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Have Your Say
I thought I’d share the photo of my tomato plant, taken on January 6, 2021. I read in a summer edition of KG that new tomato plants can be grown from sideshoots, so I thought I’d experiment! I put the shoot in a pot, added in the compost and for a wh
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It’s Crunch Time!
This underrated veg is so versatile that it really is a must-have for any plot. The crunchy texture of fresh sticks offers a great contrast to the soft leaves of lettuce and other salads, and is also great for dipping or loading with delicious soft c
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Three Steps To Better Potatoes From A Raised Bed
STEP 1: Dig the bed over and incorporate some compost, well-rotted manure or dried feed, depending on what’s available. Use a dibber to make holes at 30cm (12in) apart for earlies and 40cm (16in) for maincrop. Holes should be 15-20cm (6-8in) deep. Pu
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Kg Favourites
FOXGLOVE - Poisonous if eaten. (Will often self seed) CROCUS - Great to lift your spirits after a long winter APPLE AND PEAR - Have several varieties for cross pollination BLACKBERRY AND BRAMBLE – Why not let a few brambles grow through a hedge? BROO
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What’s New?
New to the Dobies’ Rob Smith Range is ‘Green Fingers’, a snackable cucumber which will produce high yields of smooth, dark green and spineless 10cm (4in) long fruits. This is predominantly a female flowering variety that can be grown outside or in a
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Grow A Christmas Dinner
Christmas? Really? I know, I know… I’m with you on that one. Perhaps it’s a symptom of getting older and wearier, but my heart sinks at those first Christmas-themed TV adverts -all jingle bells and snow while the trees outside have barely turned colo
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Mudketeers’ Club
If you are, that makes you a member of our Mudketeers’ Club, a dedicated website for subscribers ONLY. includes exciting offers, brand new seed variety trials, competitions and unique features just for you. Go to www.mudketeers.c
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50 Years A-growing And Still Going Strong
Who do you credit with giving you your enthusiasm for veg growing? My desire for gardening was matured at the tender age of four by my father and he encouraged me to take my first allotment at 11 years old. My gardening guru was Geoff Hamilton and hi
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Watch Out For
■ Pests such as celery fly(or celery leaf miner) will start to cause problems by tunnelling the leaves from May onwards, and peaking in late summer/autumn. Protect against them by covering the plants in crop protection fleece or insect netting after
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Classy Curds? Yes You Can!
Cauliflower is one of those staple kitchen vegetables which makes us think of cauliflower cheese perhaps, but please don’t relegate it to that one dish as it can do so much more! After all, homemade piccalilli wouldn’t be the same without small chunk
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Growing Online
Emma is sowing ‘Sweet Horizon’ mangetout, ideal for steaming or stir-fries. Seeds can be sown March-July and pods harvested June-September, depending on when you sowed them. One method is to sow in cell trays initially, one seed per cell, filled with
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Container Gardening Top Tips
■ WATER REGULARLY: Potted plants rely on you almost entirely for water since the leaves often deflect it. Check them every day in summer. If you need to be away for long periods, consider installing a reliable irrigation system. These can be linked t
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Pests And Problems
This affects parsnips as well as carrots. Keep the bed covered with fine mesh net to keep flies out. Put this on when you sow and leave it in place until the crop is lifted. Uncover for weeding, but don’t leave the bed exposed for long if you want gr
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Love Lovage We Do!
A healthy and colourful lunch bowl that can easily be made in advance and taken with you in a container. Just keep the dressing separate. VEGAN RECIPE SERVES 1 Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes ■ 4-5 falafel■ 1 red pepper■ 1 large
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What To Do In April
■ If you can provide constant warmth in a greenhouse, start to sow melon and cucumber seeds in a heated propagator. ■ Sow peas and mangetout in large pots of compost where they will grow and crop in summer. ■ Harvest spring cabbage and greens from th
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Cornwall, Cabbages And Keeping It Traditional
Up until 1970, many gardeners and growers throughout the country would purchase their vegetables for the coming season from their local farmers market or directly from neighbouring farms. These plants were bare rooted brassicas growninafield for seve
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Reader Offers
(AGM is the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Under RHS garden trials these varieties performed particularly well) SAVE UP TO £36 The collection contains one bare root plant each of: ■ ‘BEN CONNAN’ This excellent and reliable blackcurrant tolerates frost an
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How To Avoid A Brassica Massacre
1 Slip brassica collars around newly planted cabbages and sprouts. The collars serve as a physical barrier to cabbage root flies, preventing them from laying their eggs 2 Include nearby companion plants. Nasturtiums tempt cabbage white butterflies aw
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Prizes And Sponsors
This brand new planter from The Posh Shed Company comes in nine sizes. It has fully pressurised treated timber walls and a base that will not rot, made from recycled plastic board. This pack contains everything needed to
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Rhubarb Relish
Rhubarb has been cropping for weeks now, such a versatile ingredient for many sweet and savoury dishes. I make this relish without any added sugar, using dried fruit and orange juice to add sweetness. Keep it in the fridge for a week or so. ■ 500g/17
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Encourage Good Pollination
Trees may be full of blossom over the next few weeks, but this doesn’t automatically ensure that trees will be full of autumn fruit. Those flowers need to be pollinated to make fruit set, so try following a few techniques to aid the process: ■ Learn
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Joyce’s Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Folding Bench
■ Make sure legs are vertical and slide the shelf between them. The holes at each end should slip neatly over the protruding screws on the leg crossbar and wall support. This system provides stability and rigidity to the structure. ■ Choose the best
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Try Something Different
■ ‘MULTI-HEADED F1’: This produces one large head and three to five smaller side heads for later use. This unique cut-and-come-again cauliflower is perfect for those of you who like to harvest your crop in your own time. (Suttons) ■ ‘CHINESE SWEET SP
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Did You Know?
In January of this year the BBC reported that a dog walker in Tyne and Wear alerted the police to what she thought was a human foot buried in mud. When police investigated it turned out that what looked like a toe protruding through the mud was actua
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April Tips
■ As soon as you empty a watering can in the greenhouse, refill it from the water butt and bring it back inside. This does two things. Firstly, it allows the cold water time to get to room temperature so that when you water the plant, its roots don’t
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Creative Covers!
To make the most of my gardening space, I try to grow at least two crops in each bed every year, and often manage to grow three or four! Starting seeds off under cover (greenhouse, windowsill or cold frame) and putting them out as transplants means t
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Hand-pollinate Sweetcorn
This is really easy to do and I recommend it for home growers. To do this, I knock the pollen from the top flowering part of the corn (the tassels) into a plastic container. I then use a wide, dry paintbrush to paint the pollen on to the ‘silks’ that
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Top Jobs For April
Onions are shallow rooting and they suffer from competition if the bed is full of weeds. Keep the soil clean and don’t let it dry out if you want to grow some lovely large onions for lifting in the summer. Sow different types of kale and you can harv
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Tender crops such as tomatoes, peppers, squashes, French and runner beans are often started in pots or cell trays under cover. Here are some queries relating to indoor sowings. Q: SHOULD OLD POTS AND SOWING TRAYS BE WASHED BEFORE USING? A: It is bene
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Kg Top Tip Make A Home For Bees
Different species of bees have different requirements when it comes to nesting. Solitary bees like leaf cutters and mason bees will look for cavities in the soil, walls, trees, bricks, and in the hollow stems of plants, such as bamboo as in bee hotel
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