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2021 Acura TLX
It’s best not to judge a car by its design, but sometimes we can’t help it. The 2021 Acura TLX’s more premium proportions and sporty detailing instantly distinguish the luxury sport sedan from its predecessor, but there’s more to the picture than jus
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2020 Porsche Taycan
The CliffsNotes summary of the electric Porsche Taycan is this: a staggeringly impressive vehicle that struggled against some of our Car of the Year criteria. Remember, we employ six key criteria when evaluating cars during COTY, which is how the $26
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2021 Audi S4
The 2021 Audi A4 is a midcycle refresh. But some refreshes are milder than others. The sheetmetal of the A4 and sibling S4 is ever so slightly tweaked, the infotainment and digital dash screens are new, and not much else has changed; engines and tran
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We know what it means. Or at least what it’s supposed to mean. Yet the word excellence in today’s hyperbolic lexicon has become the go-to endorsement of everything from resort timeshares to pharmaceutical marketing to pork industry remediation. Let’s
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Reference Mark
@markrechtin The Volvo on the left is the V60 Polestar Engineered, a fizzing family hauler with 415 hp and 494 lb-ft coursing through its 2.0-liter superturbo-four engine and motors. It has a ground clearance of 5.4 inches and gets 28/33 mpg city/hig
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2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe
The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is the Bavarian brand’s newest and least expensive sedan, slotting right under the 3 Series sedan. Unlike most BMW sedans, however, it rides on the same front-drive-based platform as the X1 and X2 crossovers (and the Mini
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Forbidden Fruit
Compared with many of today’s compact SUVs, the 2020 Suzuki Jimny is slow, crude, and cramped. It drives a lot like a mid-’80s rear-drive Japanese car. But it’s also so honest and unpretentious, so full of character and charm, and so surprisingly cap
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Nascar 2020: Under Pressure Brings The Intensity
It all started with a dramatic Daytona 500 that was delayed a day by rain for the second time ever and then went to a thrilling overtime, with Denny Hamlin roaring to the checkered flag by a scant 0.014 of a second. Then came the pandemic, which upen
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2021 BMW 4 Series
There is a well-traveled rumor that the BMW 4 Series exterior design team has been reassigned to styling door handles and seat belt mountings for the rest of their careers. OK, maybe that’s fake news. But it does prove that Germans have a sense of hu
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Sheer Pace, Unflappable Poise
The 2021 Ferrari Roma is an emphatic celebration of the Italian gran turismo, a genre that in the 1950s and ’60s resulted in some of the most beautiful and desirable cars ever built in Maranello. But the Roma is not a carefully crafted homage to the
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2021 Acura MDX Prototype
Tom Nguyen, Acura’s global development leader for the 2022 Acura MDX, has been waiting four years for this day. In 2016, he and a team of 19 engineers, product planners, and designers met at Acura’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, hopped into
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2021 Cadillac CT4
If you were the betting type, you might think that the odds-on favorite to win our 2021 Car of the Year award would be the Cadillac CT4. Why’s that? Pedigree. Twice this past decade, a car underpinned by General Motors’ excellent rear-drive Alpha pla
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Instant Icon
The long, black coupe sits in a pool of sunlight washing down through a gap in the overpass above us. The engine burbles a classic V-8 refrain from hidden tailpipes as the headlights and hood ornament glow like candles in a winter window. An elbow re
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2021 Hyundai Santa Fe
The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe has received an—ahem—refresh. We almost spit out our coffee at the description. The word “refresh” in automotive parlance gets a lot of exercise. We’ve seen it used when a model gets a new fascia and a new color. We have als
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2021 Chrysler Pacifica
The Chrysler Pacifica has been a longtime favorite of MotorTrend. Not only do we love the way it drives, but we also love the way it treats the family. In fact, two years ago we crowned it America’s best family car after beating vehicles in several s
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Motor Trend 5oo
A collaboration between NASCAR, Riverside International Raceway, and Petersen Publishing (the company that founded MotorTrend and Hot Rod magazines), the Motor Trend 500 offered West Coast motorsports enthusiasts an opportunity to see big-money stock
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Mt Confidential
So long, 9,000 rpm. The 992-series Porsche 911 GT3, set to make its debut this year, might be the last with a naturally aspirated engine. Sources inside Porsche’s Weissach R&D center say it is virtually impossible that a naturally aspirated engine wi
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2021 Genesis G80
We really wanted to love the 2021 Genesis G80, but the midsize luxury sedan segment requires a delicate touch the redesigned model just doesn’t deliver. Genesis has nailed certain aspects while leaving us cold in others. The most basic compliment we
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Mt Garage
EPA City/Hwy/Comb Fuel Econ 25/32/27 mpg Base Price $30,700 As Tested $31,625 Like the relationship of Jim and Pam on The Office, an automaker evolving from a mainstream to a luxury brand is compelling to watch. There’s a will-they-won’t-they tension
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2022 Volkswagen Taos
The new Taos is Volkswagen’s smallest SUV, slotting beneath the all-electric ID4 and the recently refreshed Tiguan. Like most VW products these days, the Taos is built on the Modular Transverse Architecture (MQB) platform. Its wheelbase of 105.9 inch
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2020 Genesis G90
It wasn’t all that long ago that a big sedan like the 2020 Genesis G90 would be considered the flagship vehicle for a luxury brand. As consumer tastes have changed, the big three European luxury automakers’ flagships—the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Me
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The Big Picture
The first time I visited the Maserati factory on Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena, just a mile’s walk from the city’s 12th century cathedral, the plant was building Biturbo coupés. Well, sort of. Although technically interesting—the V-6-powered Biturbo w
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2021 McLaren 765LT
It talks to you, this McLaren, the chassis and steering and powertrain and brakes engaging in a deeply meaningful running dialog that lets you know exactly what is happening, and why, all the time. There is perhaps no other roadgoing supercar in the
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2021 Kia K5
The 2021 Kia K5 is trying to impress. This midsize sedan replaced the Optima in North America and adopted sportier styling than the outgoing model. The Optima wasn’t really known for its dynamic feeling or styling—it was a nice sedan that didn’t impr
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Rear View
PRICE: $0.50 America’s new Chevrolet Vega and Ford Pinto took on the bug-sized gorilla in the room in our January 1971 issue. Although the basic VW Beetle design was 33 years old by the time we wrote this comparison, the Volkswagen handily won this s
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2020 Mini Cooper Electric
The 2020 Mini Cooper Electric is a time machine in a lot of ways. Open the driver-side door, slip into the Chesterfield Grey leather buckets, and finger the bright yellow toggle switch at the base of the center stack, and you, like me, might immediat
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2021 Volkswagen ID4 Prototype
Before we detail our experiences with a preproduction Volkswagen ID4, let’s take a quick glance at the competition. After all, electric SUVs are sprouting like weeds these days. At $39,995 before applicable tax incentives, the ID4 undercuts the Tesla
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2021 Polestar 2
It’s not easy launching a new brand, but by all accounts Polestar is off to a good start. The new EV brand jointly owned by Geely and Volvo launched its first vehicle, the plug-in hybrid Polestar 1, late last year. Although it’s a fantastic vehicle—b
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Elon Musk’s original Tesla Roadster used a two-speed transmission. It proved problematic, so he dropped the extra ratio and still delivered cars and SUVs capable of both brutal acceleration and license-endangering top speeds. So who needs multiple ge
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