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'All Will Disappear': Sun Sets On Kashmir's Traditional Houseboats As Tourism, And Dal Lake, Dry Up
High in the foothills of the Himalayas, on a lake ringed by Mughal-era gardens, Imtiyaz Ahmad and two other Kashmiri men were hard at work earlier this month cleaning a sumptuous cedar-wood houseboat. In happier times, Young Beauty Star was a popular
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Racist Episodes Spark Soul-searching In Singapore: 'Why Is This Still Happening?'
The victim of May's attack told local media that the suspect - a 30-year-old has been arrested - had approached her from behind while she was walking briskly through a park with her face mask lowered. The 55-year-old ethnic Indian woman said the man
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Quarantined South Koreans' Passports Mistakenly Burned After Chinese Workers Mistook Them For Garbage
The incident happened after they were put into a three-week mandatory quarantine at a hotel in Beijing on June 4, Yonhap news agency and Hankook Ilbo daily reported. Chinese authorities had collected their passports to make photocopies and complete t
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G7 Support A Boost To Taiwan's Importance But Could Threaten Its Security
An unprecedented statement of support for Taiwan from the G7 last weekend has boosted the self-ruled island's importance and is likely to renew Taipei's efforts in securing membership of, or participation in, international organisations, analysts sai
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Hainan, China's Hawaii, Faces An Uphill Struggle To Catch Hong Kong, Singapore And Dubai
This month last year, Beijing released a three-phase master plan for the island, home to 9 million people. The first phase aims for the entire island to impose zero tariffs on imported goods and for one part of the province, Yangpu, to become a free-
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In Malaysia's Constant Crisis, Conditions Are Perfect For Muhyiddin The Politician
Last week was a succession of power-positioning from every side of the political spectrum. Mahathir proposed the formation of a special council (Mageran) to take over the management of multiple crises - health, economic, social and political - echoin
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Aung San Suu Kyi Trial: How Myanmar's Judicial System Is Stacked Against The Deposed Leader
Initially charged with the illegal possession of walkie-talkies, charges against the pro-democracy leader have escalated dramatically. She now stands accused of various counts of corruption that, if she is found guilty, could result in what is effect
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It's Exploitation, It's Abuse - But When Will Online Sexual Violence Against Women And Children Be Taken Seriously?
Then it got even worse. Her colleague, who had been courting her, tried to coerce her into having sex with him and threatened to share the video with her partner and work groups. Do you have questions about the biggest topics and trends from around t
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Vietnamese Being Trafficked By Chinese Nationals To Work In Cambodian Casinos, Officials Warn
In a Facebook post, the Vietnamese embassy urged its citizens to be vigilant about suspicious advertisements for jobs offering between US$800 and US$1,000 a month. Do you have questions about the biggest topics and trends from around the world? Get t
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Japan To Outline Taiwan's Strategic Importance, Concerns Over China's Maritime Strength In Defence White Paper
A draft shown to policymakers in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party several weeks ago, and referenced in the Japanese Asahi newspaper this week, describes stability in the Taiwan Strait as crucial for Japan. It will be the first time the self-ruled
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Which Covid-19 Vaccine Is The Best? That's A Complicated Question
As the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines accelerates, people are increasingly asking which vaccine is best? Even if we tried to answer this question, defining which vaccine is "best" is not simple. Does that mean the vaccine better at protecting you from
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The US$140,000 Mobile Hospitals Helping India Fight Covid-19: 'All You Need Is Electricity And Water'
Instead, the 25-year-old civil engineer was fine-tuning a solution: collapsible, portable hospitals that can be transported by trucks and set up within days to offer extra capacity as "hospital extensions". Do you have questions about the biggest top
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From Udupi To Hong Kong: How An Indian Temple Town's Vegetarian Cuisine Spread Across The World
Mentioning Udupi cuisine triggers a vivid memory for Rakesh Raghunathan. "The most amazing dish that I have had at a Udupi restaurant is at the old Dasaprakash Hotel in Mysore, where they served haalbai, a halwa made with rice flour, jaggery, coconut
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Australians 'Not Willing To Give Up' On China Despite Growing Mistrust, Survey Finds
A new poll by the university's Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) and its Centre for Business Intelligence & Data Analytics (BIDA) found that, amid a deteriorating diplomatic relationship between the two countries, Australians held conflictin
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From Indonesia To Singapore, China's Rise Is Affecting Ethnic Identities In Southeast Asia
From Zhou Enlai to Deng Xiaoping, Beijing's policy towards Chinese overseas was luodi shenggen (to take local roots), which encouraged them to take local citizenship and integrate themselves into local society. In the 21st century, following the rise
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Coronavirus: Can Japan Counter China's Vaccine Diplomacy With Southeast Asian Donations?
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Malaysian King Says Urgent Parliamentary Debate Needed On Covid-19 Exit Strategy
Concurrently, the heads of the country's nine hereditary royal households said in a collective statement that an ongoing state of emergency that expires on August 1 should not be extended. Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah's statement followed an a
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As Vietnam Fights Climate Change, Has It Missed The Wood For A Billion Trees?
In 2017, 258 trees that had dated back to the French colonial period were removed from a major street in central Ho Chi Minh City for the construction of a bridge. Last month, city officials announced that 178 trees on the same road would be cut down
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In India, Was A High-profile Sexual Assault Case Let Down By Poor Policing And Victim-blaming?
When an Indian journalist took her editor to court in 2013 for allegedly sexually assaulting her in a hotel lift, she hoped the case would be a measure of justice in a country where sexual harassment by men often goes unreported and survivors seldom
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Coronavirus Vaccines: Will Hong Kong Answer The Philippines' Plea For City's Excess Supplies?
Specialists interviewed for this article were surprised by Locsin's claim that a manufacturer would ban the sale or donation of its vaccines to a third party - though they said that liability would be a concern once the jabs had left a company's temp
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Singapore Academic Dickson Yeo, Who Spied On The US For China, Detained By Island Nation's Authorities
Dickson Yeo, 40, was arrested in Singapore in December last year, according to a Tuesday statement from the island nation's Internal Security Department (ISD), following his deportation from the US, where he had served a 14-month prison term. He was
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Indonesia To Buy 8 Italian Frigates And Hike Defence Spending As China Tensions Rise
Analysts say the deal highlights the Southeast Asian nation's concerns over violations of its territory by Chinese vessels and its ability to defend its interests with its current fleet of ageing vessels. According to a leaked document, the Indonesi
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Arrests Within Months If ICC Crimes Against Humanity Probe Into Rodrigo Duterte's Drug War Goes Ahead: Rights Lawyer
In a 57-page document, the ICC's outgoing chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said her office's review had found "a reasonable basis to believe" the Duterte government had "deliberately" killed 12,000 to 30,000 Filipinos between 2016 and 2019. It said th
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Take The Pressure Off Hong Kong's Musicians
THE WILD BOYS I have memories of travelling around in the back of an exhausted 10-year-old Bedford CF van with the band back in 1982. It was a cheap heap bought from a dodgy mate of our keyboardist, John. "Final Academy" was the name of the band, and
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Indonesian Politician's Mid-flight Death Sparks Probe, Casts Spotlight On Threats To Environmental Activists
When Indonesian politician Helmud Hontong boarded a flight from Denpasar in Bali to the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi last week, he was in good spirits. The Vice-Regent of the remote Sangihe Islands in North Sulawesi province was on his way home
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Will Tourism Reopenings And More Stimulus Be Enough To Kick-start Thailand's Post-pandemic Economic Recovery?
Last week Thaisho, a small bar in Bangkok, got rid of its tables, chairs, glasses and cutlery, and closed its doors for good. "There is no way to foresee how our business can return," said owner Em, 31. "There is not a single relief measure from the
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Cambodian Officials Accuse Washington Of Interference After Denying US Attache Full Access To Ream Naval Base
Lieutenant General Suon Samnang, deputy general director of policy and foreign affairs at the Cambodian defence ministry, on Friday said outgoing US defence attache Colonel Marcus Ferrara had wanted to inspect a site at the Ream Naval Base where Amer
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Why Didn't The Rest Of Asia Get A Taste For Chinese Hero Yuan Longping's Hybrid Rice?
As a guest professor at the Institute of Food and Nutrition Development in Beijing, Suresh Babu often finds himself eating out at Chinese restaurants after his lectures. Fortunately for him, Babu is a "rice lover". "Whenever I go to China, I find hyb
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After Gojek's Merger, Are Indonesian Delivery Riders Getting A Worse Deal?
Hot on the heels of a multibillion-dollar merger between Indonesia's tech behemoths Gojek and Tokopedia is not the much-anticipated public listing by their parent, GoTo Group, but a strike from drivers of Gojek's same-day parcel delivery service. The
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Geisha Company In Japanese City Of Niigata Bets On Crowdfunding To Survive Coronavirus Downturn
An ultra-modern online crowdfunding campaign has come to the rescue of one of the most traditional and uniquely Japanese businesses in the north coast city of Niigata - its geisha community. Niigata's geisha quarter has a long and storied history, bu
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