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Concept Motorcycles
The twin-cylinder Norden 901 concept is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first ever tourer, touted by the factory as a serious versatile long-distance explorer. The powerplant is the existing 889.5cc parallel twin, wheels are 21” front, 18” rear, and suspensio
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Stephan Regensberger, one of the growing band of overlanders choosing to use the smallest bike possible, shipped his 1977 Puch Maxi out to Ulaanbator in Mongolia, then spent the next three months riding it home to Austria. He and the moped made it ba
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Test fleet: Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE Grand Tourer
Last month I briefly touched upon the fact that the colour scheme is the only thing that aesthetically is letting down my Versys. I think it goes deeper than that… Since ride one I’ve had people pull out on me. And it’s been getting worse as the weat
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Middle-class Refinement
Just a few laps into my second session at Jerez, and already the Panigale V2 is in its element. Ducati’s mid-capacity sports bike rips round the Spanish circuit feeling sorted, quick and most of all supremely controllable. It’s the sort of bike that
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The Wye Run
Britain isn't big on rivers. We don't have a Mississippi, Danube or Volga, a consequence of being a small, narrow island where nowhere is far from the sea. But short though they are, some of the waterways we do have are very picturesque. Take the Wye
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Test Fleet: Honda CB500X
It’s a cold Saturday morning when I set off for a ride to Skegness to watch the guys from our sister magazine Fast Bikes compete in the 10th Anniversary Skegness Beach Race. Recently fitted Honda heated grips along with a heated vest plugged into the
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The Methuselah Of Motorcycle Racing
Longevity isn’t usually a characteristic of factory race bikes, making a works GP racer that stays competitive for 18 years rather than months truly remarkable. The 120º V-twin 500cc Moto Guzzi Bicilindrica’s lifespan from 1933 to 1951 mirrored the e
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Altitude Slickness
Blipping down to second gear for the umpteenth downhill hairpin, I glanced down along the bike’s fork legs and thought for a moment that the callipers were glowing orange, which would have been no surprise given the punishment they’d been forced to t
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The Sporty Side Of Bonneville
A modern motorcycle manufacturer Triumph may well be, but there’s no doubt the British firm draws heavily on its original history for selected models. The Thruxton 1200R is one of them. When early Triumphs were built in its Meriden factory between 19
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KTM has had a smash hit with the 790 Duke, its first ever parallel-twin model launched two years ago powered by the LC8c (as in, liquid-cooled eight-valve compact) engine. Dubbed The Scalpel for its focused design and pared-to-the-minimum weight and
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Mountains, Valleys And Salt Flats
Atrip across South America had been on my bucket list for a long time, but somehow we always went somewhere else. Dee and I have now turned 70, and thought that if we were going to do it, we had better get on with it. We considered a self-guided tour
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I Own One
Dominic Smith was seduced into making a biking comeback by his Thruxton 1200R, and he’s very glad he came out of ‘retirement’. “I’d been away from bikes for around 10 years, probably a bit more if I actually do the maths. But when I got lured along t
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Bikes Vs. Cars
I’m not going to get embroiled in the ‘Loud Pipes’ argument for bikes. It’s gone on for long enough. However, what you never hear is anyone making any comment about the ever-growing number of ‘noisy’ offenders in CARS! I am sick and tired of forcibly
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Flying For Riding Purposes, Part Two
Richard clocks up a fair few air miles every year travelling to exotic riding locations. Here are five things he reckons will make those flights more pleasant. I would never rent a helmet. You don’t know how good they are, what their history is or if
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What To Look For
In good supply, and more often than not, very well looked after by more affluent and conscientious owners, the Thruxton 1200R is an excellent used buy. The Triumph is the product of years of development and improvement, thanks to it being based on so
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I loved MSL from the start for its early reviews of new bikes, individual slants on current motorcycle issues, MotoGP and how ‘biking is changing – but – I’m getting bored with pages of Do-you-cat-ehs, Tri-um-phants and Bum-double yous! Please can yo
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Off The Beaten Track In Portugal
I think we are all prepared to accept a motorcycling fact. Once we are past the first nervous riding miles, the hunt for new, exciting and challenging places to ride never stops; it’s an itch isn’t it. Out of the corners of our eyes, Birgit and I had
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Anglo-italian Masterpiece
Naked Italian superbikes are big news these days, judging by the response to Ducati’s Streetfighter V4 and MV Agusta’s similarly spectacular Brutale 1000 at Milan’s recent EICMA show. But those modern multi-cylinder musclebikes will have to go a long
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Changing Bikes, Part Two
A few weeks ago I sold my Kawasaki and found a nicely upgraded Guzzi V7 – only 1800 miles away in New Jersey, very close to the Atlantic Ocean. Since I first contacted the owner, we’ve stayed in touch, emails going back and forth daily. I’ve sold a
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History Boy recommends: SCRAESDON FORT
I get on well with my parents. I am the youngest of six but as my older sister Loretta likes to point out, I was a ‘mistake’. This means that in the school hols I haven’t really got my folks to do stuff with. I am not really abandoned but I seek succ
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What They Cost
Jota prices have increased by about 50 per cent over the last decade, but haven’t reached the stratospheric level of some models from Ducati or MV Agusta. “The maximum for a Jota these days is about £18,000, for an original UK bike from Slaters with
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Take It To The Max
Our European cousins love a big scooter. If you go to Paris, Barcelona or Rome, they’re everywhere you turn, either splicing through traffic or crammed three abreast into a parking space. And it seems they love Yamaha’s TMAX more than most. But for s
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Bustling Bristol
What: Bristol Bike Show When: Sat & Sun, Feb 1-2, 2019 Where: The Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6QN How much: From £11 – under 15s go free. Free on-site parking. The 40th Carole Nash Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show tur
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Heated Jackets
Tested by: Mikko Nieminen | £199 | Constructed from breathable soft shell fabric and elasticated panels, the J501 is flexible, thin and light (925g with the heat controller). Providing the heat are Micro Carbon Fibre panels a
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Our Top Ten Products This Month…
RRP: £169.99 / 1 Are you in the market for a new jacket to see you through the winter months? Well, instead of a bulky textile jacket, how about the stripped back and stylish Michigan jacket from Weise. Waterproof, windp
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Electric Bikes Go Custom
Custom motorcycles and electric bikes aren’t really a mix that many spanner wielders entertain. But E-Racer Motorcycle has opened the game with these two rather interesting models. Based on the Zero Motorcycles SR/F, the E-Racer Edge has been customi
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What To Look Out For
Laverda triples were well designed and built by Seventies Italian superbike standards, and even the tuned Jota was generally reliable. “It’s a very robust design – over-engineered, with a massive crank and very strong gearbox,” says Neil Ridgewell of
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Different Directions
The middleweight adventure class is arguably motorcycling’s most vibrant, and the 790 Adventure and Ténéré 700 are among its biggest stars. The Adventure sees KTM attach its dual-sport values to the popular 790 Duke, while the Ténéré applies Yamaha’s
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HOW WELL OILED IS your machine?
Engine oil is one of the most crucial ‘parts’ of any motorcycle. With so many key roles to play, not least of which is to keep all the moving parts lubricated, engine oil determines a motor’s reliability, performance, cooling, noise, economy and emis
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What Torque Curves Tell Us
Torque is the average twisting force that a running engine generates. It is directly proportional to what is called the brake mean effective pressure, (bmep), which is the stroke-averaged net combustion pressure. The actual combustion pressure rises
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