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Crmc 2021
With a much-shortened calendar in 2020 (for obvious reasons) here’s the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club’s 2021 season. Finger’s crossed it all goes ahead! For more go to: Castle Combe April 17/18 Mallory Park May 8/9 Pembrey June 12/13
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Wagons ROLL!
Having stuck my neck out to buy the Apache I was keen to find out just how far the restoration process had gone. The bike had been advertised honestly as still needing some work so it was a given that it would need some fettling in The Workshop of W
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Prize Winner
I write in response to Alan Evan’s letter (‘No retros or riding tips’ – CMM December 2020), to offer an alternative viewpoint. My story is a variation on a common theme. About aged 18/19, I buy a 100cc bike, have some Sunday morning lessons, pass two
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Getting The Bike Back To Blighty
Shipping options are a very serious consideration when getting a bike to the UK from America and it really pays to look in depth at your options. You get exactly what you pay for here! If your recent purchase is going to be hurled into a container
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Win Kit
Every month, we’re giving away a Bridgestone Oxford Products Oximiser 3X and a handy Bridgestone roll bag to the winner of our Star Letter! No cash alternatives, before you ask! Simply get in touch by sending emails to: o
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Piston ‘n’ ported!
Last time the exhausts had been built and fitted and I felt the essence of the bike was coming together. There were a few niggles and areas that I was thinking needed to be addressed, both practical and aesthetic. First the engine. To recap, previous
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Having read your article on the Valmoto Triumph in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, which incidentally was brought to my attention by a very upset Steve and Yvonne Jones (Craig Jones’ parents), I’m not amused to read that the Valmoto Team ran an illegal
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Poor maintenance/ servicing can lead to flailing cam-chains. If the motor sounds thrashy, find a better example or be prepared for a rebuild. There’s a centrifugal oil-filter in the middle of the clutch which needs occasional cleaning. If ignored the
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Show Us Your
We want to see YOUR pride and joy in our pages, so you can share what you ride and restore with fellow readers. Email your hi-res shots to or mail in some photos to the address at the front of the mag. Let us know what you’ve
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Ancestral Power Plants
The DAX’s powerplant might very well be a fairly sophisticated (for the period) overhead cam motor, but it owes its very existence to something much earlier and arguably equally revolutionary. Pretty much all the small Honda singles are indebted to a
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Good riddance, 2020!
I’m sat here, it’s early December and if I’m quite honest, I’m happy to see the back of 2020. Now, as 2021 marks my half-century of life on this planet, I’m not usually one for wishing my life away, but the sooner we get to 2021 the better. Coronavir
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The Way We Were…
We've teamed up with The Hobby Company ( which distributes Tamiya plastic motorcycle kits in the UK to give our favourite restoration one of its amazing motorcycles in miniature. So, send in your pictures of your bikes and you could w
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What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Bargain-priced monkey bikes no longer seem to exist and all the sub one grand examples have disappeared. Low mileage, mid-70s examples like our bike in camera can fetch £3500 in top condition, with weathered patinated examples possibly £1000 less. Mo
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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics
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Modern Vintage
Suzuki’s Vintage Parts programme was launched in 2013 to highlight just how many new/old parts the manufacturer still has available for sale – over 10,000 of them, as it happens. Suzuki’s plan was to make it easier for us modern classic restorers to
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4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder, 3-speed semi-automatic gearbox 69cc 46 x 41.4mm 8.0:1 6.2bhp @ 9000rpm 3.7ft-lb @ 8000rpm N/A 1035mm/40.8 inches 64kg /141 pounds 1510mm /59.0 inches 580mm /22.8 inches 3.50-10 (F),3.50-10 (R) Drums 2.5 litres (0.
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The desired Ducati…
Is it really 30 years since the first Ducati 888? A machine which (for many Ducati aficionados) is better than even the sublime and beautiful 916? The 888 was, perhaps, the first expression of Ducati’s two V-fingers to the might of Japan before the 9
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Current Bikes Covered By The Vintage Parts Programme
RGV250 GT750 GSX-R750 F to H GT250 EX (X7) A50P (AP50) GS1000SN GT185 K-C GT550 J-M RG500 G & CH Katana GSX1100S TL1000S GSX-R1100L GSX-R750 SRAD T-X GSF600Y-K4 GSF600 S-ST/X-SX GSF1200 T-Y RGV250 M-T SV650X K2 GSX
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G’day! Well it has been one hell of a ride but the journey from wreck to weapon was well worth it. Darren’s TZR250 3MA is better than new and I mean that. Tim, Darren and I did not leave one nut, bolt or washer alone – every single component was clea
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The Latest Riding Kit, Top Tools, Tyres, Retro Clothing And More !
‘Modular’ is the popular term for a helmet that does two jobs: that of an open faced and full-face lid! This is the reinvented RPHA 90S which looks like a full-face helmet (and is modelled on their RPHA 11 race lid), yet functions as a modular helmet
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Cumbrian Invaders
It's not very often that anybody asks me if I want to have a go on their bikes; come on, I'm not quite the safe pair of hands I used to be. No, hang on, I've never been a safe pair of hands, ever. So when I got the offer of a blast on CMM reader Phil
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Fab Four Finished!
Hello readers and welcome to my final foray with the Z550F! Firstly, I hope you all have kept busy like me, during this second lockdown. Reading bike magazines helps. Or it has me, so that’s good! Last time out, I wrote that the bike was pretty much
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Riding Kit Ridden In, Tools Twirled And Tyres Tested
When I first saw this helmet I loved the styling, but when I tried it on, I was very disappointed with the fit. That, however, changed as I put some miles on the lid. It looks good, it’s light, but the initial fit… I am a medium, but I popped this li
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Six Therapy
If you’ve been following Allen Millyard’s exploits with his project to build a six-cylinder version of the Z1 Super Four, Kawasaki’s answer to Honda’s CB750 launched in 1972, you must have been wondering just what it’s like to ride. This saga, the la
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Firing On All Four!
G’day! Last time we spoke we had fitted the RZV engine and it was time to sort the fuelling and exhaust, hook up the electrics and fire the RZV into life. With Covid-19 still in full force, there were some delays in progress, but eventually I got the
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Dirt Bike Date Move!
The UK’s biggest and best classic off-road show is getting a new date for one year only, as the scene aims to fight back against the Covid-19 pandemic. Normally held each February, the Classic Dirt Bike Show in Telford will switch weekends to May 15
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Allen Millyard: The Early Years.
If you don’t know who Allen Millyard is, then let Pip Higham’s interview from 2016 enlighten you! One thing I had to ask was: “Where did all this begin?” Allen tells me about his Dad. He designed and built large cranes, and would make mock-ups on t
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Stool Sample!
Being a self-taught, amateur, part-time mechanic with the shortcomings that entails, I try to make life for myself in the workshop as easy as possible. That means good lighting, the best tools I can afford, a clean, tidy environment and, most importa
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Bristol Show Date Change
Just like the Classic Dirt Bike Show, the Bristol Classic Bike Show – traditionally a season curtain raiser for us classic fans – is (for one year only) switching to a new summer date to try and beat the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually held in February at
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When Eddie Lawson won the AMA championship on that gorgeous KZ1000S1, which led to the birth of the Z1000R replica, that was ‘my period’. It was 1981 and I was 19. I wanted one so badly back then, but it was out of my reach on apprentice wages, then
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