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Winter Wildlife
Ben Hall is one of the UK’s leading wildlife photographers, with many international awards to his name. His images are widely published throughout the world, he has co-authored two books and runs photography workshops in the UK and overseas. Visit ww
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Lights of Passion By Aishwarya Sridhar
Talking from her home in the Mumbai suburb of Panvel, Aishwarya Sridhar exudes positivity. She has good reason to. At only 23 years old, she was awarded a Highly Commended in the Behaviour: Invertebrates category of 2020’s Wildlife Photographer of th
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DJI Mini 2
Although it has dropped the Mavic moniker, the Mini 2 is the upgrade to the DJI Mavic Mini that launched in October 2019. That created lots of excitement in drone circles because it weighs 249g, which means it comes under the CAA’s 250g threshold for
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Ben’s Top Tips For Shooting Winter Wildlife
Flat light and winter weather can offer the perfect opportunity to experiment with a high-key effect. The key is to keep things simple. During periods of snow and frost, seek out a pale subject and expose to the right to keep the whites clean and pre
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Aishwarya Sridhar
Aishwarya Sridhar is a 23-year-old photographer, conservationist and filmmaker from Mumbai, India. Her work has appeared in BBC Wildlife, The Guardian, Mongabay, Sanctuary Asia, Saevus and Times of India, among other titles. She has also presented th
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If you’re an experienced pilot it’s easy to dismiss the Mini 2’s QuickShots modes – Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle and Boomerang – but they’re very good. These set up the drone to fly and film automatically to create smooth video without the need to m
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Why It Works
I captured these whooper swans just as the sun was sinking. The light levels were low, but the vivid winter sky and the visible sun meant that shutter speeds were fast enough to freeze the birds. The intensity of the sun was muted by a layer of hazy
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Neon Nights
Take one look at Liam Wong’s night-time images of the city of Tokyo and you’re transported to a Blade Runner-like world, a nocturnal sci-fi playground that dazzles the eye and imprints itself on your brain. The obvious cinematic reference is no surpr
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Our Verdict
The DJI Mini 2 is more stable and less easily buffeted by the wind than the Mavic Mini so the footage looks very smooth with plenty of detail visible. In addition, the enhanced transmission technology seems to make the connection between the controll
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Experiment With Shutter Speeds
These two images of black-tailed godwits in flight show how dramatic the difference between a fast and slow shutter speed can be. The first was taken with a speed of 1/250sec, which has created a fairly sharp and distinct image of the birds. The seco
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Liam Wong’s Top 10 Low-light Shooting Tips
1 Try to find a strong light source. If you can’t find one, introduce one. I find that if you’re practising low light then the easiest place to start is to find a window that’s lit up at night because you’re going to find a way to expose that. 2 Put
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Lowepro ProTactic BP 300 AW II
● £160 ● LOWEPRO’S ProTactic collection of camera bags has recently been updated with an emphasis on improving organisation, access and protection. The ProTactic BP 300 AW II is the smallest of three backpacks and is aimed at photogr
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A Week In Photography
Welcome to the first Premium Edition of what I hope will be a better year. We’re getting off to the best start we can with an issue dedicated to low-light photography. We’ve got lots of great tips for high-ISO and long-exposure shooting, and for gett
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Swans In Flight
1 Use shutter priority to select a speed of at least 1/1000sec in order to freeze the motion of a bird in flight. 2 Adjust your ISO setting according to the amount of available light. Don’t be afraid of increasing the ISO if light levels are low, as
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Keep Noise To A Minimum
Unless you’re using a tripod and shooting long exposures in low light, you have to push up your camera’s sensitivity (ISO) setting to get sharp images. Consequently, noise will be a feature of your shots, but you can reduce its visibility either in-c
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DIGITAL STARS A Digital Classic
Consider what makes a camera a classic. It has to be of a certain vintage. When new it would have had innovative features. Those features will have stood the test of time. And it still works. Apply those criteria to film cameras and you come up with
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This Week In 1968
French screen goddess Brigitte Bardot is surrounded by photographers on the set of her latest film, the Edward Dmytryk western Shalako. The film also starred Sean Connery and was shot at Shepperton Studios, near London, with on-location filming takin
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Gas And Glamour
‘Ilove cars and I love Los Angeles for being a city of cars,’ declares New York City-based photographer Ashok Sinha. Sinha and I recently had a transatlantic conversation via video conference, as you do these days. We were mainly chatting about the r
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Our Guide To The Best Lenses For Low Light
At this time of year, if you pop outside with your camera after about 3pm, you soon realise that low-light photography doesn’t just mean shooting in the dead of night or inside a gloomy music venue (remember those?), as you’ll find yourself pushing u
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Yashica Mimy
The Yashica Mimy is a half frame 35mm camera that was introduced in 1963. Half-frame cameras were popular for two reasons, for one thing you got twice as many photos from each film, and of course the cameras tended to be smaller. Whereas conventional
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It's Good To Share
‘I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition of the valleys, sea, and steelworks of my home town of Port Talbot. They are very striking at night,’ says Paul, whose name might sound familiar. ‘Ordinarily I spend a good deal of time travelling, as a singer
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China In His Hands
During the interview, multi-award-winning Agence France-Presse (AFP) staff photographer Nicolas Asfouri talks a lot about luck and he talks a lot about hard work. When he received the call detailing his World Press 2020 Photo Contest, General News, S
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Letter Of The Week
In common, I suspect, with many people who have built up a collection of lenses, and often camera bodies, for their chosen system, I have increasingly found myself spoilt for choice. Going out with a camera and two or three lenses invariably resulted
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Best Buys
● £370 ● Olympus’s Tough compacts have habitually won our underwater camera group tests, and this latest model is still the best of its type. It’s waterproof to 15m, shockproof against a 2.4m drop, crushproof and freezeproof. The 25
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Each week we choose our favourite picture on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Twitter using #appicoftheweek. PermaJet proudly supports the online picture of the week winner, who will receive a top-quality print of their image on the finest PermaJet pap
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Nicolas Asfouri
worked for AFP for 19 years.›He began his career as a freelancer in London in 2001, becoming staff photographer in 2004. In 2005 he was named as chief photographer in Portugal then Thailand in 2008. Nicolas has covered a wide range of news events and
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A Samsung 64GB EVO Plus microSDXC with SD adapter Class 10 UHS-1 Grade U3 memory card supports 4K UHD. Offering R/W speeds of up to 100MB/s /20MB/s and a 10-year limited warranty. LETTER OF THE WEEK WINS A SAMSUNG EVO
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Also In The Range
If you prefer shoulder bags you may wish to consider Lowepro’s ProTactic MG 160 AW II. It features an easy-to-adjust shoulder strap with a stabiliser strap and has a tripod attachment underneath. It’s compatible with ProTactic series modular accessor
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Park Updates Online Printing Service
WORKING with Fujifilm, Park Cameras has introduced an updated online service that replicates the photo kiosks found in its Burgess Hill and Central London stores. ‘The new online service is much more user-friendly than before, making it easier than e
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Reader Portfolio
I am now retired but still teach night photography, which is my passion. Cities and towns at night, especially where there is a waterway or seafront. I’d always had cameras, but was quite point and click. After doing a short course at college and jo
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