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The Kimberley Eucalypts
• 51 x 61cm good quality canvas board. Quality canvas is essential. As you do not want a board that is not well primed and sucks the life out of the paint – nor one that is too slippery. • Art Basics 101 Flat Bristle in all sizes – Eterna 579 (a chea
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Artist’s Hints & Tips
• When you mix your colours, always mix a good amount of paint. Remixing colours in the middle of a critical part of your painting is annoying and often ends up leading to a different colour to the original. The other temptation is to thin the paint
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10 Top Buys – Flashguns and Light
From beginners through to professionals, no photography enthusiast is complete without a flash accessory kit. The Hahnel Universal Flash kit is ideal for anyone wanting to create professional looking images through a variety of creative effects. The
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My New World
I grew up in country Victoria. I think I was born to create, and as a child I was passionate about anything with a creative aspect. I particularly had a love for drawing, and spent many hours drawing caricatures. I went on to study art in high school
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Cooloola Beach Breeze
My selected reference photo is one I took while camping at the Cooloola Beach National Park just north of Noosa in Queensland. I start by applying two coats of gesso with a ¼ inch flat brush. I mark in the horizon line with masking tape. I mix Ultram
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Having Fun With Composition
As a wildlife artist, one of the best ways to get my artistic message across is through the use of composition (the way you arrange the visual aspect of your art). You can be as complex or as simple as you like, and you can use your imagination as mu
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Not If I See You First
As the crow flies, Gary’s studio is little more than a stone’s throw from my own, for Gary considers the whole of Yellagonga Regional Park as his studio, and with my own studio also very close to the same park, we share much in common as we both use
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A Busy Life
From a space in her home overlooking a significant wetland system filled with waterbirds, at the headwaters of the Coldstream River, NSW, artist Kathleen photographs, paints, illustrates and writes. She has built up a catalogue of completed works and
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Maitland Regional Art Gallery
Steeped in history, the Federation Gothic building housing Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG) in the lower Hunter Valley of NSW is an awe-inspiring example of early 1900s architecture. Officially opened in 1910, it was constructed to house the Mait
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The Red Capped Robin
• Paper: – Fabriano 600gm hot press paper – White Saral Transfer paper – Black carbon paper • Brushes: – NAM 12 Red Filbert – 70mm hake (Francheville #6) – Holbein two inch and one inch goat’s hair hakes – Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 brush – Royma
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Spectacular Summer Sunrise
• Clean lint-free cloth • Primed stretched canvas • Paints – Prussian Blue – Carmine – Titanium White – Cadmium Yellow Light Hue – Vermillion – Lemon Yellow – Black – Cadmium Orange • Brushes – 000 – No 4 – No 10 Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular
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The Wildlife Realist
I began my journey to painting in 1987 at a Council of Adult Education watercolour course. At that stage I had no idea what I wanted to paint, but felt that being able to create a painting would be a great creative outlet. I had this misguided idea t
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Some Form Of Addiction . . .
I first began painting in the early 1970s – a great time for emerging artists. I had just returned to Australia after spending 10 years of my youth in England with my mother and stepfather. I had a baby and young child, and was looking for some form
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Martin Van Meytens The Younger
In presenting Martin van Meytens the Younger (1695 - 1770), the Belvedere highlights one of the most important European painters of the Baroque age. Meytens, who documented influential personalities of his time in a highly impressive manner, numbers
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Botanical Beauties
• Arches Aquarelle hot pressed watercolour paper: 140lb (300gsm) • Brushes: various makes: Nos. 00 - 8 • Daler Rowney Watercolour Paints: • Cadmium Yellow • French Aquamarine Blue • Quinacridone Magenta • Alizarin Crimson • Sepia • Yellow Ochre • Ind
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Faith in Art
Like many artists before me, life has been interesting to say the least. I have countless stories to tell of humour and horror, blessings and failures. But through everything, for me there has been one constant and one thing I have always had faith i
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Hell Hath No Fury…
Business partners Luca Carucci and Joseph Peraino collaborated with curators Alexandria Chapman and Jessica Erichsen to form a new bar and art space in Lower East Side, New York. 174 Rivington specialises in no frills cocktails and contemporary art w
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Creating Memories
• Faber Castell Polychromos pencils • 1 x Caran D’Ache luminance white pencil • Pencil sharpener • Canson Mi -Teintes black paper • White Gouache paint, • Fine paint brush • Soft brush to sweep paper of pencil crumbs • Eraser • Workable spray fixativ
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Artist’s Tips and Hints
• Use the most professional materials that you can afford - you’ll be thankful in a few years’ time. Look for lightfastness and archival quality. • Reference photos - the higher the resolution, the better your drawing. Persist to get a good photo - a
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A Painting Should Tell a Story
I started drawing when I was seven years old. It came naturally to me while other children my age seemed to struggle with it. Creating works of art gave me great joy. When I was 13 years old I was asked to give a live drawing demonstration inside a l
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Chilly Morning
• I use Chroma Australia and start with Atelier Gesso Primer over the canvas. Then I use Archival Oils and mediums. • Paints – Cadmium Yellow Light – Raw Sienna Dark – Burnt Umber – Cadmium Red Light – Quinacridone Red Violet – French Ultramarine Blu
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Pastel Pencils
When I was first introduced to soft pastels I remember thinking “I don't want to paint impressionistic, 'big stroke' pieces of art”. That's pretty much what I thought pastels would produce. There's nothing wrong with that either, it's just not the wa
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One Man’s Artistic Journey Through The Landscape.
Today I’m meeting with artist Shane Mode, to hear about and see his imaginative artistic interpretation of the endless rolling hills and valleys that encircle Beverley, the little Avon Valley town here in Western Australia, and also visit his quiet b
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A Life More Interesting
It’s sometimes hard to know the exact moment one becomes interested in something in particular. For photography and me there were no great ‘ah ha!’ moments, no kind grandfatherly figure gifting a leather bound box-brownie at an impressionable age or
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Manly Art Gallery & Museum
Nestled alongside the harbour at Sydney’s iconic beach suburb of Manly you’ll find this cultural hub, which began in 1930 after Manly Council supported the idea of a gallery as a cultural focus for the area. Passionate committed citizens, including a
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The Watercolour Artist
I am a watercolour artist living in Somerset, England. I started my career working in forged steel sculpture, but this line of work became pretty impractical with two small children in tow, so I started to look for something that fitted in a little b
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Reflectors And Light Sources
Reflectors are mostly used for studio work and on big sets in film production indoors and out. In the studio you are setting up for a soft modelling light on your subject, which is often portraits and modelling. This is generally done by creating art
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Lured Back
I was born in Leicestershire, England. I followed the norm and studied art and music at college. After my studies I took up a career in finance. However, throughout a successful career I always felt unfulfilled. Two years ago I came to the end of a c
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Yes- it’s Me!
• 2B and 9B pencils • Graphite powder • Mechanical eraser • Putty eraser • Tortillon • Bristol paper (or any paper of similar quality and smoothness of texture) • Cotton wool • Camera A self-portrait is a challenging subject. This is how I have app
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Shooting Flash on Location
Modern cameras do a great job of shooting in most lighting conditions. Even very low light conditions are easily handled by modern DSLR sensors. There are always times though where you need more light, and a portable flash is great for these situatio
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