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Himalayan Diffidence
After talking with Chinese supremo Xi Jinping, a rattled US president Joe Biden warned that China will “eat our lunch”. Considering the military disengagement under way now in eastern Ladakh could end up consolidating Chinese territorial gains, Prime
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“People Pay Us To Have So Much Fun, What More Can We Ask For?”
In the world of design and architecture there are only a few who haven’t heard about IMK Architects. The practice was founded in 1957 with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, lead by architect IM Kadri. Today his son, partner and principal architect Rah
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Get The Look
Neutrals can be striking too. Don’t believe us, just take a look at this living space styled by The Pure Concept Home. The striped beige sofa and jute rug look spectacular against the printed wallpaper. On closer inspection you will find that texture
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Hotsheet Pick Of The Month
This new Powerful Strength Line-Reducing and Dark Circle Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum from apothecary brand Kiehl’s is the perfect antidote to lack of sleep, stress and increased screen time—in short everyone’s every day. Price ₹1,800; Availabili
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Bringing Horror Home
The picture first did the rounds on WhatsApp. Two girls were seen hanging from a tree in the remote Uttar Pradesh village of Katra. TV journalists who reached Budaun on May 28, 2014, made apparent they were in an India they did not recognise. They ca
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The Gold Standard
Personal, functional, bespoke, individualistic and authentic, a piece of jewellery is different things to different people, but a pandemic can be a leveller in ways that few can comprehend or counter. The past year has weighed on the collective psych
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Cookbook author, public speaker, farm advocate, chef, and restaurateur, Suvir Saran helmed Devi in New York City—the first Indian restaurant in America to receive a Michelin Star. He is also the chair of the Asian arm of the Culinary Institute of Ame
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Fatal Attacks On Foresters
BIHAR: Members of a timber mafia kill forest guards Arjun Yadav and Hiralal Kushwaha in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve in Bihar’s West Champaran district in January 2019 UTTAR PRADESH: Timber smugglers shoot down deputy ranger D.N. Pandey of the state fo
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Opening Scenes
In one of the more engaging chapters of this book about Bombay’s “cine-ecology”, Debashree Mukherjee examines the larger significance of the hunger strike by the actress Shanta Apte against Prabhat Studios, Poona, in 1939. Part of what Apte was prote
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Detente At The Roof Of The World
The Indian Army circulated the first videos from the world’s highest all-arms military standoff on February 11. A squadron of dun-coloured Chinese Type 99 main battle tanks (MBTs) driving down the rolling hills of the Kailash Range in eastern Ladakh.
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Peak Performance
Many superlatives come to mind when you think of Rolex, but the one recurring thought is the power of legacy. Honouring tradition with innovation is a brand imprimatur, and the new 18 carat yellow gold version of its Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, fit
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The New Local
Poll plank: Opposition to CAA; ‘Assam First’ agenda Leadership: Lurinjyoti Gogoi, 39, PhD student Alliance status: Has teamed up with Raijor Dal Poll plank: Opposition to CAA; protection for farmers and the marginalised classes Leadership: Akhil Gogo
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A Stormy Flight Ahead
When the pandemic forced weeks of shutdown of domestic and international air travel in India in end-March last year, SpiceJet chairman & MD Ajay Singh got down to some out-of-the-box thinking to navigate his airline through the impending financial cr
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Is The Worst Over?
As India enters Unlock 9—almost a year after first going into lockdown on March 24, 2020—and reopens its cinema halls, malls and swimming pools, it may be a good time to ask where we stand in our fight against Covid-19. The official statistics look e
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Present Perfect
A single malt Scotch is tasteful but a Japanese single malt says au courant. Price ₹11,980 (Delhi); ₹17,776 (Mumbai) Celebrate James Bond style, whether shaken or stirred, with Poland’s purest Vodka. Price ₹3735 (Delhi); ₹6176 (Mumbai); ₹6197 (Banga
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That bird motif, those animal prints, pretty paisleys or the abstract patterns, when used correctly they can make any space stand out. Unfortunately, people shy away from using too many prints and patterns, but truth be told all you need to do is bal
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Leh’s Best Kept Secret
The traveller gazing at the sweeping vistas of Ladakh often misses the perspective of the region as an important trading outpost of the silk route. The region’s cultural significance as a melting pot of Central Asian cultural influences has been ecli
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Sparkling Saga
• 75ml Jacob’s Creek Sparkling• 75ml Mandarin Orange juice• 5 ml Grenadine• Mandarin orange slice to garnish 1. Ensure that the Jacob’s Creek sparkling wine and juice are chilled well. 2. Mix it in the glass. 3. Then gently pour the grenadine. 4. Gar
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The Elixir of Life
While the grapevine has been abuzz with wine sommeliers for a while, it’s only with the emergence of the Fine Waters category and the growth of the Fine Water industry that water sommeliers have finally stood their ground. A water sommelier is someon
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Ground Report
Your floors set the tone for your interiors. So picking one that suits your needs both in form and function is imperative. But before the selection process one should know what each type of flooring is all about, the pros and the cons. It’s a go to s
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Letter From The Editor-in-chief
INDULGENCE WAS LUXURY’S BETTER HALF IN A PRE-COVID world but things have changed. After the pandemic focussed our attention on the frailty of our existence we were forced to learn that there must be more to life than having everything. Luxury in the
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The Original Ott Star
When Sumeet Vyas began his journey as a web series actor, he earned Rs 500 a day, just enough to cover the cost of petrol and cigarettes. Permanent Roommates (2014), one of India’s first streaming originals, though, became a hit and, with it, Vyas fo
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Import Licence
Last year, actor Ayushmann Khurrana had posted a video of his piano rendition of the Italian track ‘Bella Ciao’ on Twitter. His post came with a plea to Indian filmmakers to remake Netflix’s Money Heist— the most searched show on Google in 2020—and c
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FAQ File
What does vaccine efficacy mean? Contrary to the perception that it refers to the extent to which the vaccine will protect you, vaccine efficacy indicates the percentage of people from among the vaccinated who will be protected by the vaccine. For
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Last-minute Prep
On February 15, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath launched the ‘Abhyudaya Yojana’, a scheme under which registered civil services aspirants will be given free coaching for competitive exams. This, though, has the babus scrambling for their
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Tap into stylish design with VitrA’s new Origin faucets and accessories. The faucets are available in polished and matte finishes such as chrome, copper, matte black and brushed nickel options. PRICE on request AT The Linea Serie
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Landing the Moon
Toying with tradition may be the ultimate torture for purists, but reinventing a classic is sometimes the best way to ensure its eternal charm. So also for OMEGA’s legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch. While it has always kept pace with technological chan
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The Next Stage
Q. What triggered the idea of ‘maajja’? There is a need for an alternate, creative ecosystem where deserving talent gets its due. With a good team of professionals and the right infrastructure, artists can truly shine, and that is our vision with maa
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Passive Politics
Age is finally catching up with former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda. After declaring several times over the past decade that he will not contest elections, the 87-year-old on February 14 said he will restrict himself to an advisory role in the Jana
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