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Riders Unconvinced By New Highway Code
A recent survey by IAM RoadSmart shows that most road users aren’t convinced over some of the proposed changes to The Highway Code. Out of 3600 poll respondents only 23% feel that cyclists should be allowed to ride on pavements. And 73% think it shou
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Cologne Changes
It’s one of the most enduring partnerships in scootering but after almost three decades Oli Kluger is letting go of the reins at Scooter Centre. It was back in 1994 that Oli, together with his friend and business partner Ulf Schröder, established Sco
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History Will Be The Judge
The world of dealer specials, and classic custom scooters, is a wide and varied one. Some stand the test of time, while others fade into obscurity. The success (or failure) of these things can often be defined by hard work, quality and consistency… o
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Reader’s Letter
Dear Mau, It was a very pleasant surprise to see the ‘Lunch on the go’ picture on page 113 of the January 2021 issue. The diner is Jim Moon of the Gunners 93 Vespa Club – a keen club man who raced a 90SS. Sadly he died in a tragic accident (not scoot
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Bev’s Tale
Beverley Wakeford-Brown, or Bev Flanagan as she was known back in 1967, was the partner of legendary Lambretta racer Nev Frost. Bev did a lot of her own Lambretta events and in 1967 won the coveted title of Queen of the Road. In doing so she came to
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Engine Spec
Malossi VR-One reed casings SIP 62mmx127mm bell shaped crankshaft Quattrini 244cc cylinder kit DRT gearbox BFA Motori clutch (24 tooth straight cut clutch sprocket) MRP inlet manifold with Tassinari V-force reed valve 41mm Keihin carburetto
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JAMIE’S Lambro 450
A current member of both Hull Drifters SC and the LCGB, Jamie remembers that he first got hooked on vintage scooters when he saw older kids riding around the Withernsea area during the late 1970s/early 80s. He first owned a Vespa 50 Special like so m
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Man And Machine
Owner: Stef Manoli. Club: Royston Vasey SC, Manchester Night Owls, Massa SC (Italy). Occupation: Locksmith, adventurer, middle-aged man. Scooter: 1959 Vespa (ACMA) GL150. Name: Our Phyllis. Paint: ACMA/Phil Appleyard. Engine: Pinasco 160cc Nord
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Tech Spec Lambro 450
Total production: 9541 Capacity: 175cc Power: 8.45CV @ 4800 rev/min Max speed: 61kph Bore x stroke: 62×58mm Carburettor: Dell’Orto SH1/20 Gears: Four-speed with reverse hand-controlled (Teleflex) Tyre size: 4×10 Tyre pressures: 28lb (front),
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Scooter theft: Be… S.M.A.R.T.
The group S.M.A.R.T. North-West was set up to find, recover and return stolen bikes and scooters to their owners. It’s part of a network who cooperate with the police and councils. Some S describe them as vigilantes, and while w that may have been tr
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Racing With The Gods…
Back in those days EMSA was one of the main organisers of scooter racing and had organised some racing in Scotland at the fabulous Knockhill circuit. Of course anyone who has spent any time in Scotland knows that regardless of time of year you could
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Fifty-two Years Off Devotion: The Making Of A Scooterist
The chances are if you have ever been to a rally or scootering event over the last 40 years then you may well have been in close proximity to, or even bumped into, Alan Bent. You may not have realised it at the time, him being part of a bigger crowd,
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SIP Speedo!
SIP speedometers have revolutionised the speedometer market since their first appearance in 2010. Features that were previously only possible with many additional instruments have been integrated into one – and with maximum understatement. Now they a
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Vespa Scooter Colours
Unfortunately, Technica quotes Max Meyer paint codes and these have been largely superseded (particularly in the UK) by PPG paint codes. As this still causes confusion, what follows is an explanation and resolution to this problem. For Max Meyer cod
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Owner Details
Name: Andrew Lee. Scooter club & town: Mansfield Monsters SC, Mansfield. First scooter: PK 50XL. It was an awesome scooter. It was as slow as a snail but it was a scooter! Favourite scooter model: At first it was the Vespa GS after watching Quadro
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Scootering Words & Sounds
Prolific Bristol-based garage-punk, psyche-popsters The Total Rejection return with their latest long-player set for release on June 30. Musical inspiration and influences are unashamedly drawn, lifted and liberated from innovative, often underground
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Scootering Was Brought To You With The Help Of. . .
Vespa and Lambretta owner, scooter obsessive, amateur home mechanic, rally-goer, Mod sympathiser, music lover and general all-round good egg. He writes your rally reports, be nice to him. Vespa Cosa sympathiser, well-travelled rally rider since the
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COMIN’ IN A MESS, Going Out In Style
When Scunthorpe-based scooterist John Henderson committed to building his perfect custom scooter there could only be one source of inspiration. “Oasis were a life-changing band,” he began. “They are the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of a generation. I
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Horn Cover - Sip Series Pordoi
While assembling their SIP Pordoi Custom GTS the guys on the team could not get used to the idea of the original horn cover being part of it. The bulbous, obtrusive look of the plastic neck tie just did not suit the envisaged concept. To solve this i
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The Accountant’s View
Currently a financial consultant and a specialist in arranging finance, Victor Flynn worked as a chartered accountant in financial services in both the UK and overseas for more than 30 years. We asked him to answer some of the most common questions i
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Third Time Around
If this wideframe, 1950s Douglas-made Vespa was flesh and blood instead of metal, it could be looking forward to taking it easy in a few months. Just over the horizon, a few months away, this English-made Vespa will celebrate 65 years since rolling o
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Screwed Up!
Prior to developing this project Andrew was using two scooters, a Lambretta Series 2 and a Vespa GTS. “The Series 2 is a great scooter and I’ve ridden it to numerous rallies and scooter events all over the UK and Europe. The only drawback is that aft
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The Rolling Chassis
Kev’s garage was becoming the ideal workshop for all of us – double in size, a big drive and most importantly… situated in a long cul-de-sac, the ideal proving ground. The road was some 300 yards long, perfect for getting your Lambretta going by the
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Style And Safety With The Street 3 From TCX Boots
Following on from its best-selling Street Ace range, TCX Boots introduces a new urban boot for 2021, the Street 3. Available in two variations, the WP and TEX WP, the Street 3 is the ultimate all-weather boot for street style while maintaining CE-app
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Name: John Rock. Job: Man-of-the-world. Scooter club & town: Ex-Section 8 SC Cornwall – now Rebellion Scooter Club, Cornwall, formed a few months ago. First interest in scooters: When I was a 15-year-old skinhead and my friends had scooters. Firs
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Owner’s Details
Name: Tim King. Home town: Perth, Western Australia. Job: Greenkeeper and radio/club DJ. Scooter club: Lonewolf SC. First scooter: GS160. Favourite scooter model: Lambretta Series 2, especially the Rallymaster. Favourite style of custom scooter
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Number Plate Regulations Amended
The DVLA has announced a couple of changes to the regulations surrounding the use of number plates – the main one being the introduction of legislation to plug a loophole over the use of black/silver number plates. In 2015, an issue was identified in
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Vespa PX Part Attack
Having spent the last 27 years painstakingly riding, servicing and fixing these cult classics, I have also wasted many hours battling with aftermarket parts – some of which have left me holding two pieces of what is supposed to be a one-part item! I’
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Scooter Spec
Name of scooter & reason: Nicknamed Douggy. He’s a Douglas... Scooter model: Frame, panels, headset and seat frame are original 1956 Douglas 42L2. Mudguard is ACMA and the handlebars are Italian. Engine is modern PX. Multicultural model, I would say
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Lendl GP: Serving Up Some Style
As the trend shifted it wasn’t long before teenagers like myself and Jay Wilson were spending small fortunes on tennis brands such as Fila, Sergio Tacchini, Lacoste and Ellesse; and when the new Ivan Lendl Adidas range came on to the scene it took ce
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