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The weather is getting warmer, it’s time to grab your towel, sunscreen and floaties and head out to your pool again. In Best Of this issue, we take a look at the latest pool furniture and accessories so you can swim in style. Now that the cold isn’t
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Editor’s Note
It’s my favourite time of year — spring, of course! Our gardens are now full of life and we can start to make the most of our outdoor spaces again. To celebrate, this issue Angie Thomas shares her five favourite spring flowers. When many people think
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Hamptons With A Twist
Modern Hamptons gardens are reminiscent of English country style, subtly imbued with a little French flavour. It’s a style that ultimately embraces symmetry and order, but there’s also a softer side, with striking elements drawn from nature. Designer
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Eat Your Greens
Probably the best advice to heed when growing rocket is “plant and stand back”. This fast-growing leafy annual is grown for its peppery leaves, which are delicious in salads, added to sandwiches or made into pesto. Also known as arugula (a name mainl
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Don’t Miss A Beat
Como Reimagined is the revitalisation of an iconic Melbourne heritage site. Australia’s preeminent garden designer, Paul Bangay, has been commissioned by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) to revitalise the stunning garden of Melbourne’s most
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Playing With A Full Deck
The Pool Haus at Port Hacking is picture perfect. Designed by Vos Brothers, this was a DIY build by interior designer Shannon Vos. Featuring a bespoke underwater mural, the pool is like a piece of modern art, with everything around it chosen to compl
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First designed as a limited-edition sculptural piece cast in heavy polyurethane resin, the David Shrigley Swan has been blown up. The “Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing” is arguably an ugly duckling, devoid of the graceful curves a natural swan posses
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In inner-city Alexandria in Sydney, the traditional model of high-density urban living has been given a do-over, with green spaces for all to enjoy. OCULUS Project senior landscape architect William Whitfeld says at Arkadia Apartments, there are thro
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Container Potatoes
Each potato plant produces several kilograms of potatoes, so even one or two plants will provide enough for many family meals. Down the road from me is a huge potato field. All summer I watched the plants grow until they began to die back in autumn.
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Editor April Ossington Email: Deputy Editor Louise Smithers Contributors Angie Thomas, Carrol Baker Sub-Editor Michelle Segal Designer Martha Rubazewicz Sales Managers NSW, ACT, Qld & WA Miriam Keen Mobile: 0414 969 693 Em
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What’s Hot
Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection takes the luxury and durability the brand is famous for and applies it to outdoor entertaining with three beautiful new UV-resistant quartz surface designs. Designed and tested by Caesarstone’s research and developmen
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Gardens In The Sky
It will hardly come as a revelation that we Aussies love spending time outdoors, especially in our at-home alfresco spaces. For some that will mean a family-sized backyard, but for many others the reality is more likely to be a courtyard at the rear
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Cosy Cook-outs
If you think you might not have room for a barbecue, think again. A lot of folks succumb to the temptation to go big and opt for all the bells and whistles when shopping for a barbecue, buying something that far exceeds their needs. There are many co
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Take A Seat
“The first step in furnishing a balcony garden is to decide how you would like to use the space — is it for lounging, dining or entertaining? If you don’t decide on the appropriate use for the space, it is in danger of never being used due to lack of
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From security to accent lighting, spotlights to statement illumination, it ’s often tricky knowing what combination will be right for y our space. One option that will work in almost any setting is the solar -powered Tika lantern. A vailable at Cotsw
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Jump On It!
The geniuses at NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology claim that “rebounding” exercise is up to 68 per cent more efficient than jogging. If it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s good enough for us! And turns out, it’s good enough for Oz Trampolines, t
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A Winning Partnership
The past 18 months have seen an explosion in the demand for low-maintenance, functional outdoor spaces that can accommodate the needs of families who are spending more time at home. When creating these new spaces it is important to select the right t
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My favourite 5… SPRING FLOWERS
I love burying my nose in a bunch of sweet peas. Their sweet fragrance is intoxicating. Whether you cover an entire fence with tall sweet peas, grow them up a tepee or fill a window box or hanging basket with dwarf varieties, they’re the perfect way
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For many families who juggle the demands of a busy lifestyle, it’s important to create go-to spaces at home where family members can refresh and recharge. Oliver Sizeland, founder and managing director of Growing Rooms Landscapes, says in this projec
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Book Club
A richly illustrated and elegant volume showcasing beautifully designed stables by contemporary architects and designers the world over. From a ranch in the US and a Finnish farmstead to a Spanish hacienda and Australian outback home, Stables is a ce
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This Weekend
The key to a successful Australian native garden is to match your plant choices to your local soil and climate. Grow local selections (your local garden centre can advise) and understand their growing needs so you place them in their preferred positi
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What A Charmer
This garden project holistically encompasses good design and is a mix of both traditional and contemporary styles. Daniel Rawson, design manager at Ian Barker Gardens, says the homeowners wanted to create a garden that paid homage to the home’s histo
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All Hands On Deck
Designed for Australian conditions, DecoDeck combines the natural beauty of timber decking with the strength and durability of aluminium. A first in aluminium decking systems, DecoDeck replicates the form, feel and appearance of natural timber deckin
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Bush Tucker
From nuts and berries to fruit and herbs, there are many edible Australian native plants. One of the most well-known Australian bush foods, Santalum acuminatum (also known as quandong or native peach) is a fruit rich in vitamin C. Its kernels are ver
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A Home Among The Gum Trees
New-look outdoor furniture is all about creating warm welcoming spaces you’ll want to enjoy with family and friends. There’s greater emphasis on sourcing quality furniture, beautiful fabrics and finishes, and improved design flexibility in furniture
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My Hero
Hero plants in the garden will enhance a property just as a great artwork or statement furniture will boost your interiors. Incorporate a main signature plant into a garden design for maximum impact. A hero plant is the one that draws the eye and cap
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Above And Below
• Shade solutions: The direction a balcony faces will determine whether you need some form of shade or a wind barrier. Many balcony gardens are exposed to westerly sun, so flexible shade solutions such as a folding arm awning and drop blinds can exte
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Cylinder Growing
Make a cylinder using wire mesh or chicken wire and secure it to the ground with metal pegs, or place three tomato stakes inside to hold it in place. Line the bottom and a little way up the side with mulch or straw. Fill to about 20cm with a mix of s
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Local Legends
The best gardens — those that have enduring appeal and look as if they were meant to be — sit in harmony with the environment that surrounds them. They have a sense of place and look as if they evolved naturally rather than being contrived by man (or
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Natives In Pots
“There’s a host of truly spectacular Australian plants that are perfectly suited to growing in pots, where they can reach their full flowering potential. Many of our showiest native plants need the superior drainage that a good potting mix will provi
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