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What Say You?
WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, the letters are among the most keenly read parts of the magazine. Please try and keep letters down to no more than 300 words. Then you can read many, not just a couple. We do reserve the right to cut them and, unless you ide
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PRICE: $26,000 (plus on-road charges) WARRANTY:Two years, unlimited distance SERVICING INTERVALS: Every 12,000km or 12 months ENGINE: 998cc liquid-cooled in-line four cylinder, 76x55mm bore/stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder POWER: 149.3kW @ 13,200r
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It’s A Goodun’
Good staff, very friendly locals, quality blow-ins, decent food, reasonable drinks prices, secure bike parking and good accommodation, this place pretty much has it all – and that’s before considering the surrounding roads and countryside.And the sur
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MOTO MORINI’S BIG TWINS had it all, except enough buyers to make the marque last. In 2006 the big news in the motorcycle industry was the rebirth of this fabled Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Tales of big capacity V-twin motorcycles had us journos
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WHEN IT COMES TO places around the world to ride motorcycles, there are so many possibilities for epic riding, sensational scenery and fascinating culture. To help you pick through and inspire you to get out and find your ultimate riding adventure, w
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Tech Specs
• WEIGHT: including oil and 5 litres of fuel ready to race: 171kg • POWER: 180+ rear wheel horsepower (yep, over 200 at the crankshaft). • ENGINE CAPACITY: 1188cc •Vince & Hyde Super head - Valve train weight is 50% of OEM. • Crane cams. • Custom hig
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Australian Motorcyclist
Editor Stuart Woodbury Contributing Editor J Peter Thoeming Sales Manager Ralph Leavsey-Moase Designer Blair Pagan Photographers Nick Wood Creative, Half-Light Photographic Contributors Jacqui Kennedy, Robert Lovas,
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OCCASIONALLY SOMEONE TELLS ME that I have the best job in the world, riding motorcycles around and visiting all sorts of great places (I wish, at the moment, but it will happen again!) Well, Meet Jarryd who has at least as good a job as I do. He will
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Letter Of The Month
M ARC IS THE WINNER of our new letter of the month prize from the great folk at Motul. He’s gone crazy for the crazy chickens… enjoy cleaning your chain, mate. Send me your mailing address. Lads! How bloody good was that Pub of the Month in the last
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Honda Cb750f Bol D’or
HOW DID TWO TENACIOUS New Zealanders, with a lifelong passion for Post Classic motorcycle racing, overcome countless technical challenges to develop what is arguably the fastest and most exquisitely built classic Honda Four ‘monster’ on the planet? O
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The Food Is Better At The Royal
I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why that sentence seemed like a good title for a story. But I heard it a couple of times from different people in Guyra, and it just stuck in my mind. I can hear you wondering what this is all about, so listen very carefully
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NEW ZEALAND IS ALMOST spooky. Its museums hold so many treasures from all over the world that it is quite eerie. What do I mean? Well, for instance, parts of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine, the world’s first computer, designed and built in Engla
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What’s Wrong With Them?
JUST BETWEEN US OLDER gentlemen – since it’s a fair bet no-one under the age of 500 even reads magazines anymore – I reckon the vast majority of younger riders are sissy bitches. One only has to look at the social media feeds of any ride group to be
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Rain, Rain, Go Away…
THE USUAL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of Speed held in March each year at Sydney Motorsport Park had been renamed this year to the Old Bike Australia Classic Challenge. Due to Covid there were no international racers attending so the Post Classic Racing A
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Do Have A Cow, Man
WHEN YOU SEE A roadhouse painted to look like a Holstein cow – not the shape, just the colouring – what can you do but stop for a look and, in my case, fuel? The Moo Moo Café (or roadhouse, depending on where you read a description) has been there fo
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A Mash-up From France
THERE IS A NEW factory three wheeler on the market, challenging the monopoly that Ural has enjoyed for far too long. The newcomer is the Mash Side Force, a military-look outfit based on the MASH 400cc single cylinder Force bike. If it does nothing bu
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Best of Morocco
(Tour code: SPT21027) 24 October 2021 – 06 November 2021 14 days/13 nights – 12 riding days Day 1 Arrival in Marrakech Day 2 Marrakech to Essaouira Day 3 Essaouira to Agadir Day 4 Agadir (rest day) Day 5 Agadir to Tizourgane Day 6 Tizourgane to Foum
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PRICE: $ 10,799 (plus on-road charges) WARRANTY:Two years, unlimited distance SERVICING INTERVALS: Every 12,000km or 12 months ENGINE: 649cc liquid-cooled parallel twin cylinder, 83x60mm bore/stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder POWER: 41.3kW @ 8000rp
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It’s Getting Cold
WINTER IS FAST APPROACHING and that means having the appropriate gear when it starts to get cold. Staying warm is paramount and there is plenty of great items on the market for you to look good, stay warm and be safe. Here’s what the distributors wan
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PRICE: $10,990 (plus on-road charges) WARRANTY:Two years, unlimited distance SERVICING INTERVALS: Every 16,000 km or 12 months ENGINE: 660cc liquid-cooled in-line three-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder POWER: 39.8kW @ 8750rpm TORQUE: 5
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Editor Speaks
MY MATE, CHRIS AND my Period 6 Yamaha FZR1000 (Norton JPS lookalike) had (well, attended) our first race meeting of 2021 at the recent Old Bike Classic Challenge (read about it further on in this issue). Its usual rider, Alex Pickett wasn’t available
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Long Termers
Well, after getting to adjust to the Super Soco for the last few months, it has been returned.You will get to see what it has been replaced with, but adjusting life around an electric vehicle has been an interesting learning curve. I can’t remember w
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You Want Some Lam On The Plate
Two of the most direct choices to sway you away from the new Trident are the Kawasaki Z650L and the Yamaha MT-07LA. Both are excellent in the naked fun class of urban tearaways. Both are twin cylinder and both push out a little less power (38.3 and 3
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Triumph Trident 660 Lams
WE HAVE SAID IT before and will most likely say a few more times in the foreseeable future: “learners have it so good these days”. I started (like most from our era) on a 100cc, then moved to a 125, leapt onto a 250 and finally, after my first year,
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HE’S AT IT AGAIN Beetleing along
INTREPID ADVENTURER BEETLE BAYLEY is at it again. Following his fundraiser for the Guide Dogs, where he retraced the steps of Winifred Wells and her 1950/51 trip from Perth to Sydney and return, he has decided to follow Winifred again. Two years afte
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Kawasaki Versys 650l
THE PROBLEM WITH ENJOYING the wonderful corners and spectacular scenery of the Northern Rivers in NSW is that you’ve got to get there. Not much of a problem from Brisbane or the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, but it’s 800km plus from Sydney by the most di
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THE BEST OF MOROCCO Let’s Rock This Joint!
EDELWEISS BIKE TRAVEL IS keen to get an Australian Motorcyclist magazine readers tour on the go and boy have they started strong. Rockin’ Morocco is the place and all we need to hope is international travel opens up shortly. This will be a trip not t
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Tour Price Per Person In USD
Motorcycle Category 1: BMW G 310 Gs, BMW G 310 R, Honda NC 750 S, Honda NC 750 S DCT, Honda NC 750 X, Honda NC 750 X DCT, Suzuki Vstrom 650, Yamaha Tracer 700 USD 5980 Motorcycle Category 2: BMW F 750 Gs (Lsp), Yamaha Tenere 700 USD 6120 Motorcycle
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Kawasaki Zx-10r
WORDS STUART I’VE RIDDEN EVERY KAWASAKI ZX-10R since the early 2000s and I’ve liked the progression, especially since 2012 or so, that the bike has made. The early models were a bit of a handful, but Kawasaki has worked hard to make the ZX-10R easie
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CFMoto Australia is releasing the new 650NK SP Edition at an attractive $7,790 ride away. The bike is the new kingpin of the CFMOTO NK range providing riders with even more features including KYB suspension, Pirelli Angel ST tyres, new slipper clutch
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