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How To Make Your Own Almond Milk:
To make 2 cups of almond milk, cover 100 g almonds with water and chill overnight. Drain the almonds and place in a blender with 2 cups water, a pinch of salt, 1/2 t caster sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract (optional). Blend well, then pour th
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Live Large
Where I grew up in Soweto, when someone did something audacious, people would say in Setswana, “O na le sebete se segolo”, the person had “a big liver”. Don’t ask me why. I just remember my mom Gloria and her friends exclaiming about people’s livers
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Siba’s Little Helpers
“COOKING HAS ALWAYS BEEN the joy of my life. It brings me calm, gets my creative juices flowing and satiates my sense of wonder and curiosity about the myriad gastronomic flavour combinations I’m yet to explore. Imagine then how transformative cookin
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Nuts About Almonds
So, you love to snack on almonds, the question is do you know where they come from? Woolies carefully sources its non-pareil supreme almonds from California. Due to California’s ideal Mediterranean-like climate, it supplies over 70% of the world’s al
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Balancing Act
January. New beginnings. Yes, again. A few years ago I said that I would not end a year being heavier than I was the year before. Obviously I had no intention of withering away year by year. As if. But it was my way of keeping myself on track so that
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Win A Copy
Let’s Cook – Delicious Yet Nutritious Easy Meals and Treats for Kids and Teens contains 70 family-friendly recipes to get children inspired in the kitchen, from good-for-you breakfasts, to lunchbox snacks and tasty suppers to suit even the fussiest e
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Trend: Nuts
Whether your go-to nut dish is tihove, tiger nut milk, or a peanut butter sandwich, we reckon we’ll all be eating more nuts in 2021. After all, they’re our favourite form of affordable plant-based protein. ■
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But Is It Kosher?
Prior to my first sleepover at Merv Merris’s house, his mother asked a question she would regret: “Nik, what’s your favourite food?” For reasons that will shortly become clear, I replied “guinea fowl casserole”. She said: “That is both treif and hard
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Pot Luck
“I enjoy roast peppers and used the larger amount, but half will do. A pack of chicken portions is great value, but chicken thighs would also work well – allow two per person. You could also use a butterflied chicken.” Serves 6 EASY GREAT VALUE Pre
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On Our Radar
“When I was a child, the first sign that we were going to make tihove was my mom washing the big traditional mortar and pestle. It would be followed by her friend coming over. As soon as she arrived, they would take turns grinding the peanuts and usi
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The Little ’hood That Could
When Mandy Karpierz and her late husband David opened The Fat Cactus 23 years ago, they could hardly have predicted its staying power, carrying patrons through from their tequila-shooting twenties to their laptop-wielding forties with ease. Now one o
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Our Best Budget Party Standbys
Hand-harvested in Greece, they’re an essential addition to meze platters. Or make a quick tapenade or veg pasta sauce with brinjal, baby marrow, garlic, peppers and canned tomatoes. R64.99 Produced in the Franschhoek Valley, it’s mild, delicate and
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Go Nuts
The seeds of this groundnut are boiled and eaten as a pulse, ground into flour, and used as animal feed. They originated in Uganda, but are now available in South Africa via Local Village Foods and online at faithfultonature.co.za. Try them in boboti
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The Acid Test
Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 15 minutes nectarines 8sugar 100 ghoney 3 Twater 1 cupWoolworths prosecco vinegar 4 Tbay leaves 2cinnamon stick 1vanilla ice cream, for servingWoolworths almond, hazelnut and coffee granola
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Bumper Crop
“The great thing about this salad is that it’s so adaptable. A real celebration of corn.” Serves 6 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 25 minutes Cooking: 25 minutes sweetcorn 4 cobs, boiledbaby corn 135 gsweetcorn in brine 1 x 340 g can, drainedcake f
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Our favourite Michelin-starred chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, has a new journal out and we’re rather excited about this one. It’s a feast of proudly South African flavours from padkos – think boiled eggs, cold braaibroodjies and Marmite rusks
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Cook’s Tip:
“After eating this dish at Momofuku in New York, I’ve come quite close to replicating the original fiery sauce. Eat it with chicken, pork, beef, duck and even eggs. Just make sure you have a jar of it at home, it keeps in the fridge for two weeks.” –
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Now In Season
Chargrill halves in olive oil. Mix with salami chunks, green olives, blanched green beans and a squeeze of lemon. Grate and stir into whisked eggs with feta, mint and seasoning for a veggie frittata. Top with cherry tomatoes. Boil and toss with whi
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Preserved Lemons
The Encyclopedia of Kitchen History traces preserved lemons back to the 11th century in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Since then, the ingredient has journeyed to Israel, Iran, Turkey and India, but the base recipe used in the 12th century hasn’t chan
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But Is It Balsamic?
WHAT IS IT? Balsamic vinegar has been produced in and around its birthplace, the city of Modena, in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, for nearly 1 000 years. The region specialises in Lambrusco (red) grapes and Trebbiano (white) grapes an
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A Mantra For All Seasons
Biting into a just-picked sun-ripened tomato at the right time is one of summer’s small – but great – joys. The same goes for the season’s best stone fruit and berries. Winter veg in soups and summer fruit in smoothies just feels natural. I feel like
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Starting Over...
ONE DAY, WHEN MY DAUGHTER IS OLD ENOUGH to understand the gravitas of it (but not so old that she’ll just roll her eyes at me) I will tell her that when she was three years old the world became a completely different place, almost overnight. She alre
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Things I love
I love ceramics and I’m a collector of SA works. I even have a plate by Hylton Nel. It’s an artwork, not for eating off. I would maybe eat out of it, but only me and then I would put it back on the wall! I infuse my own gins. I use a clear alcohol b
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Pickle Party!
Balsamic vinegar of Modena is made from cooked or concentrated grape must (freshly crushed fruit juice that includes skins, seeds and stems of the fruit) blended with wine vinegar. The amount of grape must present determines the density of the vinega
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Route Cause
THE STICKY-FINGERED BLISS  of luscious mango eaten straight from the skin. Sweltering heat. Splashing into a lukewarm swimming pool and washing the golden pulp from my little hands. These are my earliest memories of subtropical Limpopo. My family wou
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What’s Your “Reset” Recipe After You’ve Overindulged?
“I make a great green smoothie every morning with all the lovely greens: spinach, celery, cucumber, avo, lemon juice, ginger and coconut water.” – Tharien Nel “I go crazy with veggie stir-fries. They’re the easiest way to eat a lot of veggies in a
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Prized Rice
Warm black rice bowl with mushrooms, nuts and veg Lexi Monzeglio developed this dish several years ago for a pop-up. It was the first dish she ever served from a restaurant kitchen. What inspired it? Pinterest, of course! “So many people are doing su
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Acid Trip
Use vinegar to check whether bicarb is still good to use. Place 2 T vinegar in a small bowl, then add 1 t bicarb. It should froth vigorously if the bicarb is still fresh enough to use. For a crispy, golden crust on bread, brush the top with vinegar j
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Make A Pit Stop
Alles Beste has a surprisingly excellent wine selection, sweet treats and fresh produce (especially herbs). padstal.allesbeste.com Plaas Maak R71 Polokwane is great for general store nostalgia – Chappies on the counter, home-made rusks and fresh pro
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Conversion Chart
250 ml = 1 cup 190 ml = ¾ cup 125 ml = ½ cup 85 ml = ¹/3 cup 65 ml = ¼ cup 5 ml = 1 teaspoon 15 ml = 1 tablespoon 30 ml = 2 tablespoons 45 ml = 3 tablespoons 60 ml = 4 tablespoons ■
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