kept Alive
CHICAGO — Nelson Algren will not go away. Although he moved from Chicago in 1975 and died in 1981, he has managed to remain a frequent visitor, in the form of his famous novels, of course, but also in other ways that have given him a strange form of
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Chicago’s Next Mayor Will Face Deep Financial Problems, Massive Deficits And A Pension Hole
CHICAGO — On the campaign trail, both mayoral candidates paint sweeping visions of a shinier, more prosperous Chicago under their watch. Brandon Johnson is known to deploy food analogies to explain why he believes the city — which he calls “one of th
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‘Tetris’ Review: Hollywood Loves A Corporate Origin Story, Even For Falling Blocks
A combination of art and math, Tetris is 8-bit poetry in motion — or so goes the sales pitch offered up in director Jon S. Baird’s biopic about efforts to license the Russian video game for distribution and … are you still awake? Hollywood loves a co
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Author Bill Zehme, Whose Subjects Included Sinatra, Hugh Hefner, Leno And Andy Kaufman, Is Dead At 64
CHICAGO — Name a star or celebrity of the last 40 years and it’s likely that person was the subject of Bill Zehme’s keen mind and artful writing, in such magazines as Rolling Stone, Playboy, Vanity Fair and Esquire, and in bestselling books in collab
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Chicago Mayoral Candidates Spar During Last Televised Debate Before Election
CHICAGO — Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson spent the last televised debate before next Tuesday’s mayoral election on the defensive as they faced tough questions about their political records and associations. Johnson and Vallas spoke about issues rang
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Commentary: Illinois’ Biometric Privacy Law Has Created A Massive Liability Regime
The Illinois Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that exposes the White Castle burger chain to as much as $17 billion in liability because it didn’t get explicit permission from employees to use biometric controls on its time clocks and computers.
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Commentary: Would A JetBlue And Spirit Merger Be All That Bad For Travelers?
JetBlue is seeking permission to merge with Spirit Airlines. The U.S. Department of Justice is working to block the purchase. Does this make sense for air travelers? JetBlue sells itself as an upscale low-cost airline, with 34 inches of seat pitch an
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Paul Sullivan: Nico Hoerner’s 3-year, $35 Million Extension Was A Small Step Forward In Cubs’ Future
CHICAGO — The Chicago Cubs signed second baseman Nico Hoener to a three-year, $35 million extension, according to multiple reports — a small but important step toward the team’s future. The deal with Hoerner, who had a .281 average and 10 home runs i
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Editorial: Unrest Sweeps Across Israel, And Netanyahu Has Only Himself To Blame
Israelis embrace the ideal of democracy with the same fervor that Americans do. It’s why, on Monday, the people of Israel effectively shut down their country’s economy in a defiant, urgent statement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dangero
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