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More Than A Stopover
The Fullerton Bay Hotel looks as if it’s about to set sail. The glass façade gleams in the sun, giving the building – constructed over water – a sense of lightness, like a billowing sail. For all its modernity, this marvel is set in one of Singapore’
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Romancing The Rhône
“Voila!” says winemaker Raphael Pommier as the last sliver of light disappears, plunging us into darkness so dense I can’t see the glass in my hand. “Now there are no distractions to our brain, we’re ready to begin. Welcome to our prehistoric bar.” H
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Just In Case
High-end watchmakers pride themselves on the innovations that deliver new features and greater accuracy from nothing more than a wound-up mechanical spring. But just as fashions come and go, so too do watch fashions change: case sizes, shapes, dial c
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Warm Welcome
Carefully placing one foot after another, hands gripping the steel railing, my mother and I climb up the ladder-steep steps. “We’re here,” our guide, Prasanna, finally announces. We are standing on top of Sigiriya, a fortified city and the ruins of K
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Discover Norway’s Spectacular Coast With Hurtigruten
Drawing on its long-standing experience and expertise in Norway, Hurtigruten has launched year-round expeditions to explore the country’s spectacular coastline. The new 2021 expedition program complements Hurtigruten’s original, iconic coastal journe
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Savile Row’s Strong Suit
The history of London’s Savile Row dates back to the 17th century when journeyman tailors first began setting up shop in Mayfair. Just 270 metres long and lovingly referred to by many as simply ‘The Row’, the road and its tailors have become a drawca
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Island Idylls
Rustic charm meets modern luxury at Vakkaru, a blissful drop of land in the UNESCO-listed Baa Atoll. It’s a 25-minute seaplane ride here from Malé, the Maldivian capital; when you arrive, you’re met with sparkling views and white-sand beaches, the 12
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Caribbean Castaways
I wake to the light of a new day sliding through the open hatch above my bed. Last night the same hatch was my window to the unfamiliar Northern Hemisphere stars, a view accompanied by the lapping of the Caribbean Sea on the hull of our yacht and the
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Beauty And The Beasties
In a studio filled with light and quiet endeavour in the Glasgow suburb of Anniesland, screen printer Gavin Thomson is working glossy black ink across Dutch gold leaf applied to handmade paper. Coming to life on the 20-metre print table is a pattern
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A Sustainable Stay
Surrounded on all sides by France and the Mediterranean, Monaco is home to mega-yachts, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and more supercars (Bentleys and Lamborghinis galore) than, possibly, Monégasque citizens. But this adult playground is also at the foref
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Remote Treasures
You might not have heard of it, but the Rowley Shoals is one of the most pristine, untouched and diverse diving and snorkelling locations on the planet. And given its remote location, some 300 kilometres off the coast of Broome, Western Australia, it
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Pretty In Pink
Of all the gemstones, none are more coveted than Argyle Pink Diamonds. With a colour spectrum ranging from romantic blush tones to intense reds, cornflower blues and regal violets, these diamonds are as pretty as they are rare. Although we don’t know
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An Exclusive Club
Fiji is renowned for its exceptional natural beauty, cerulean waters, pristine beaches, coral reefs teeming with marine life and some of the friendliest islanders in the South Pacific. But what if you’re seeking a luxurious resort experience, one tha
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Wild & Wonderful
A wilderness of orcas and icebergs, a canvas for calving glaciers, humpack whales and towering forests, Alaska is a place where the landscape – and culture – appears largely untouched by time. This is where ravens, eagles, bears and salmon still exer
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Italy’s Rich Canvas
The views are a masterpiece of natural and man-made beauty. Patchwork fields of sunflowers, olive groves and vineyards; historic medieval hilltop towns built of stone; and stately villas and palazzo painted peach and lemon-yellow, standing proudly am
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My Island Home
There’s nothing like a warm welcome after a day in transit, and it doesn’t get much warmer than on Dolphin Island Fiji. Somewhat weary after a flight and a three-hour road transfer, we arrive at a seemingly abandoned wharf with nothing but moonlight
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Cruise News
Regent Seven Seas Cruises has partnered with Cruiseco to come up with a series of exceptional holiday packages for the discerning traveller. Combining luxury all-inclusive cruises with some of the world’s most extraordinary experiences, the itinerari
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Torque Of The Town
Here’s a quick question about the car you drive: how many valves per cylinder does the engine have? If you answered “Who cares?” you might be onto something. While car makers invest millions of dollars meeting technological, legislative and market de
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Celebrating 10 years of Signature Luxury Travel & Style
2009 was a dire year in finance due to the GFC. Many businesses were failing; many local and global magazines were closing. Among these were several of Conde Nast’s titles, and sadly Travel + Leisure pulled out of Australia. It was almost at the same
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Stars In Our Eyes
When we first landed on the Moon in July 1969, it felt like the culmination of something, a goal finally achieved. But as we mark the 50th anniversary of that momentous event, it’s clear that Apollo 11 was just the beginning. And while it may sometim
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The Other Grand Canal
Thrusters are my friend. I learn this as I steer our three-cabin canal boat gingerly into the lock. Me. Driving. Without so much as a certificate or a boat licence. Thanks to the thrusters, at the flick of a switch I can give power to push the bow (f
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A Night At The Zoo
The immersive new Wildlife Retreat at Taronga Zoo offers guests a unique sleepover experience surrounded by Australian flora and fauna – and some pretty spectacular Sydney Harbour views. The elegant eco-retreat has 62 contemporary rooms and a stylish
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Destination Hayman Island
There are thousands of islands dotted off Australia’s spectacular coastline, but perhaps none as iconic as Hayman. The much-loved private island at the northernmost tip of Queensland’s Whitsundays has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes wrought by su
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THE SIGNATURE Q&A In partnership with Cruiseco
What can guests expect on a luxury expedition cruise? monique ponfoort They can look forward to experiential travel and remote destinations that are rarely visited and far from mainstream cruise haunts. It’s the domain of small ships and experienced
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Michael Stahl is a freelance writer, focusing on automotive, watches, travel and luxury lifestyle. He is currently authoring his second book, following 2015’s Kerry Packer: Tall Tales and True Stories. Stahl recently joined Signature Luxury Travel &
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Joined At The Hippo
Separated from the untamed waters of the lower Zambezi by a thin sheet of fibreglass, there is nothing between me and a dominant bull hippopotamus besides my canoe, my camera and about 30 metres of open river. The canoe feels like it shrinks apprecia
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Optimal Wellbeing In Vietnam
Those steps we take to prioritise our wellness can be a challenge that many of us shy from, to actively promote the health of our body, mind and soul rather than simply trying to minimise the harm we do in our daily lives. At Fusion Resorts Vietnam w
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The InterContinental Life Debuts in the Maldives
InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort is now welcoming visitors. Escape and reconnect with nature, yourself and those who matter most amid the sweeping blue panoramas of the Maldives. With soft white sands and palm tree-peppered terraces, the I
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Capital Assets
It’s autumn in Tokyo, and the Happoen Gardens are a riot of colour. The leaves of Japanese maple and ginkgo trees are a fiery palette of orange and gold, their branches arching gracefully over the mirror-like surface of a stream where koi fish bob fo
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Complete Retreats
As if being on an island as beautiful as Santorini wasn’t enough to whisk your worries away, Andronis Concept then delivers just about every blissful respite you could imagine. The cliffside retreat revolves around water, from its caldera views to pr
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