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A Valuable Snapshot
Imagine where humanity would be if we didn’t have people who dutifully recorded happenings – both big and small. Without a reliably recorded history, we’d have only a vague past to refer to, with fewer lessons from our predecessors to learn from. Zoo
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Enduren Nutrition Endurance
R15 (50g sachet), R235 (1kg tub), R410 (2kg foil refill) | If you want high performance and completely natural ingredients, put local brand Enduren on your shopping list. Its range of 12 products is designed for endurance athletes by en
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Roar At The Clutter
One of my fondest trail memories is one early Saturday morning run on the contour path of Table Mountain, in a wild storm with lashing wind and thunderous rain. I was out with Chris Sole, an early pioneer of SA mountain running, who was all quads and
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Tifosi Aethon Crystal Blue
R1 500 | We admire Tifosi for providing exceptional value for money and great quality (they back it with a lifetime warranty). The browband on the Aethon is removable, but will prevent sweat running down into your eyes if you leave
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Keep Moving!
A guide on how not to give up, no matter what your life and legs throw at you. Running movie buffs among you may recall Lickety Split in The Jericho Mile, a 1979 Emmy-award winning movie, set in Folsom prison and shot on location, using 28 convicts i
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Grootfontein GP
Fee R40 | Trails 4 | Best route 12km | Ascent 150m | Time 100min Difficulty Intermediate | Dogs No | Open Tue-Sun, 6:30am-5pm Forests! Downhills! Farmlands! And hills! The new Pretoria trail running park in is pure joy. I tested the trails with six f
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One Of You
It’s finally happened: I’m a junkie! After years of exercise being a chore, I feel robbed if I don’t get my daily sweat. All along, I thought you were exaggerating. I thought the idea of being addicted to exercise and needing it to feel normal was hy
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Brooks Cascadia 15
R2 599 | It’s no surprise that the Cascadia is Brooks' top-selling trail shoe. Now in its 15th iteration, it has provided its fans with a winning combination of cushioning, durable protection, and stability. Its built-in rock pl
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Advice For Pro Hopefuls
1 Find your Why. Figure out your reason for running, and then your reason for wanting to make it a career. I think that’s important, because often in training and races you're going to be asking yourself questions. Especially during ultra runs, you g
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Rock Protection
If you run on uneven rocky dirt trails you may find the soles of your feet getting bruised. This is a lot more painful that it sounds. While the outer sole or grip of the shoe reduces this, sometimes shoe designers include an additional layer of the
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Technical Descent
Otter record-holder TONI MCCANN knows a thing or two about descending. This young ASICS athlete has some sound advice for your next downhill. The one thing I learned racing post-injury, where my preparation included many hours on a Wattbike in a gym,
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Alexandria Trails FS
Fee R20 | Trails 3 | Best route 21km | Ascent 750m | Dogs Leash Time 3h | Difficulty Intermediate | Open Weekends, from 6am The central Free State is so flat, if you look carefully you can see the back of your own head. Right? Wrong. Barely an hour f
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Druid’s Garden Turkey Tail
R215 tincture | R235 capsules | R155 coffee | The turkey tail fungus (Trametes versicolor) contains a wide range of powerful antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, and other bioactive substances that can boost your immune system, combat c
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Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra
R899 | If you like options, you'll probably love the Drive Convertible Run Bra. Its adjustable back straps allow you to switch between scoopback and racerback. It moves with your body, providing just the right amount of compress
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MY LIFE My Photos
Ingrid Minter felt inspired to surf the clouds during her 19.5km run from Silvermine to Constantiaberg via the Constantia Mast. So she did just that. She was one of five on a group training run for the THIRSTI AFRICANX (see page 38), and they all too
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Too Much Sugar Can Damage Stomach Lining
A study from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, found that mice fed diets high in sugar developed severe colitis by increasing harmful colon bacteria and decreasing healthful colon bacteria.3 The researchers fed mice various dietar
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Onto The Bike
Cycling or spinning are great for runners and have similar cardio benefits. However, cycling isn’t load-bearing in the same way that running is so you will need to be cautious when you start running again, to give your muscles, ligaments and tendons
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Heal your ITB
The perennial problem child, iliotibial band issues account for up to 12% of running injuries. Fascia release therapist LIZA KIMBLE identifies causes and fixes for the infamous ITBS. The painful condition we associate it with is ITB Syndrome, a painf
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Skip Your Way To Fitness
Skipping rope aka as a jump rope is a fun workout that can be done almost anywhere. I often tell runners who are traveling and staying in hotel rooms to pack a skipping rope as it is easy to pack and a great training tool. If you haven’t used one bef
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Losing Your Flow, And Landing In RED-S
It’s common for women athletes to lose their periods. Sadly, it’s sometimes celebrated. Losing your period due to training or a calorific deficit (and they very often go hand in hand) is a major red flag. Coaches and doctors should immediately seek t
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Morewood Farm KZN
Fee R50 | Trails 3 | Best route 10km | Ascent 200m | Time 80min Difficulty Easy | Dogs Sun after 3pm, Mon | Open 6am-6pm Do you believe in fairies? If not, Morewood may convince you. The light filtering through the leaves, miniature mushrooms, lush m
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Flash Flood
“Dit is 'n baaie mooi ding Andrew,” said Hannes as I relayed the story to him. The Eastern Cape bush hosts a highly elusive antelope. To see a mature kudu bull while walking or running is a highlight. To watch one, head down and drinking water, is a
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Slaying Giants
BOOK | AUTOBIOGRAPHY Months after reading, snippets of this book are still rattling in my mind. It was a quick read too: just three sittings and the 324 pages were consumed. Jamie Marais wrote Determination after turning 40, reflecting on his life’s
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Find your Why
The single most powerful tool for staying motivated is having a reason for running. If you can identify why you run, then you will run. I use four categories for this, and you may have more or different categories and you may rank them in a different
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In a new study from Japan, researchers found that both a low-carbohydrate/high animal protein diet and a highcarbohydrate/low animal protein diet were equally associated with increased death rates.1 This study followed 43,008 men and 50,646 women, ag
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First Ascent Men’s AR-X Run Jacket
R2499 | If you're running frequently, you're going to have the choice to run in wet weather or stay at home (how boring!). The AR-X will enable you to get out there and love your rainy adventure. It is lightweight and fully waterpro
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Alpine Swift Trails
High Altitude Training Facility in Rhodes. Access 10 of the highest mountain passes in SA. Group accommodation around a 25m natural training pool. Private chalet and bungalow. Gym, physio, Pilates, coaching, meals, coffee shop.
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MY WORDS My Viewpoint
It all started with a call on the Heritage Day 2020 long weekend from Alan, my old running partner of about 18 years. “Say you’re in for a challenge and I’ll tell you what it is!” After the obligatory Yes (How bad could it be? He had recently recover
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Training by GENDER
International runner and coach at Run Project MEGAN MACKENZIE explains why we can't all eat and train the same. Training methods for men versus women is the new hot topic. Finally. Men and women have been trained in an identical way for decades all t
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